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HTMLFormFieldWithButton Class Reference

Enables HTMLFormField elements to be build with a button. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($info)
 getElement ($element)
 Combines the passed element with a button. More...
 getInputHTML ($value)
 getInputOOUI ($value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HTMLFormField
 __construct ($params)
 Initialise the object. More...
 cancelSubmit ($value, $alldata)
 Override this function if the control can somehow trigger a form submission that shouldn't actually submit the HTMLForm. More...
 canDisplayErrors ()
 True if this field type is able to display errors; false if validation errors need to be displayed in the main HTMLForm error area. More...
 filter ($value, $alldata)
 getAttributes (array $list)
 Returns the given attributes from the parameters. More...
 getDefault ()
 getDiv ($value)
 Get the complete div for the input, including help text, labels, and whatever. More...
 getErrorsAndErrorClass ($value)
 Determine form errors to display and their classes. More...
 getErrorsRaw ($value)
 Determine form errors to display, returning them in an array. More...
 getHelpText ()
 Determine the help text to display. More...
 getHelpTextHtmlDiv ($helptext)
 Generate help text HTML in div format. More...
 getHelpTextHtmlRaw ($helptext)
 Generate help text HTML formatted for raw output. More...
 getHelpTextHtmlTable ($helptext)
 Generate help text HTML in table format. More...
 getInline ($value)
 Get the complete field as an inline element. More...
 getInputHTML ($value)
 This function must be implemented to return the HTML to generate the input object itself. More...
 getInputOOUI ($value)
 Same as getInputHTML, but returns an OOUI object. More...
 getLabel ()
 getLabelHtml ($cellAttributes=[])
 getNotices ()
 Determine notices to display for the field. More...
 getOOUI ($value)
 Get the OOUI version of the div. More...
 getOptions ()
 Fetch the array of options from the field's parameters. More...
 getOptionsOOUI ()
 Get options and make them into arrays suitable for OOUI. More...
 getRaw ($value)
 Get the complete raw fields for the input, including help text, labels, and whatever. More...
 getTableRow ($value)
 Get the complete table row for the input, including help text, labels, and whatever. More...
 getTooltipAndAccessKey ()
 Returns the attributes required for the tooltip and accesskey. More...
 getVForm ($value)
 Get the complete field for the input, including help text, labels, and whatever. More...
 hasVisibleOutput ()
 If this field has a user-visible output or not. More...
 isHidden ($alldata)
 Test whether this field is supposed to be hidden, based on the values of the other form fields. More...
 loadDataFromRequest ($request)
 Get the value that this input has been set to from a posted form, or the input's default value if it has not been set. More...
 msg ()
 Get a translated interface message. More...
 setShowEmptyLabel ($show)
 Tell the field whether to generate a separate label element if its label is blank. More...
 skipLoadData ($request)
 Skip this field when collecting data. More...
 validate ($value, $alldata)
 Override this function to add specific validation checks on the field input. More...

Protected Attributes

 $mButtonClass = ''
 $mButtonFlags = [ 'progressive' ]
 $mButtonId = ''
 $mButtonName = ''
 $mButtonType = 'submit'
- Protected Attributes inherited from HTMLFormField
 $mClass = ''
 $mHelpClass = false
 $mHideIf = null
 $mOptions = false
 $mOptionsLabelsNotFromMessage = false
bool $mShowEmptyLabels = true
 If true will generate an empty div element with no label. More...
 $mVFormClass = ''

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HTMLFormField
static flattenOptions ($options)
 flatten an array of options to a single array, for instance, a set of "<options>" inside "<optgroups>". More...
static forceToStringRecursive ($array)
 Recursively forces values in an array to strings, because issues arise with integer 0 as a value. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from HTMLFormField
HTMLForm null $mParent
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HTMLFormField
 getFieldLayoutOOUI ($inputField, $config)
 Get a FieldLayout (or subclass thereof) to wrap this field in when using OOUI output. More...
 getLabelAlignOOUI ()
 Get label alignment when generating field for OOUI. More...
 getMessage ($value)
 Turns a *-message parameter (which could be a MessageSpecifier, or a message name, or a name + parameters array) into a Message. More...
 getNearestFieldByName ($alldata, $name)
 Fetch a field value from $alldata for the closest field matching a given name. More...
 getOOUIModules ()
 Get the list of extra ResourceLoader modules which must be loaded client-side before it's possible to infuse this field's OOjs UI widget. More...
 isHiddenRecurse (array $alldata, array $params)
 Helper function for isHidden to handle recursive data structures. More...
 isSubmitAttempt (WebRequest $request)
 Can we assume that the request is an attempt to submit a HTMLForm, as opposed to an attempt to just view it? This can't normally be distinguished for e.g. More...
 needsLabel ()
 Should this field have a label, or is there no input element with the appropriate id for the label to point to? More...
 shouldInfuseOOUI ()
 Whether the field should be automatically infused. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from HTMLFormField
static formatErrors ($errors)
 Formats one or more errors as accepted by field validation-callback. More...

Detailed Description

Enables HTMLFormField elements to be build with a button.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::__construct (   $info)

Definition at line 24 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

Member Function Documentation

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::getElement (   $element)

Combines the passed element with a button.

String$elementElement to combine the button with.

Definition at line 72 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

References getInputHTML().

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::getInputHTML (   $value)

Definition at line 46 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

References $mButtonClass, $mButtonId, HTMLFormField\getAttributes(), and Html\input().

Referenced by getElement().

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::getInputOOUI (   $value)

Definition at line 55 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

References HTMLFormField\getAttributes().

Member Data Documentation

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::$mButtonClass = ''

Definition at line 7 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

Referenced by getInputHTML().

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::$mButtonFlags = [ 'progressive' ]

Definition at line 22 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::$mButtonId = ''

Definition at line 10 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

Referenced by getInputHTML().

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::$mButtonName = ''

Definition at line 13 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.

HTMLFormFieldWithButton::$mButtonType = 'submit'

Definition at line 16 of file HTMLFormFieldWithButton.php.


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