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PNGMetadataExtractor Class Reference

PNG frame counter. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static getMetadata ($filename)

Public Attributes

const MAX_CHUNK_SIZE = 3145728
const VERSION = 1

Static Private Member Functions

static read ($fh, $size)
 Read a chunk, checking to make sure its not too big. More...

Static Private Attributes

static int $crcSize
static string $pngSig
static array $textChunks

Detailed Description

PNG frame counter.

Definition at line 33 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

Member Function Documentation

static PNGMetadataExtractor::read (   $fh,

Read a chunk, checking to make sure its not too big.

resource$fhThe file handle
int$sizeSize in bytes.
ExceptionIf too big
string The chunk.

Definition at line 418 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

Member Data Documentation

int PNGMetadataExtractor::$crcSize

Definition at line 38 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

string PNGMetadataExtractor::$pngSig

Definition at line 35 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

array PNGMetadataExtractor::$textChunks

Definition at line 41 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

const PNGMetadataExtractor::MAX_CHUNK_SIZE = 3145728

Definition at line 44 of file PNGMetadataExtractor.php.

const PNGMetadataExtractor::VERSION = 1

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