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file  Profiler.php
 Base class and functions for profiling.
file  ProfilerMwprof.php
 Profiler class for Mwprof.
file  ProfilerSimple.php
 Base class for simple profiling.
file  ProfilerSimpleText.php
 Profiler showing output in page source.
file  ProfilerSimpleTrace.php
 Profiler showing execution trace.
file  ProfilerSimpleUDP.php
 Profiler sending messages over UDP.
file  ProfilerStub.php
 Stub profiling functions.
file  RunningStat.php
 Compute running mean, variance, and extrema of a stream of numbers.


class  Profiler
class  ProfilerSimple
 Simple profiler base class. More...
class  ProfilerSimpleText
 The least sophisticated profiler output class possible, view your source! :) More...
class  ProfilerSimpleTrace
 Execution trace. More...
class  ProfilerSimpleUDP
 ProfilerSimpleUDP class, that sends out messages for 'udpprofile' daemon (the one from More...
class  ProfilerStub
 Stub profiler that does nothing. More...

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