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Preprocessor_Hash Class Reference

Differences from DOM schema: More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($parser)
 newCustomFrame ($args)
 newFrame ()
 newPartNodeArray ($values)
 preprocessToObj ($text, $flags=0)
 Preprocess some wikitext and return the document tree. More...
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 newCustomFrame ($args)
 Create a new custom frame for programmatic use of parameter replacement as used in some extensions. More...
 newFrame ()
 Create a new top-level frame for expansion of a page. More...
 newPartNodeArray ($values)
 Create a new custom node for programmatic use of parameter replacement as used in some extensions. More...
 preprocessToObj ($text, $flags=0)
 Preprocess text to a PPNode. More...

Public Attributes

Parser $parser
const CACHE_PREFIX = 'preprocess-hash'
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Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Preprocessor
 cacheGetTree ($text, $flags)
 Attempt to load a precomputed document tree for some given wikitext from the cache. More...
array cacheSetTree ($text, $flags, $tree)
 Store a document tree in the cache. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Preprocessor
array $rules
 Brace matching rules. More...

Detailed Description

Differences from DOM schema:

  • attribute nodes are children
  • "<h>" nodes that aren't at the top are replaced with <possible-h>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Preprocessor_Hash::__construct (   $parser)

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References $parser.

Member Function Documentation

Preprocessor_Hash::newCustomFrame (   $args)

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References $args.

Preprocessor_Hash::newFrame ( )

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Preprocessor_Hash::newPartNodeArray (   $values)

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References as.

Preprocessor_Hash::preprocessToObj (   $text,
  $flags = 0 

Preprocess some wikitext and return the document tree.

This is the ghost of Parser::replace_variables().

string$textThe text to parse
int$flagsBitwise combination of: Parser::PTD_FOR_INCLUSION Handle "<noinclude>" and "<includeonly>" as if the text is being included. Default is to assume a direct page view.

The generated DOM tree must depend only on the input text and the flags. The DOM tree must be the same in OT_HTML and OT_WIKI mode, to avoid a regression of bug 4899.

Any flag added to the $flags parameter here, or any other parameter liable to cause a change in the DOM tree for a given text, must be passed through the section identifier in the section edit link and thus back to extractSections().

The output of this function is currently only cached in process memory, but a persistent cache may be implemented at a later date which takes further advantage of these strict dependency requirements.


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References $count, $flags, $matches, $name, as, Preprocessor\cacheGetTree(), Preprocessor\cacheSetTree(), PPNode_Hash_Tree\newWithText(), Parser\PTD_FOR_INCLUSION, serialize(), and unserialize().

Member Data Documentation

Parser Preprocessor_Hash::$parser

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Referenced by __construct().

const Preprocessor_Hash::CACHE_PREFIX = 'preprocess-hash'

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