MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Wikibase\Lib\Modules Namespace Reference


class  CurrentSiteModule
class  DataTypesModule
 Resource loader module for defining resources that will create a MW config var in JavaScript holding information about all data types known to a given DataTypeFactory. More...
class  MediaWikiConfigModule
 Generic, reusable ResourceLoader module to set a JavaScript configuration variable via mw.config.set. More...
interface  MediaWikiConfigValueProvider
 Provider to pass information to mw.config. More...
class  PropertyValueExpertsModule
 Module exporting map from property type to expert module name handling this type. More...
class  RepoAccessModule
 JavaScript variables needed to access the repo independent from the current working wiki. More...
class  SettingsValueProvider
class  SitesModule
class  SitesModuleBase