Extension that adds maps to wiki pages
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Kartographer is a MediaWiki extension that adds map capability See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Kartographer

You will need to run your own map tile server, or use one that is available to you. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tile_servers


  • DM – data model
  • Dynamic as in "dynamic map frame" – scrollable, zoomable mini map in a wiki article, realized with Leaflet
  • GeoData – MediaWiki extension that provides the informantion for the nearby feature
  • GeoJSON – standard format to describe features on a map, e.g. points and shapes
  • Kartographer – MediaWiki extension for displaying prerendered and dynamic maps
  • Kartotherian – tile server as well as backend rendering service required for Kartographer
  • Leaflet – JavaScript library for interactive maps
  • Maki – icon set used for the markers on a map
  • Marker – a location on a map marked with a pin and/or an icon
  • MapBox – …
  • MW – MediaWiki
  • Nearby – in this context a feature that provides links to other articles on the same wiki that have coordinates close to a given location
  • OSM – OpenStreetMap, data source for the base layer of all maps
  • Static as in "static map frame" – the static .png rendering of a <mapframe> tag; note this is always present, but overlayed with a dynamic map frame, depending on the configuration
  • Tile – see en:Tiled web map
  • TopoJSON – extension to the GeoJSON standard that encodes topology
  • VE – VisualEditor
  • Wikivoyage – …
  • WV – Wikivoyage