MediaWiki  1.23.2
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1 This directory contains some Unicode normalization routines. These routines
2 are meant to be reusable in other projects, so I'm not tying them to the
3 MediaWiki utility functions.
5 The main function to care about is UtfNormal::toNFC(); this will convert
6 a given UTF-8 string to Normalization Form C if it's not already such.
7 The function assumes that the input string is already valid UTF-8; if there
8 are corrupt characters this may produce erroneous results.
10 To also check for illegal characters, use UtfNormal::cleanUp(). This will
11 strip illegal UTF-8 sequences and characters that are illegal in XML, and
12 if necessary convert to normalization form C.
14 Performance is kind of stinky in absolute terms, though it should be speedy
15 on pure ASCII text. ;) On text that can be determined quickly to already be
16 in NFC it's not too awful but it can quickly get uncomfortably slow,
17 particularly for Korean text (the hangul decomposition/composition code is
18 extra slow).
21 == Regenerating data tables ==
23 and are generated from the Unicode
24 Character Database by the script UtfNormalGenerate.php. On a *nix system
25 'make' should fetch the necessary files and regenerate it if the scripts
26 have been changed or you remove it.
29 == Testing ==
31 'make test' will run the conformance test (UtfNormalTest.php), fetching the
32 data from from the net if necessary. If it reports failure, something is
33 going wrong!
35 You may have to set up PHPUnit first.
37 $ pear channel-discover
38 $ pear install phpunit/PHPUnit
40 == Benchmarks ==
42 Run 'make bench' to download some sample texts from Wikipedia and run some
43 cheap benchmarks of some of the functions. Take all numbers with large
44 grains of salt.
47 == PHP module extension ==
49 There's an experimental PHP extension module which wraps the ICU library's
50 normalization functions. This is *MUCH* faster than doing this work in pure
51 PHP code. This is at
52 It is used by the WMF, which currently runs PHP 5.3.10 on Linux. It hasn't been
53 thoroughly tested on other configurations, but may work.
55 If the module is loaded in php.ini, the normalization functions
56 will automatically use it. If you can't (or don't want to) load it in php.ini,
57 you may be able to load it using the dl() function before the inclusion of
58 UtfNormal.php, and it will be picked up.