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actions Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for actions:


file  Action.php [code]
 Base classes for actions done on pages.
file  CachedAction.php [code]
 Abstract action class with scaffolding for caching HTML and other values in a single blob.
file  CreditsAction.php [code]
 Formats credits for articles.
file  DeleteAction.php [code]
 Handle page deletion.
file  EditAction.php [code]
 action=edit handler
file  FormAction.php [code]
 Base classes for actions done on pages.
file  FormlessAction.php [code]
 Base classes for actions done on pages.
file  HistoryAction.php [code]
 Page history.
file  InfoAction.php [code]
 Displays information about a page.
file  MarkpatrolledAction.php [code]
 Mark a revision as patrolled on a page.
file  ProtectAction.php [code]
 action=protect handler
file  PurgeAction.php [code]
 User-requested page cache purging.
file  RawAction.php [code]
 Raw page text accessor.
file  RenderAction.php [code]
 Handle action=render.
file  RevertAction.php [code]
 File reversion user interface.
file  RevisiondeleteAction.php [code]
 An action that just pass the request to Special:RevisionDelete.
file  RollbackAction.php [code]
 Edit rollback user interface.
file  SpecialPageAction.php [code]
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file  SubmitAction.php [code]
 Wrapper for EditAction; sets the session cookie.
file  UnprotectAction.php [code]
 action=unprotect handler
file  UnwatchAction.php [code]
 Performs the unwatch actions on a page.
file  ViewAction.php [code]
 An action that views article content.
file  WatchAction.php [code]
 Performs the watch actions on a page.