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This file is the entry point for all API queries. More...

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if(!$processor instanceof
ApiMain) catch(Exception $e)
$endtime = microtime( true )
if($wgAPIRequestLog) $mediawiki = new MediaWiki()
 $starttime = microtime( true )
checkUrlExtension()) if(!$wgEnableAPI) 
$wgTitle = Title::makeTitle( NS_SPECIAL, 'Badtitle/dummy title for API calls set in api.php' )
const MW_API true

Detailed Description

This file is the entry point for all API queries.

It begins by checking whether the API is enabled on this wiki; if not, it informs the user that s/he should set $wgEnableAPI to true and exits. Otherwise, it constructs a new ApiMain using the parameter passed to it as an argument in the URL ('?action=') and with write-enabled set to the value of $wgEnableWriteAPI as specified in LocalSettings.php. It then invokes "execute()" on the ApiMain object instance, which produces output in the format specified in the URL.

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Variable Documentation

if (!$processor instanceof ApiMain) catch (Exception $e) if ($processor) $endtime = microtime( true )

Definition at line 87 of file api.php.

if ($wgAPIRequestLog) $mediawiki = new MediaWiki()

Definition at line 117 of file api.php.

const MW_API true

Definition at line 36 of file api.php.

Initial value:
$processor = new ApiMain( RequestContext::getMain(), $wgEnableWriteAPI )
static getMain()
Static methods.
This is the main API class, used for both external and internal processing.
Definition: ApiMain.php:43

Definition at line 63 of file api.php.