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Wikibase\Repo\Notifications\RepoItemChange Class Reference
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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikibase\Repo\Notifications\RepoEntityChange
 setMetadataFromRC (RecentChange $rc, $centralUserId)
 setMetadataFromUser (User $user, $centralUserId)
 setRevisionInfo (RevisionRecord $revision, $centralUserId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\EntityChange
 getType ()
 getEntityId ()
 setEntityId (EntityId $entityId)
 Set the Change's entity id (as returned by getEntityId) and the object_id field. More...
 getAction ()
 getMetadata ( $cache='no')
 setMetadata (array $metadata)
 Sets metadata fields. More...
 getComment ()
 setTimestamp ( $timestamp)
 getSerializedInfo ( $skipKeys=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\DiffChange
 getCompactDiff ()
 setCompactDiff (EntityDiffChangedAspects $diff)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\ChangeRow
 __construct (array $fields=[])
 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
 getAge ()
 getTime ()
 getUserId ()
 Original (repository) user id, or 0 for logged out users. More...
 getObjectId ()
 getField ( $name)
 getFields ()
 Overwritten to unserialize the info field on the fly. More...
 getInfo ( $cache='no')
 Returns the info array. More...
 setField ( $name, $value)
 Sets the value of a field. More...
 setFields (array $fields)
 Sets multiple fields. More...
 getId ()
 hasField ( $name)
 Gets if a certain field is set. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\EntityChange
const UPDATE = 'update'
const ADD = 'add'
const REMOVE = 'remove'
const RESTORE = 'restore'
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\EntityChange
 addUserMetadata ( $repoUserId, $repoUserText, $centralUserId)
 Add fields and metadata related to the user. More...
 unserializeInfo ( $serialization)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Wikibase\Lib\Changes\ChangeRow

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