Extension to create a global watchlist

The GlobalWatchlist extension provides a basic interface to view one's watchlists on multiple wikis at once.

It is being developed as part of a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.


To install the extension, download the code from this repository and put it in the extensions/ folder of a Mediawiki installation. Then add the following code to the LocalSettings.php file.

wfLoadExtension( 'GlobalWatchlist' );


The extension currently defines the following configuration values:

  • wgGlobalWatchlistWikibaseSite

Set this to the base URL of the site for which Wikibase labels should be fetched.

By default, the value is

  • wgGlobalWatchlistUseVue

Set this to true to enable the Vue version of the JavaScript for Special:GlobalWatchlist.

By default, the value is false.


The extension provides two new special pages.


Visiting Special:GlobalWatchlist with this extension enabled shows the user a basic view of their watchlists on multiple wikis. Users can choose which wikis to show, as well as apply filters to the changes shown, in Special:GlobalWatchlistSettings.


Visiting Special:GlobalWatchlistSettings with this extension enabled allows users to configure their global watchlist, including which sites to include. A couple of filter options are available as well:

  • Showing only edits made by anonymous users, or excluding such edits
  • Showing only edits marked as bot edits, or excluding such edits
  • Showing only edits marked as minor edits, or excluding such edits

Not all of the filters available at the normal watchlist (Special:Watchlist) are implemented in the global watchlist.

User settings are stored in the user_properties database table with the preference name global-watchlist-options.