MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Documentation is the main entry point to the generated documentation site.

Generating doc site locally

You can use the composer command composer doxygen-docker. This will generate the static HTML for the docs site in docs/php in this repo.

The command uses the docker image.


The structure of the site is dictated by the subpage relations.

The top level of the tree of pages is


Markdown documentation:

Linking to other markdown files

The easiest way to link to another markdown file it to use md_ prefixed reference and add the full link to the bottom of the file.

Foo bar baz [wbc_entity_usage] talks about the [wbc_entity_usage] table.
[wbc_entity_usage]: @ref md_docs_sql_wbc_entity_usage

This allows the main text to be easily read while only having to specify the target once. This also avoid manually maintaining header attributes at the top of files.


Doxygen allows you to incorporate multiple types of diagrams in your docs.

The ones we currently use are listed below: