MediaWiki  1.28.1
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1 <?php
36 class SpecialPage {
37  // The canonical name of this special page
38  // Also used for the default <h1> heading, @see getDescription()
39  protected $mName;
41  // The local name of this special page
42  private $mLocalName;
44  // Minimum user level required to access this page, or "" for anyone.
45  // Also used to categorise the pages in Special:Specialpages
46  protected $mRestriction;
48  // Listed in Special:Specialpages?
49  private $mListed;
51  // Whether or not this special page is being included from an article
52  protected $mIncluding;
54  // Whether the special page can be included in an article
55  protected $mIncludable;
61  protected $mContext;
66  private $linkRenderer;
82  public static function getTitleFor( $name, $subpage = false, $fragment = '' ) {
84  self::getTitleValueFor( $name, $subpage, $fragment )
85  );
86  }
97  public static function getTitleValueFor( $name, $subpage = false, $fragment = '' ) {
100  return new TitleValue( NS_SPECIAL, $name, $fragment );
101  }
110  public static function getSafeTitleFor( $name, $subpage = false ) {
112  if ( $name ) {
114  } else {
115  return null;
116  }
117  }
136  public function __construct(
137  $name = '', $restriction = '', $listed = true,
138  $function = false, $file = '', $includable = false
139  ) {
140  $this->mName = $name;
141  $this->mRestriction = $restriction;
142  $this->mListed = $listed;
143  $this->mIncludable = $includable;
144  }
150  function getName() {
151  return $this->mName;
152  }
158  function getRestriction() {
159  return $this->mRestriction;
160  }
162  // @todo FIXME: Decide which syntax to use for this, and stick to it
168  function isListed() {
169  return $this->mListed;
170  }
178  function setListed( $listed ) {
179  return wfSetVar( $this->mListed, $listed );
180  }
188  function listed( $x = null ) {
189  return wfSetVar( $this->mListed, $x );
190  }
196  public function isIncludable() {
197  return $this->mIncludable;
198  }
210  public function maxIncludeCacheTime() {
211  return $this->getConfig()->get( 'MiserMode' ) ? $this->getCacheTTL() : 0;
212  }
217  protected function getCacheTTL() {
218  return 60 * 60;
219  }
226  function including( $x = null ) {
227  return wfSetVar( $this->mIncluding, $x );
228  }
234  function getLocalName() {
235  if ( !isset( $this->mLocalName ) ) {
236  $this->mLocalName = SpecialPageFactory::getLocalNameFor( $this->mName );
237  }
239  return $this->mLocalName;
240  }
250  public function isExpensive() {
251  return false;
252  }
263  public function isCached() {
264  return false;
265  }
274  public function isRestricted() {
275  // DWIM: If anons can do something, then it is not restricted
276  return $this->mRestriction != '' && !User::groupHasPermission( '*', $this->mRestriction );
277  }
287  public function userCanExecute( User $user ) {
288  return $user->isAllowed( $this->mRestriction );
289  }
296  throw new PermissionsError( $this->mRestriction );
297  }
306  public function checkPermissions() {
307  if ( !$this->userCanExecute( $this->getUser() ) ) {
308  $this->displayRestrictionError();
309  }
310  }
319  public function checkReadOnly() {
320  if ( wfReadOnly() ) {
321  throw new ReadOnlyError;
322  }
323  }
336  public function requireLogin(
337  $reasonMsg = 'exception-nologin-text', $titleMsg = 'exception-nologin'
338  ) {
339  if ( $this->getUser()->isAnon() ) {
340  throw new UserNotLoggedIn( $reasonMsg, $titleMsg );
341  }
342  }
351  protected function getLoginSecurityLevel() {
352  return false;
353  }
379  protected function checkLoginSecurityLevel( $level = null ) {
380  $level = $level ?: $this->getName();
381  $securityStatus = AuthManager::singleton()->securitySensitiveOperationStatus( $level );
382  if ( $securityStatus === AuthManager::SEC_OK ) {
383  return true;
384  } elseif ( $securityStatus === AuthManager::SEC_REAUTH ) {
385  $request = $this->getRequest();
386  $title = SpecialPage::getTitleFor( 'Userlogin' );
387  $query = [
388  'returnto' => $this->getFullTitle()->getPrefixedDBkey(),
389  'returntoquery' => wfArrayToCgi( array_diff_key( $request->getQueryValues(),
390  [ 'title' => true ] ) ),
391  'force' => $level,
392  ];
393  $url = $title->getFullURL( $query, false, PROTO_HTTPS );
395  $this->getOutput()->redirect( $url );
396  return false;
397  }
399  $titleMessage = wfMessage( 'specialpage-securitylevel-not-allowed-title' );
400  $errorMessage = wfMessage( 'specialpage-securitylevel-not-allowed' );
401  throw new ErrorPageError( $titleMessage, $errorMessage );
402  }
420  public function prefixSearchSubpages( $search, $limit, $offset ) {
421  $subpages = $this->getSubpagesForPrefixSearch();
422  if ( !$subpages ) {
423  return [];
424  }
426  return self::prefixSearchArray( $search, $limit, $subpages, $offset );
427  }
437  protected function getSubpagesForPrefixSearch() {
438  return [];
439  }
448  protected function prefixSearchString( $search, $limit, $offset ) {
449  $title = Title::newFromText( $search );
450  if ( !$title || !$title->canExist() ) {
451  // No prefix suggestion in special and media namespace
452  return [];
453  }
455  $searchEngine = MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->newSearchEngine();
456  $searchEngine->setLimitOffset( $limit, $offset );
457  $searchEngine->setNamespaces( [] );
458  $result = $searchEngine->defaultPrefixSearch( $search );
459  return array_map( function( Title $t ) {
460  return $t->getPrefixedText();
461  }, $result );
462  }
475  protected static function prefixSearchArray( $search, $limit, array $subpages, $offset ) {
476  $escaped = preg_quote( $search, '/' );
477  return array_slice( preg_grep( "/^$escaped/i",
478  array_slice( $subpages, $offset ) ), 0, $limit );
479  }
484  function setHeaders() {
485  $out = $this->getOutput();
486  $out->setArticleRelated( false );
487  $out->setRobotPolicy( $this->getRobotPolicy() );
488  $out->setPageTitle( $this->getDescription() );
489  if ( $this->getConfig()->get( 'UseMediaWikiUIEverywhere' ) ) {
490  $out->addModuleStyles( [
491  'mediawiki.ui.input',
492  '',
493  'mediawiki.ui.checkbox',
494  ] );
495  }
496  }
505  final public function run( $subPage ) {
515  if ( !Hooks::run( 'SpecialPageBeforeExecute', [ $this, $subPage ] ) ) {
516  return;
517  }
519  if ( $this->beforeExecute( $subPage ) === false ) {
520  return;
521  }
522  $this->execute( $subPage );
523  $this->afterExecute( $subPage );
533  Hooks::run( 'SpecialPageAfterExecute', [ $this, $subPage ] );
534  }
545  protected function beforeExecute( $subPage ) {
546  // No-op
547  }
556  protected function afterExecute( $subPage ) {
557  // No-op
558  }
568  public function execute( $subPage ) {
569  $this->setHeaders();
570  $this->checkPermissions();
572  $this->outputHeader();
573  }
583  function outputHeader( $summaryMessageKey = '' ) {
586  if ( $summaryMessageKey == '' ) {
587  $msg = $wgContLang->lc( $this->getName() ) . '-summary';
588  } else {
589  $msg = $summaryMessageKey;
590  }
591  if ( !$this->msg( $msg )->isDisabled() && !$this->including() ) {
592  $this->getOutput()->wrapWikiMsg(
593  "<div class='mw-specialpage-summary'>\n$1\n</div>", $msg );
594  }
595  }
606  function getDescription() {
607  return $this->msg( strtolower( $this->mName ) )->text();
608  }
617  function getTitle( $subpage = false ) {
618  return $this->getPageTitle( $subpage );
619  }
628  function getPageTitle( $subpage = false ) {
629  return self::getTitleFor( $this->mName, $subpage );
630  }
638  public function setContext( $context ) {
639  $this->mContext = $context;
640  }
648  public function getContext() {
649  if ( $this->mContext instanceof IContextSource ) {
650  return $this->mContext;
651  } else {
652  wfDebug( __METHOD__ . " called and \$mContext is null. " .
653  "Return RequestContext::getMain(); for sanity\n" );
655  return RequestContext::getMain();
656  }
657  }
665  public function getRequest() {
666  return $this->getContext()->getRequest();
667  }
675  public function getOutput() {
676  return $this->getContext()->getOutput();
677  }
685  public function getUser() {
686  return $this->getContext()->getUser();
687  }
695  public function getSkin() {
696  return $this->getContext()->getSkin();
697  }
705  public function getLanguage() {
706  return $this->getContext()->getLanguage();
707  }
714  public function getConfig() {
715  return $this->getContext()->getConfig();
716  }
724  public function getFullTitle() {
725  return $this->getContext()->getTitle();
726  }
735  protected function getRobotPolicy() {
736  return 'noindex,nofollow';
737  }
746  public function msg( /* $args */ ) {
747  $message = call_user_func_array(
748  [ $this->getContext(), 'msg' ],
749  func_get_args()
750  );
751  // RequestContext passes context to wfMessage, and the language is set from
752  // the context, but setting the language for Message class removes the
753  // interface message status, which breaks for example usernameless gender
754  // invocations. Restore the flag when not including special page in content.
755  if ( $this->including() ) {
756  $message->setInterfaceMessageFlag( false );
757  }
759  return $message;
760  }
767  protected function addFeedLinks( $params ) {
768  $feedTemplate = wfScript( 'api' );
770  foreach ( $this->getConfig()->get( 'FeedClasses' ) as $format => $class ) {
771  $theseParams = $params + [ 'feedformat' => $format ];
772  $url = wfAppendQuery( $feedTemplate, $theseParams );
773  $this->getOutput()->addFeedLink( $format, $url );
774  }
775  }
785  public function addHelpLink( $to, $overrideBaseUrl = false ) {
787  $msg = $this->msg( $wgContLang->lc( $this->getName() ) . '-helppage' );
789  if ( !$msg->isDisabled() ) {
790  $helpUrl = Skin::makeUrl( $msg->plain() );
791  $this->getOutput()->addHelpLink( $helpUrl, true );
792  } else {
793  $this->getOutput()->addHelpLink( $to, $overrideBaseUrl );
794  }
795  }
805  public function getFinalGroupName() {
806  $name = $this->getName();
808  // Allow overbidding the group from the wiki side
809  $msg = $this->msg( 'specialpages-specialpagegroup-' . strtolower( $name ) )->inContentLanguage();
810  if ( !$msg->isBlank() ) {
811  $group = $msg->text();
812  } else {
813  // Than use the group from this object
814  $group = $this->getGroupName();
815  }
817  return $group;
818  }
826  public function doesWrites() {
827  return false;
828  }
838  protected function getGroupName() {
839  return 'other';
840  }
846  protected function useTransactionalTimeLimit() {
847  if ( $this->getRequest()->wasPosted() ) {
849  }
850  }
856  public function getLinkRenderer() {
857  if ( $this->linkRenderer ) {
858  return $this->linkRenderer;
859  } else {
860  return MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getLinkRenderer();
861  }
862  }
869  $this->linkRenderer = $linkRenderer;
870  }
871 }
static prefixSearchArray($search, $limit, array $subpages, $offset)
Helper function for implementations of prefixSearchSubpages() that filter the values in memory (as op...
prefixSearchSubpages($search, $limit, $offset)
Return an array of subpages beginning with $search that this special page will accept.
Interface for objects which can provide a MediaWiki context on request.
Tells if the special page does something security-sensitive and needs extra defense against a stolen ...
static getLocalNameFor($name, $subpage=false)
Get the local name for a specified canonical name.
this hook is for auditing only or null if authentication failed before getting that far or null if we can t even determine that probably a stub it is not rendered in wiki pages or galleries in category pages allow injecting custom HTML after the section Any uses of the hook need to handle escaping see BaseTemplate::getToolbox and BaseTemplate::makeListItem for details on the format of individual items inside of this array or by returning and letting standard HTTP rendering take place modifiable or by returning false and taking over the output $out
Definition: hooks.txt:802
the array() calling protocol came about after MediaWiki 1.4rc1.
null for the local wiki Added should default to null in handler for backwards compatibility add a value to it if you want to add a cookie that have to vary cache options can modify $query
Definition: hooks.txt:1555
Get the permission that a user must have to execute this page.
Indicates whether this special page may perform database writes.
Definition: load.php:50
Gets the context this SpecialPage is executed in.
wfScript($script= 'index')
Get the path to a specified script file, respecting file extensions; this is a wrapper around $wgScri...
static makeUrl($name, $urlaction= '')
Definition: Skin.php:1085
Show an error when the wiki is locked/read-only and the user tries to do something that requires writ...
Apache License January AND DISTRIBUTION Definitions License shall mean the terms and conditions for use
static getTitleFor($name, $subpage=false, $fragment= '')
Get a localised Title object for a specified special page name If you don't need a full Title object...
Definition: SpecialPage.php:82
Whether it's allowed to transclude the special page via {{Special:Foo/params}}.
How long to cache page when it is being included.
Is this page expensive (for some definition of expensive)? Expensive pages are disabled or cached in ...
Adds RSS/atom links.
Gets called before.
Represents a page (or page fragment) title within MediaWiki.
Definition: TitleValue.php:36
Get the group that the special page belongs in on Special:SpecialPage Use this method, instead of getGroupName to allow customization of the group name from the wiki side.
Definition: Defines.php:45
injection txt This is an overview of how MediaWiki makes use of dependency injection The design described here grew from the discussion of RFC T384 The term dependency this means that anything an object needs to operate should be injected from the the object itself should only know narrow no concrete implementation of the logic it relies on The requirement to inject everything typically results in an architecture that based on two main types of and essentially stateless service objects that use other service objects to operate on the value objects As of the beginning MediaWiki is only starting to use the DI approach Much of the code still relies on global state or direct resulting in a highly cyclical dependency MediaWikiServices
Definition: injection.txt:23
Entry point.
Wrapper around wfMessage that sets the current context.
Whether the special page is being evaluated via transclusion.
Get the OutputPage being used for this instance.
Get the prefixed title with spaces.
Definition: Title.php:1455
static newFromText($text, $defaultNamespace=NS_MAIN)
Create a new Title from text, such as what one would find in a link.
Definition: Title.php:262
Return the robot policy.
Set whether this page is listed in Special:Specialpages, at run-time.
when a variable name is used in a it is silently declared as a new local masking the global
Definition: design.txt:93
addHelpLink($to, $overrideBaseUrl=false)
Adds help link with an icon via page indicators.
Redirect a user to the login page.
__construct($name= '', $restriction= '', $listed=true, $function=false, $file= '', $includable=false)
Default constructor for special pages Derivative classes should call this from their constructor Note...
wfDebug($text, $dest= 'all', array $context=[])
Sends a line to the debug log if enabled or, optionally, to a comment in output.
The index of the header message $result[1]=The index of the body text message $result[2 through n]=Parameters passed to body text message.Please note the header message cannot receive/use parameters. 'ImportHandleLogItemXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a log item.Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $logInfo:Array of information 'ImportHandlePageXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a page.Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object &$pageInfo:Array of information 'ImportHandleRevisionXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a page revision.Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $pageInfo:Array of page information $revisionInfo:Array of revision information 'ImportHandleToplevelXMLTag':When parsing a top level XML tag.Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object 'ImportHandleUploadXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a file upload.Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $revisionInfo:Array of information 'ImportLogInterwikiLink':Hook to change the interwiki link used in log entries and edit summaries for transwiki imports.&$fullInterwikiPrefix:Interwiki prefix, may contain colons.&$pageTitle:String that contains page title. 'ImportSources':Called when reading from the $wgImportSources configuration variable.Can be used to lazy-load the import sources list.&$importSources:The value of $wgImportSources.Modify as necessary.See the comment in DefaultSettings.php for the detail of how to structure this array. 'InfoAction':When building information to display on the action=info page.$context:IContextSource object &$pageInfo:Array of information 'InitializeArticleMaybeRedirect':MediaWiki check to see if title is a redirect.&$title:Title object for the current page &$request:WebRequest &$ignoreRedirect:boolean to skip redirect check &$target:Title/string of redirect target &$article:Article object 'InternalParseBeforeLinks':during Parser's internalParse method before links but after nowiki/noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude and other processings.&$parser:Parser object &$text:string containing partially parsed text &$stripState:Parser's internal StripState object 'InternalParseBeforeSanitize':during Parser's internalParse method just before the parser removes unwanted/dangerous HTML tags and after nowiki/noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude and other processings.Ideal for syntax-extensions after template/parser function execution which respect nowiki and HTML-comments.&$parser:Parser object &$text:string containing partially parsed text &$stripState:Parser's internal StripState object 'InterwikiLoadPrefix':When resolving if a given prefix is an interwiki or not.Return true without providing an interwiki to continue interwiki search.$prefix:interwiki prefix we are looking for.&$iwData:output array describing the interwiki with keys iw_url, iw_local, iw_trans and optionally iw_api and iw_wikiid. 'InvalidateEmailComplete':Called after a user's email has been invalidated successfully.$user:user(object) whose email is being invalidated 'IRCLineURL':When constructing the URL to use in an IRC notification.Callee may modify $url and $query, URL will be constructed as $url.$query &$url:URL to index.php &$query:Query string $rc:RecentChange object that triggered url generation 'IsFileCacheable':Override the result of Article::isFileCacheable()(if true) &$article:article(object) being checked 'IsTrustedProxy':Override the result of IP::isTrustedProxy() &$ip:IP being check &$result:Change this value to override the result of IP::isTrustedProxy() 'IsUploadAllowedFromUrl':Override the result of UploadFromUrl::isAllowedUrl() $url:URL used to upload from &$allowed:Boolean indicating if uploading is allowed for given URL 'isValidEmailAddr':Override the result of Sanitizer::validateEmail(), for instance to return false if the domain name doesn't match your organization.$addr:The e-mail address entered by the user &$result:Set this and return false to override the internal checks 'isValidPassword':Override the result of User::isValidPassword() $password:The password entered by the user &$result:Set this and return false to override the internal checks $user:User the password is being validated for 'Language::getMessagesFileName':$code:The language code or the language we're looking for a messages file for &$file:The messages file path, you can override this to change the location. 'LanguageGetMagic':DEPRECATED!Use $magicWords in a file listed in $wgExtensionMessagesFiles instead.Use this to define synonyms of magic words depending of the language &$magicExtensions:associative array of magic words synonyms $lang:language code(string) 'LanguageGetNamespaces':Provide custom ordering for namespaces or remove namespaces.Do not use this hook to add namespaces.Use CanonicalNamespaces for that.&$namespaces:Array of namespaces indexed by their numbers 'LanguageGetSpecialPageAliases':DEPRECATED!Use $specialPageAliases in a file listed in $wgExtensionMessagesFiles instead.Use to define aliases of special pages names depending of the language &$specialPageAliases:associative array of magic words synonyms $lang:language code(string) 'LanguageGetTranslatedLanguageNames':Provide translated language names.&$names:array of language code=> language name $code:language of the preferred translations 'LanguageLinks':Manipulate a page's language links.This is called in various places to allow extensions to define the effective language links for a page.$title:The page's Title.&$links:Associative array mapping language codes to prefixed links of the form"language:title".&$linkFlags:Associative array mapping prefixed links to arrays of flags.Currently unused, but planned to provide support for marking individual language links in the UI, e.g.for featured articles. 'LanguageSelector':Hook to change the language selector available on a page.$out:The output page.$cssClassName:CSS class name of the language selector. 'LinkBegin':DEPRECATED!Use HtmlPageLinkRendererBegin instead.Used when generating internal and interwiki links in Linker::link(), before processing starts.Return false to skip default processing and return $ret.See documentation for Linker::link() for details on the expected meanings of parameters.$skin:the Skin object $target:the Title that the link is pointing to &$html:the contents that the< a > tag should have(raw HTML) $result
Definition: hooks.txt:1934
static getSafeTitleFor($name, $subpage=false)
Get a localised Title object for a page name with a possibly unvalidated subpage. ...
