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Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler Class Reference

A Parsoid extension module may register handlers for one or more extension tags. More...

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Public Member Functions

 sourceToDom (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, string $src, array $extArgs)
 Convert an extension tag's content to DOM. More...
 lintHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $rootNode, callable $defaultHandler)
 Lint handler for this extension. More...
 domToWikitext (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $node, bool $wrapperUnmodified)
 Serialize a DOM node created by this extension to wikitext. More...
 modifyArgDict (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, object $argDict)
 Some extensions require the ability to modify the argument dictionary. More...
 diffHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, callable $domDiff, Element $origNode, Element $editedNode)
 XXX: Experimental. More...

Detailed Description

A Parsoid extension module may register handlers for one or more extension tags.

The only method which is generally required by all extension tags is sourceToDom (but Translate doesn't even implement that). All other methods have default do-nothing implementations; override them iff you wish to implement those features. Default implementations consistently return false to indicate not-implemented (in some cases null would be a valid return value, and in other cases null would be a likely "accidental" return value which we'd like to catch and flag).

Member Function Documentation

◆ diffHandler()

Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler::diffHandler ( ParsoidExtensionAPI  $extApi,
callable  $domDiff,
Element  $origNode,
Element  $editedNode 

XXX: Experimental.

Call $domDiff on corresponding substrees of $origNode and $editedNode


Reimplemented in Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Gallery\Gallery, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\References, and Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\Ref.

◆ domToWikitext()

Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler::domToWikitext ( ParsoidExtensionAPI  $extApi,
Element  $node,
bool  $wrapperUnmodified 

Serialize a DOM node created by this extension to wikitext.

string|false Return false to use the default serialization.

Reimplemented in Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Nowiki\Nowiki, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\LST\LST, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Gallery\Gallery, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\References, and Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\Ref.

◆ lintHandler()

Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler::lintHandler ( ParsoidExtensionAPI  $extApi,
Element  $rootNode,
callable  $defaultHandler 

Lint handler for this extension.

If the extension has lints it wants to expose, it should use $extApi to register those lints. Alternatively, the extension might simply inspect its DOM and invoke the default lint handler on a DOM tree that it wants inspected. For example, <ref> nodes often only have a pointer (the id attribute) to its content, and is lint handler would look up the DOM tree and invoke the default lint handler on that tree.

FIXME: There is probably no reason for the lint handler to return anything. The caller should simply proceed with the next sibling of $rootNode after the lint handler returns.

Element$rootNodeExtension content's root node
callable$defaultHandlerDefault lint handler
  • Default lint handler has signature $defaultHandler( Element $elt ): void
Node|null|false Return false to indicate that this extension has no special lint handler (the default lint handler will be used. Return null to indicate linting should proceed with the next sibling. (Deprecated) A Node can be returned to indicate the point in the tree where linting should resume.

Reimplemented in Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\References, and Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\Ref.

◆ modifyArgDict()

Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler::modifyArgDict ( ParsoidExtensionAPI  $extApi,
object  $argDict 

Some extensions require the ability to modify the argument dictionary.


Reimplemented in Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Gallery\Gallery.

◆ sourceToDom()

Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler::sourceToDom ( ParsoidExtensionAPI  $extApi,
string  $src,
array  $extArgs 

Convert an extension tag's content to DOM.

string$srcExtension tag content
array$extArgsExtension tag arguments The extension tag arguments should be treated as opaque objects and any necessary inspection should be handled through the API.
DocumentFragment|false|null DocumentFragment if returning some parsed content false to fallback to the default handler for the content null to drop the instance completely

Reimplemented in Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Pre\Pre, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Nowiki\Nowiki, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\References, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Cite\Ref, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ImageMap\ImageMap, Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Poem\Poem, Wikimedia\Parsoid\ParserTests\StyleTag, Wikimedia\Parsoid\ParserTests\RawHTML, Wikimedia\Parsoid\ParserTests\ParserHook, Wikimedia\Parsoid\ParserTests\I18nTag, and Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Gallery\Gallery.

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