Translate extension for MediaWiki
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 CAggregateMessageGroupGroups multiple message groups together as one group
 CAggregateMessageGroupLoaderLoads AggregateMessageGroup, and handles the related cache
 CAmdFFSAmdFFS implements a message format where messages are encoded as key-value pairs in JSON objects wrapped in a define call
 CAndroidXmlFFSSupport for XML translation format used by Android
 CAppleFFSAppleFFS class implements support for Apple .strings files
 CAppleInfoPlistFfsAppleInfoPlistFfs extends the AppleFFS class and implements support for Apple InfoPlist .strings files
 CCachedMessageGroupLoaderTo be implemented by MessageGroupLoaders that use the MessageGroupWANCache
 CCachedMessageIndexStorage on the object cache
 CCDBMessageIndexStorage on CDB files
 CCrossLanguageTranslationSearchQueryCross Language Translation Search
 CDatabaseMessageIndexStorage on the database itself
 CDatabaseTTMServerMysql based backend
 CDtdFFSFile format support for DTD
 CElasticSearchTTMServerTTMServer backed based on ElasticSearch
 CFakeTTMServerNO-OP version of TTMServer when it is disabled
 CFallbacksCompareCreates graphml xml file of language fallbacks
 CFatMessageMessage object where you can directly set the translation
 CFFSInterface for file system support classes
 CFileBasedMessageGroupThis class implements default behavior for file based message groups
 CFileBasedMessageGroupLoaderLoads FileBasedMessageGroup, and handles the related cache
 CFuzzyLikeThisFuzzy Like This query
 CGettextFFSNew-style FFS class that implements support for gettext file format
 CGettextParseExceptionException thrown when a Gettext file could not be parsed, such as when missing required headers
 CGettextPluralExceptionIdentifies Gettext plural exceptions
 CHashMessageIndexStorage on hash
 CIniFFSIniFFS currently parses and generates flat ini files with language code as header key
 CJavaFFSJavaFFS class implements support for Java properties files
 CJavaScriptFFSGeneric file format support for JavaScript formatted files
 CJsonFFSJsonFFS implements a message format where messages are encoded as key-value pairs in JSON objects
 CMediaWikiExtensionMessageGroupMessage group for MediaWiki extensions
 CMessageCollectionCore message collection class
 CMessageDefinitionsWrapper for message definitions, just to beauty the code
 CMessageGroupInterface for message groups
 CMessageGroupBaseThis class implements some basic functions that wrap around the YAML message group configurations
 CMessageGroupCacheCaches messages of file based message group source file
 CMessageGroupConfigurationParserUtility class to parse and validate message group configurations
 CMessageGroupLoaderAn abstract class to be implemented by group loaders / stores
 CMessageGroupOldThis is the interface and base implementation of unmanaged message groups
 CMessageGroupsFactory class for accessing message groups individually by id or all of them as an list
 CMessageGroupStatesClass for making the use of message group state easier
 CMessageGroupStatesUpdaterJobLogic for handling automatic message group state changes
 CMessageGroupStatsThis class abstract MessageGroup statistics calculation and storing
 CMessageGroupStatsRebuildJobJob for rebuilding message group stats
 CMessageGroupWANCacheWrapper around WANObjectCache providing a simpler interface for MessageGroups to use the cache
 CMessageHandleClass for pointing to messages, like Title class is for titles
 CMessageIndexCreates a database of keys in all groups, so that namespace and key can be used to get the groups they belong to
 CMessageIndexRebuildJobJob for rebuilding message index
 CMessageUpdateJobJob for updating translation pages when translation or message definition changes
 CMetaYamlSchemaExtenderMessage groups are usually configured in YAML, though the actual storage format does not matter, because they are parsed to PHP arrays anyway
 CPHPVariableLoaderStuff for handling configuration files in PHP format
 CPluralCompareScript for comparing different plural implementations
 CPoImporterParses a po file that has been exported from Mediawiki
 CPopulateFuzzyA script to populate fuzzy tags to revtag table
 CPremadeIntuitionTextdomainsSupport for tools using Intuition at the Toolserver and Wikimedia Labs
 CPremadeMediawikiExtensionGroupsClass which handles special definition format for MediaWiki extensions and skins
 CProcessMessageChangesScript for processing message changes in file based message groups
 CReadableTTMServerInterface for TTMServer that can be queried (=all of them)
 CRefreshTranslatablePagesScript to ensure all translation pages are up to date
 CRemoteTTMServerClass for handling remote TTMServers over MediaWiki API
 CRevTagAbstraction for revtag table to handle new and old schemas during migration
 CSearchableTTMServerInterface for TTMServer that can act as backend for translation search
 CSerializedMessageIndexStorage on serialized file
 CThinMessageMessage object which is based on database result row
 CTMessageInterface for message objects used by MessageCollection
 CTranslatablePageMessageGroupStoreHandles DB operations for Translatable pages, and the related cache
 CTranslateEditAddonsVarious editing enhancements to the edit page interface
 CTranslateHooksHooks for Translate extension
 CTranslateLogFormatterClass for formatting Translate logs
 CTranslatePreferencesClass to add Translate specific preference settings
 CTranslateRcFilterAdds a new filter to Special:RecentChanges which makes it possible to filter translations away or show them only
 CTranslateSandboxUtility class for the sandbox feature of Translate
 CTranslateStatsOutputProvides heading, summaryheading and free text addition for stats output in wiki format
 CTranslateToolboxAdds toolbox menu item to Special:Prefixindex to show all other available translations for a message
 CTranslateUtilsEssentially random collection of helper functions, similar to GlobalFunctions.php
 CTranslateYamlThis class is a wrapper class to provide interface to parse and generate YAML files with syck or spyc backend
 CTranslationStatsContains methods that provide statistics for message groups
 CTSchema2Script to convert Translate extension database schema to v2
 CTTMServerSome general static methods for instantiating TTMServer and helpers
 CTTMServerBootstrapScript to bootstrap TTMServer translation memory
 CTTMServerMessageUpdateJobJob for updating translation memory
 CWikiMessageGroupGroup for messages that can be controlled via a page in MediaWiki namespace
 CWikiPageMessageGroupWraps the translatable page sections into a message group
 CWikiWriterImport changes to wiki as given user
 CWorkflowStatesMessageGroupLoaderLoads WorkflowStatesMessageGroup, and handles the related cache
 CWritableTTMServerInterface for TTMServer that can be updated
 CXliffFFSPartial support for the Xliff translation format
 CYamlFFSImplements support for message storage in YAML format