Whether this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages.
outputHeader($summaryMessageKey= '')
Outputs a summary message on top of special pages Per default the message key is the canonical name o...
Gets called after.
null means default in associative array with keys and values unescaped Should be merged with default with a value of false meaning to suppress the attribute in associative array with keys and values unescaped noclasses just before the function returns a value If you return true
Definition: hooks.txt:1936
Parent class for all special pages.
Definition: SpecialPage.php:36
Definition: Defines.php:224
IContextSource $mContext
Current request context.
Definition: SpecialPage.php:61
Check whether the wiki is in read-only mode.
Class that generates HTML links for pages.
static getMain()
Static methods.
static groupHasPermission($group, $role)
Check, if the given group has the given permission.
Definition: User.php:4625
Output an error message telling the user what access level they have to have.
wfAppendQuery($url, $query)
Append a query string to an existing URL, which may or may not already have query string parameters a...
An error page which can definitely be safely rendered using the OutputPage.
Return an array of subpages that this special page will accept for prefix searches.
isAllowed($action= '')
Internal mechanics of testing a permission.
Definition: User.php:3443
either a unescaped string or a HtmlArmor object after in associative array form externallinks including delete and has completed for all link tables whether this was an auto creation default is conds Array Extra conditions for the No matching items in log is displayed if loglist is empty msgKey Array If you want a nice box with a set this to the key of the message First element is the message additional optional elements are parameters for the key that are processed with wfMessage() -> params() ->parseAsBlock()-offset Set to overwrite offset parameter in $wgRequest set to ''to unsetoffset-wrap String Wrap the message in html(usually something like"&lt
Can be overridden by subclasses with more complicated permissions schemes.
Get a self-referential title object.
Shortcut to get the skin being used for this instance.
static getTitleValueFor($name, $subpage=false, $fragment= '')
Get a localised TitleValue object for a specified special page name.
Definition: SpecialPage.php:97
Returns the name that goes in the \ in the special page itself, and also the name that will be l...
Sets headers - this should be called from the execute() method of all derived classes! ...
static makeTitleSafe($ns, $title, $fragment= '', $interwiki= '')
Create a new Title from a namespace index and a DB key.
Definition: Title.php:535
Verifies that the user meets the security level, possibly reauthenticating them in the process...
Get or set whether this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages.
namespace and then decline to actually register it file or subcat img or subcat $title
Definition: hooks.txt:953
static run($event, array $args=[], $deprecatedVersion=null)
Call hook functions defined in Hooks::register and $wgHooks.
Definition: Hooks.php:131
This document is intended to provide useful advice for parties seeking to redistribute MediaWiki to end users It s targeted particularly at maintainers for Linux since it s been observed that distribution packages of MediaWiki often break We ve consistently had to recommend that users seeking support use official tarballs instead of their distribution s and this often solves whatever problem the user is having It would be nice if this could such as
Definition: distributors.txt:9
please add to it if you re going to add events to the MediaWiki code where normally authentication against an external auth plugin would be creating a local account $user
Definition: hooks.txt:242
static newFromTitleValue(TitleValue $titleValue)
Create a new Title from a TitleValue.
