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Database. More...

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Public Member Functions

 testAllRightsWithMessage ()
 Test, if for all rights a right- message exist, which is used on Special:ListGroupRights as help text Extensions and core. More...
 testAnonOptions ()
 Bug 37963 Make sure defaults are loaded when setOption is called. More...
 testCheckAndSetTouched ()
 User::checkAndSetTouched. More...
 testCheckPasswordValidity ()
 Test password validity checks. More...
 testEquals ()
 User::equals. More...
 testFindUsersByGroup ()
 User::findUsersByGroup. More...
 testGetCanonicalName ($name, $expectedArray)
 User::getCanonicalName() provideGetCanonicalName. More...
 testGetEditCount ()
 Test User::editCount medium User::getEditCount. More...
 testGetEditCountForAnons ()
 Test User::editCount medium User::getEditCount. More...
 testGetGroupsWithPermission ($expected, $right)
 provideGetGroupsWithPermission User::getGroupsWithPermission More...
 testGetId ()
 User::getId. More...
 testGroupPermissions ()
 User::getGroupPermissions. More...
 testIncEditCount ()
 Test User::editCount medium User::incEditCount. More...
 testIsIP ($value, $result, $message)
 provideIPs User::isIP More...
 testIsValidUserName ($username, $result, $message)
 provideUserNames User::isValidUserName More...
 testLoggedIn ()
 User::isLoggedIn User::isAnon. More...
 testOptions ()
 Test changing user options. More...
 testRevokePermissions ()
 User::getGroupPermissions. More...
 testUserGetRightsHooks ()
 User::getRights. More...
 testUserPermissions ()
 User::getRights. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 __call ($func, $args)
 __construct ($name=null, array $data=[], $dataName= '')
 __destruct ()
 addDBData ()
 Stub. More...
 addDBDataOnce ()
 Stub. More...
 dbPrefix ()
 getCliArg ($offset)
 hideDeprecated ($function)
 Don't throw a warning if $function is deprecated and called later. More...
 needsDB ()
 run (PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result=null)
 setCliArg ($offset, $value)
 setContentLang ($lang)
 setupAllTestDBs ()
 Set up all test DBs. More...
 setUserLang ($lang)
 testMediaWikiTestCaseParentSetupCalled ()
 Make sure MediaWikiTestCase extending classes have called their parent setUp method. More...
 usesTemporaryTables ()

Static Public Member Functions

static provideGetCanonicalName ()
static provideGetGroupsWithPermission ()
static provideIPs ()
static provideUserNames ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static assertNotTag ($matcher, $actual, $message= '', $isHtml=true)
static assertTag ($matcher, $actual, $message= '', $isHtml=true)
 Note: we are overriding this method to remove the deprecated error. More...
static getMutableTestUser ($groups=[])
 Convenience method for getting a mutable test user. More...
static getTestSysop ()
 Convenience method for getting an immutable admin test user. More...
static getTestUser ($groups=[])
 Convenience method for getting an immutable test user. More...
static listTables (Database $db)
static prepareServices (Config $bootstrapConfig)
 Prepare service configuration for unit testing. More...
static setUpBeforeClass ()
static setupTestDB (Database $db, $prefix)
 Creates an empty skeleton of the wiki database by cloning its structure to equivalent tables using the given $prefix. More...
static teardownTestDB ()
 Restores MediaWiki to using the table set (table prefix) it was using before setupTestDB() was called. More...
static wfResetOutputBuffersBarrier ($buffer)
 Used as a marker to prevent wfResetOutputBuffers from breaking PHPUnit. More...

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
 addTmpFiles ($files)
 arrayWrap (array $elements)
 Utility method taking an array of elements and wrapping each element in its own array. More...
 assertArrayEquals (array $expected, array $actual, $ordered=false, $named=false)
 Assert that two arrays are equal. More...
 assertHTMLEquals ($expected, $actual, $msg= '')
 Put each HTML element on its own line and then equals() the results. More...
 assertSelect ($table, $fields, $condition, array $expectedRows)
 Asserts that the given database query yields the rows given by $expectedRows. More...
 assertType ($type, $actual, $message= '')
 Asserts the type of the provided value. More...
 assertTypeOrValue ($type, $actual, $value=false, $message= '')
 Asserts that the provided variable is of the specified internal type or equals the $value argument. More...
 assertValidHtmlDocument ($html)
 Asserts that the given string is valid HTML document. More...
 assertValidHtmlSnippet ($html)
 Asserts that the given string is a valid HTML snippet. More...
 checkDbIsSupported ()
 checkPHPExtension ($extName)
 Check if $extName is a loaded PHP extension, will skip the test whenever it is not loaded. More...
 getDefaultWikitextNS ()
 Returns the ID of a namespace that defaults to Wikitext. More...
 getNewTempDirectory ()
 obtains a new temporary directory More...
 getNewTempFile ()
 Obtains a new temporary file name. More...
 insertPage ($pageName, $text= 'Sample page for unit test.', $namespace=null)
 Insert a new page. More...
 isWikitextNS ($ns)
 Returns true if the given namespace defaults to Wikitext according to $wgNamespaceContentModels. More...
 markTestSkippedIfNoDiff3 ()
 Check, if $wgDiff3 is set and ready to merge Will mark the calling test as skipped, if not ready. More...
 mergeMwGlobalArrayValue ($name, $values)
 Merges the given values into a MW global array variable. More...
 objectAssociativeSort (array &$array)
 Does an associative sort that works for objects. More...
 overrideMwServices (Config $configOverrides=null, array $services=[])
 Stashes the global instance of MediaWikiServices, and installs a new one, allowing test cases to override settings and services. More...
 setLogger ($channel, LoggerInterface $logger)
 Sets the logger for a specified channel, for the duration of the test. More...
 setMwGlobals ($pairs, $value=null)
 setService ($name, $object)
 Sets a service, maintaining a stashed version of the previous service to be restored in tearDown. More...
 setTemporaryHook ($hookName, $handler)
 Create a temporary hook handler which will be reset by tearDown. More...
 setUp ()
 stashMwGlobals ($globalKeys)
 Stashes the global, will be restored in tearDown() More...
 tearDown ()

