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PhpunitTestRecorder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 setTestCase (PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase $testCase)
 skipped ($test, $reason)
 Mark a test skipped. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TestRecorder
 end ()
 Called at the end of the parser test run. More...
 endSuite ($path)
 Called after ending an input file. More...
 record ($test, ParserTestResult $result)
 Called after each test. More...
 report ()
 Called before finishing the test run. More...
 skipped ($test, $subtest)
 Mark a test skipped. More...
 start ()
 Called at beginning of the parser test run. More...
 startSuite ($path)
 Called before starting an input file. More...
 startTest ($test)
 Called before starting a test. More...
 warning ($message)
 Show a warning to the user. More...

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Member Function Documentation

PhpunitTestRecorder::setTestCase ( PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase  $testCase)

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References $testCase.

PhpunitTestRecorder::skipped (   $test,

Mark a test skipped.

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Member Data Documentation


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Referenced by setTestCase().

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