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JpegMetadataExtractor Class Reference

Class for reading jpegs and extracting metadata. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static doPSIR ( $app13)
 This reads the photoshop image resource. More...
static segmentSplitter ( $filename)
 Function to extract metadata segments of interest from jpeg files based on GIFMetadataExtractor. More...

Public Attributes


Static Private Member Functions

static jpegExtractMarker (&$fh)
 Helper function for jpegSegmentSplitter. More...

Detailed Description

Class for reading jpegs and extracting metadata.

see also BitmapMetadataHandler.

Based somewhat on GIFMetadataExtractor.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ doPSIR()

static JpegMetadataExtractor::doPSIR (   $app13)

This reads the photoshop image resource.

Currently it only compares the iptc/iim hash with the stored hash, which is used to determine the precedence of the iptc data. In future it may extract some other info, like url of copyright license.

This should generally be called by BitmapMetadataHandler::doApp13()

string$app13photoshop psir app13 block from jpg.
MWException(It gets caught next level up though)
string If the iptc hash is good or not. One of 'iptc-no-hash', 'iptc-good-hash', 'iptc-bad-hash'.

Definition at line 201 of file JpegMetadataExtractor.php.

References wfUnpack().

Referenced by BitmapMetadataHandler\doApp13(), JpegMetadataExtractorTest\testIPTCHashComparisionBadHash(), JpegMetadataExtractorTest\testIPTCHashComparisionGoodHash(), and JpegMetadataExtractorTest\testIPTCHashComparisionNoHash().

◆ jpegExtractMarker()

static JpegMetadataExtractor::jpegExtractMarker ( $fh)

Helper function for jpegSegmentSplitter.

resource&$fhFile handle for JPEG file
string Data content of segment.

Definition at line 174 of file JpegMetadataExtractor.php.

References $size, and wfUnpack().

Referenced by segmentSplitter().

◆ segmentSplitter()

Member Data Documentation


const JpegMetadataExtractor::MAX_JPEG_SEGMENTS = 200

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