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See the Icons section for more information, including a list of all available icons.


Simple icon


Using icons in buttons

Icons can be used inside other components, like buttons. For demos of how to use icons inside buttons, see the Button documentation.



Prop nameDescriptionTypeDefault
icon(required)The SVG path or an object containing that path plus other data.Icon
iconLabelAccessible label for the icon. If not included, the icon will be hidden from screen readers via aria-hidden="true". Browsers also display this label as a tooltip when the user hovers over the icon. Note that this label is not rendered as visible text next to the icon.string''
langExplicitly set the language code to use for the icon. See Defaults to the lang attribute of the nearest ancestor at mount time.string | nullnull
dirExplicitly set the direction to use for the icon. See Defaults to the computed direction at mount time.HTMLDirection|nullnull


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