Definition: Title.php:225
Is this page cached? Expensive pages are cached or disabled in miser mode.
injection txt This is an overview of how MediaWiki makes use of dependency injection The design described here grew from the discussion of RFC T384 The term dependency this means that anything an object needs to operate should be injected from the the object itself should only know narrow no concrete implementation of the logic it relies on The requirement to inject everything typically results in an architecture that based on two main types of and essentially stateless service objects that use other service objects to operate on the value objects As of the beginning MediaWiki is only starting to use the DI approach Much of the code still relies on global state or direct resulting in a highly cyclical dependency which acts as the top level factory for services in MediaWiki which can be used to gain access to default instances of various services MediaWikiServices however also allows new services to be defined and default services to be redefined Services are defined or redefined by providing a callback the instantiator that will return a new instance of the service When it will create an instance of MediaWikiServices and populate it with the services defined in the files listed by thereby bootstrapping the DI framework Per $wgServiceWiringFiles lists includes ServiceWiring php
Definition: injection.txt:35
wfSetVar(&$dest, $source, $force=false)
Sets dest to source and returns the original value of dest If source is NULL, it just returns the val...
error also a ContextSource you ll probably need to make sure the header is varied on $request
Definition: hooks.txt:2573
Get the name of this Special Page.
Call wfTransactionalTimeLimit() if this request was POSTed.
requireLogin($reasonMsg= 'exception-nologin-text', $titleMsg= 'exception-nologin')
If the user is not logged in, throws UserNotLoggedIn error.
Shortcut to get the User executing this instance.
wfArrayToCgi($array1, $array2=null, $prefix= '')
This function takes one or two arrays as input, and returns a CGI-style string, e.g.
Shortcut to get main config object.
setLinkRenderer(LinkRenderer $linkRenderer)
Show an error when a user tries to do something they do not have the necessary permissions for...
Shortcut to get user's language.
Set PHP's time limit to the larger of php.ini or $wgTransactionalTimeLimit.
userCanExecute(User $user)
Checks if the given user (identified by an object) can execute this special page (as defined by $mRes...
this hook is for auditing only RecentChangesLinked and Watchlist RecentChangesLinked and Watchlist e g Watchlist removed from all revisions and log entries to which it was applied This gives extensions a chance to take it off their books as the deletion has already been partly carried out by this point or something similar the user will be unable to create the tag set and then return false from the hook function Ensure you consume the ChangeTagAfterDelete hook to carry out custom deletion actions as context called by AbstractContent::getParserOutput May be used to override the normal model specific rendering of page content as context as context the output can only depend on parameters provided to this hook not on global state indicating whether full HTML should be generated If generation of HTML may be but other information should still be present in the ParserOutput object to manipulate or replace but no entry for that model exists in $wgContentHandlers if desired whether it is OK to use $contentModel on $title Handler functions that modify $ok should generally return false to prevent further hooks from further modifying $ok inclusive $limit
Definition: hooks.txt:1046
this class mediates it Skin Encapsulates a look and feel for the wiki All of the functions that render HTML and make choices about how to render it are here and are called from various other places when and is meant to be subclassed with other skins that may override some of its functions The User object contains a reference to a and so rather than having a global skin object we just rely on the global User and get the skin with $wgUser and also has some character encoding functions and other locale stuff The current user interface language is instantiated as and the local content language as $wgContLang
Definition: design.txt:56
Under which header this special page is listed in Special:SpecialPages See messages 'specialpages-gro...
Return the full title, including $par.
Default execute method Checks user permissions.
Checks if userCanExecute, and if not throws a PermissionsError.
Get the WebRequest being used for this instance.
prefixSearchString($search, $limit, $offset)
Perform a regular substring search for prefixSearchSubpages.
Get the localised name of the special page.
If the wiki is currently in readonly mode, throws a ReadOnlyError.
Sets the context this SpecialPage is executed in.
Get a self-referential title object.
MediaWiki Linker LinkRenderer null $linkRenderer
Definition: SpecialPage.php:66
Allows to change the fields on the form that will be generated $name
Definition: hooks.txt:300