MediaWiki Wikibase extension
Wikibase\Repo\Maintenance Namespace Reference

Repo integration with MediaWiki's maintenance scripts More...


class  AddUnitConversions
 Generate dump-like RDF for newly added units without running full dump. More...
class  ChangePropertyDataType
class  DispatchChanges
 Maintenance script that polls for Wikibase changes in the shared wb_changes table and dispatches the relevant changes to any client wikis' job queues. More...
class  DumpEntities
 Maintenance script for generating a dump of entities in the repository. More...
class  DumpJson
class  DumpRdf
class  ImportFederatedPropertiesSampleData
 Import data from a data file to a Federated Properties Wikibase instance For an example file format to import, see repo/tests/phpunit/data/maintenance/federatedPropertiesTestDataFile.tsv. More...
class  PopulateChangesSubscription
 Maintenance script for populating wb_changes_subscription based on the wb_items_per_site table. More...
class  PopulateWithRandomEntitiesAndTerms
 Populates the database with generated entities. More...
class  PruneChanges
 Prune the Wikibase changes table to a maximum number of entries. More...
class  PruneItemsPerSite
 Maintenance script for pruning rows belonging to deleted or redirected items from the wb_items_per_site table. More...
class  RebuildItemsPerSite
 Maintenance script for rebuilding the wb_items_per_site table. More...
class  RebuildItemTerms
class  RebuildPropertyInfo
 Maintenance script for rebuilding the property info table. More...
class  RebuildPropertyTerms
class  RemoveTermsInLanguage
class  SearchEntities
 The script is intended to run searches in the same way as wbsearchentities does. More...
class  UpdateUnits
 Generate the conversion table for units, optionally filtered to units of a certain type. More...


 $maintClass = AddUnitConversions::class

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getenv( 'MW_INSTALL_PATH' ) !== false ? getenv( 'MW_INSTALL_PATH' ) : __DIR__ . '/../../../..'

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Wikibase::Repo::Maintenance\$maintClass = AddUnitConversions::class