Protected Attributes

User $user
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
Database $db
 Primary database. More...
array $supportedDBs
array $tablesUsed = []

Private Member Functions

 setUpPermissionGlobals ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
const DB_PREFIX = 'unittest_'
 Table name prefixes. More...
const ORA_DB_PREFIX = 'ut_'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static TestUser[] $users
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiTestCase
static getExternalStoreDatabaseConnections ()
 Gets master database connections for all of the ExternalStoreDB stores configured in $wgDefaultExternalStore. More...
static isUsingExternalStoreDB ()
 Check whether ExternalStoreDB is being used. More...
static resetGlobalServices (Config $bootstrapConfig=null)
 Reset global services, and install testing environment. More...
static setupDatabaseWithTestPrefix (Database $db, $prefix)
 Setups a database with the given prefix. More...
static setupExternalStoreTestDBs ($testPrefix)
 Clones the External Store database(s) for testing. More...
static stripStringKeys (&$r)
 Utility function for eliminating all string keys from an array. More...

Detailed Description


Definition at line 9 of file UserTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

static UserTest::provideGetCanonicalName ( )

Definition at line 459 of file UserTest.php.

References false.

static UserTest::provideGetGroupsWithPermission ( )

Definition at line 158 of file UserTest.php.

static UserTest::provideIPs ( )

Definition at line 187 of file UserTest.php.

static UserTest::provideUserNames ( )

Definition at line 212 of file UserTest.php.

UserTest::setUp ( )

Definition at line 15 of file UserTest.php.

References MediaWikiTestCase\setMwGlobals(), setUpPermissionGlobals(), user, and User.

UserTest::setUpPermissionGlobals ( )

Definition at line 29 of file UserTest.php.

References global.

Referenced by setUp().

UserTest::testAllRightsWithMessage ( )

Test, if for all rights a right- message exist, which is used on Special:ListGroupRights as help text Extensions and core.

Definition at line 238 of file UserTest.php.

References as, User\getAllRights(), and Language\getMessageKeysFor().

UserTest::testAnonOptions ( )

Bug 37963 Make sure defaults are loaded when setOption is called.


Definition at line 360 of file UserTest.php.

References $wgDefaultUserOptions, global, and user.

UserTest::testCheckPasswordValidity ( )

Test password validity checks.

There are 3 checks in core,

Definition at line 376 of file UserTest.php.

References User\checkPasswordValidity(), User\getName(), User\getPasswordValidity(), User\isValidPassword(), User\newFromName(), and MediaWikiTestCase\setMwGlobals().

UserTest::testEquals ( )
UserTest::testFindUsersByGroup ( )
UserTest::testGetCanonicalName (   $name,

User::getCanonicalName() provideGetCanonicalName.

Definition at line 435 of file UserTest.php.

References $name, as, User\getCanonicalName(), and MediaWikiTestCase\mergeMwGlobalArrayValue().

UserTest::testGetEditCount ( )
UserTest::testGetEditCountForAnons ( )

Test User::editCount medium User::getEditCount.

Definition at line 303 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getEditCount(), User\incEditCount(), and User\newFromName().

UserTest::testGetGroupsWithPermission (   $expected,

provideGetGroupsWithPermission User::getGroupsWithPermission

Definition at line 150 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getGroupsWithPermission().

UserTest::testGetId ( )


Definition at line 505 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getId().

UserTest::testGroupPermissions ( )


Definition at line 59 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getGroupPermissions().

UserTest::testIncEditCount ( )

Test User::editCount medium User::incEditCount.

Definition at line 324 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getId(), MediaWikiTestCase\getMutableTestUser(), User\incEditCount(), and User\newFromId().

UserTest::testIsIP (   $value,

provideIPs User::isIP

Definition at line 183 of file UserTest.php.

References $value, and user.

UserTest::testIsValidUserName (   $username,

provideUserNames User::isValidUserName

Definition at line 208 of file UserTest.php.

References $username, and user.

UserTest::testOptions ( )
UserTest::testRevokePermissions ( )


Definition at line 76 of file UserTest.php.

References User\getGroupPermissions().

UserTest::testUserPermissions ( )


Definition at line 87 of file UserTest.php.

References user.

Member Data Documentation

User UserTest::$user

Definition at line 13 of file UserTest.php.

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