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Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\EntityIdPager Interface Reference

A cursor for paging through EntityIds. More...

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Public Member Functions

 fetchIds ( $limit)
 Fetches the next batch of IDs. More...

Public Attributes

const NO_REDIRECTS = 'no'
 Omit redirects from entity listing. More...
const INCLUDE_REDIRECTS = 'include'
 Include redirects in entity listing. More...
const ONLY_REDIRECTS = 'only'
 Include only redirects in listing. More...

Detailed Description

A cursor for paging through EntityIds.

Daniel Kinzler

Member Function Documentation

◆ fetchIds()

Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\EntityIdPager::fetchIds (   $limit)

Fetches the next batch of IDs.

Calling this has the side effect of advancing the internal state of the page, typically implemented by some underlying resource such as a file pointer or a database connection.

After some finite number of calls, this method should eventually return an empty list of IDs, indicating that no more IDs are available.
int$limitThe maximum number of IDs to return.
EntityId[] A list of EntityIds matching the given parameters. Will be empty if there are no more entities to list from the given offset.

Implemented in Wikibase\Repo\Store\Sql\SqlEntityIdPager, Wikibase\Repo\IO\EntityIdReader, and Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\InMemoryEntityIdPager.

Member Data Documentation


const Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\EntityIdPager::INCLUDE_REDIRECTS = 'include'

Include redirects in entity listing.


const Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\EntityIdPager::NO_REDIRECTS = 'no'

Omit redirects from entity listing.


const Wikibase\DataModel\Services\EntityId\EntityIdPager::ONLY_REDIRECTS = 'only'

Include only redirects in listing.

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