A bidirectional parser between wikitext and HTML5
Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\Translate\Translate Class Reference

This is effectively a stub at this point. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getConfig ()
 Return information about this extension module.FIXME: Add more expected fields or create a class for this FIXME: The 'name' is expected to be the same as the name defined at the top level of extension.json.


- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikimedia\Parsoid\Ext\ExtensionTagHandler
 sourceToDom (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, string $src, array $extArgs)
 Convert an extension tag's content to DOM. More...
 lintHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $rootNode, callable $defaultHandler)
 Lint handler for this extension. More...
 domToWikitext (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, Element $node, bool $wrapperUnmodified)
 Serialize a DOM node created by this extension to wikitext. More...
 modifyArgDict (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, object $argDict)
 Some extensions require the ability to modify the argument dictionary. More...
 diffHandler (ParsoidExtensionAPI $extApi, callable $domDiff, Element $origNode, Element $editedNode)
 XXX: Experimental. More...

Detailed Description

This is effectively a stub at this point.

The JS version doesn't do any work so this version doesn't either. Registers the tags as annotations. Annotations don't have any special processing for their content, but the start and end of each annotated range are represented by <meta> tags in the output.

So, the PHP version mimics that and hence doesn't implement the sourceToDom method.

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