MediaWiki  1.23.8
jobs Directory Reference


file  AssembleUploadChunksJob.php [code]
 Assemble the segments of a chunked upload.
file  DoubleRedirectJob.php [code]
 Job to fix double redirects after moving a page.
file  DuplicateJob.php [code]
 No-op job that does nothing.
file  EmaillingJob.php [code]
 Old job for notification emails.
file  EnotifNotifyJob.php [code]
 Job for notification emails.
file  HTMLCacheUpdateJob.php [code]
 HTML cache invalidation of all pages linking to a given title.
file  NullJob.php [code]
 Degenerate job that does nothing.
file  PublishStashedFileJob.php [code]
 Upload a file from the upload stash into the local file repo.
file  RefreshLinksJob.php [code]
 Job to update link tables for pages.
file  RefreshLinksJob2.php [code]
 Job to update links for a given title.
file  UploadFromUrlJob.php [code]
 Job for asynchronous upload-by-url.