Source code for homer.devices

"""Devices module."""
import fnmatch
import logging

from collections import UserDict
from operator import attrgetter
from typing import List, Mapping, NamedTuple, Optional

Device = NamedTuple('Device', [('fqdn', str), ('metadata', Mapping), ('config', Mapping), ('private', Mapping)])
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Devices(UserDict): """Collection of devices, accessible by FQDN as a dict or role and site via dedicated accessors.""" def __init__(self, devices: Mapping[str, Mapping[str, str]], devices_config: Mapping[str, Mapping], private_config: Optional[Mapping[str, Mapping]] = None): """Initialize the instance. Arguments: devices (dict): the devices configuration with FQDN as key and a dictionary with the device metadata as value. devices_config (dict): the devices configuration with FQDN as key and a dictionary with the device-specific configuration as value. private_config (dict, optional): an optional dictionary of the devices private configuration with the FQDN as key and a dictionary of device-specific private configuration as value. It cannot have top level keys in common with the same device public configuration. """ super().__init__() if private_config is None: private_config = {} for fqdn, metadata in devices.items():[fqdn] = Device(fqdn, metadata, devices_config.get(fqdn, {}), private_config.get(fqdn, {}))'Initialized %d devices', len(
[docs] def query(self, query_string: str) -> List[Device]: """Get the devices matching the query. Todo: If needed, expand the query capabilities with a proper syntax using pyparsing. Arguments: query_string (str): the query_string to use to filter for. Raises: homer.exceptions.HomerError: on invalid query. Returns: list: a list of Device objects. """ if ':' in query_string: # Simple key-value query key, value = query_string.split(':', 1) results = [device for device in if device.metadata.get(key, None) == value] else: # FQDN query results = [device for fqdn, device in self.items() if fnmatch.fnmatch(fqdn, query_string)]"Matched %d device(s) for query '%s'", len(results), query_string) return sorted(results, key=attrgetter('fqdn'))