MediaWiki  1.23.8


file  Cookie.php
 Cookie for HTTP requests.
file  HttpFunctions.php
 Various HTTP related functions.


class  DerivativeRequest
 Similar to FauxRequest, but only fakes URL parameters and method (POST or GET) and use the base request for the remaining stuff (cookies, session and headers). More...
class  FauxRequest
 WebRequest clone which takes values from a provided array. More...
class  FauxResponse
class  Http
 Various HTTP related functions. More...
class  WebRequest
 The WebRequest class encapsulates getting at data passed in the URL or via a POSTed form, handling remove of "magic quotes" slashes, stripping illegal input characters and normalizing Unicode sequences. More...
class  WebResponse
 Allow programs to request this object from WebRequest::response() and handle all outputting (or lack of outputting) via it. More...

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