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16) Use GitHub Actions as secondary CI system for Wikibase

Date: 2021-01-06




The Wikibase CI which runs on WMF Jenkins is currently "augmented" by running php unit tests in a variety of additional configurations (e.g. non-English wiki, repo/client-only environment, etc) on legacy Travis CI infrastructure, via the GitHub mirror of our Gerrit code repository, see

The Travis CI features we currently use include:

  • PHP installed (multiple versions),
  • MySQL running,
  • notifications via
    • email,
    • IRC,
  • composer cache.

Due to a change in their business model, the service is being phased out and replaced by (paid) Since we have no intention of dropping the extended CI testing, there are several options how to handle the situation:

  • migrate additional CI for Wikibase to some other CI infrastructure, e.g. GitHub Actions,
  • negotiate with the WMF changing the Travis CI plan to a paid one which would have unlimited/less limited resources available,
  • migrate additional CI for Wikibase to additional jobs on WMF Jenkins CI.


We will migrate the additional CI for Wikibase to the GitHub CI infrastructure, using GitHub Actions.

Reasons: The GitHub mirror of the Wikibase repository exists already and all of the Travis CI features we have been using so far, are available on GitHub Actions:


Since most of our Travis CI is a collection of shell scripts, it will mostly work the same under GitHub Actions and migrating is a relatively low-effort solution for the short or mid term; in the long term, the Wikimedia migration to GitLab will presumably change a lot in our CI processes.