MediaWiki Wikibase extension

Top level service factories

The WikibaseRepo and WikibaseClient classes are the top two services factories for the main Wikibase components.

Instead of constructing services where you need them, you should grab then via the top level factory singleton and inject them into your class.

For example:


These top level singletons have existed since the early days of Wikibase.

Data access

The Data access services, SingleEntitySource & MultipleEntitySource Services, can be retrieved from the top level factories with the following methods.

SingleEntitySource & MultipleEntitySource Services

In 2019 to implement database based federation for Wikimedia Commons more service containers were introduced with the plan of removing the previous set.

New service containers were created as the previous set no longer met the requirements of the initial stage of federation that was being targeted.

Wiring for EntitySource based service containers is created from the EntitySourceDefinitions which is generated from: