Manipulation of Docker images


DockerImage(directory, driver, config)

High-level management of docker images.

class docker_pkg.image.DockerImage(directory: str, driver: DriverInterface, config: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Bases: object

High-level management of docker images.

is_nightly = False
property short_name: str
property image: str
property name: str

Canonical Image name including registry and namespace

property safe_name

A filesystem-friendly identified

property tag: str
exists() bool[source]
read_metadata(path: str)[source]
new_tag(identifier: Optional[str] = 's') str[source]

Create a new version tag from the currently read tag

create_update(reason: str, version: Optional[str] = None)[source]
property depends: List[str]
write_dockerfile(build_path: str) str[source]
build() bool[source]

Build the image.

returns True if successful, False otherwise

publish() bool[source]
verify() bool[source]

Verify the image.

returns True if successful, or not test available


Creates a temporary directory to use as the build enviornment