CLDR Plural Rule Parser
Parses CLDR plural rules
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CLDRPluralRuleParser is a PHP library for parsing plural rules specified in the CLDR project.

This library does not contain the rules from the CLDR project, you have to get them yourself.

Here is how you use it:

use CLDRPluralRuleParser\\Evaluator;
// Example for English
$rules = ['i = 1 and v = 0'];
$forms = ['syntax error', 'syntax errors'];
for ( $i = 0; $i < 3; $i++ ) {
$index = Evaluator::evaluate( $i, $rules );
echo "This code has $i {$forms[$index]}\\n";
// This code has 0 syntax errors
// This code has 1 syntax error
// This code has 2 syntax errors


The project is licensed under the GPL license 2 or later.