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directory  zhtable


file  alltrans.php [code]
 Get all the translations messages, as defined in the English language file.
file  checkDupeMessages.php [code]
 Print out duplicates in message array.
file  checkExtensions.php [code]
 Check the extensions language files.
file [code]
 Helper class for checkLanguage.php script.
file  checkLanguage.php [code]
 Check a language file.
file  date-formats.php [code]
 Test various language time and date functions.
file  digit2html.php [code]
 Check digit transformation.
file  dumpMessages.php [code]
 Dump an entire language, using the keys from English so we get all the values, not just the customized ones.
file  generateCollationData.php [code]
 Maintenance script to generate first letter data files for Collation.php.
file  generateNormalizerDataAr.php [code]
 Generates the normalizer data file for Arabic.
file  generateNormalizerDataMl.php [code]
 Generates the normalizer data file for Malayalam.
file  langmemusage.php [code]
 Dumb program that tries to get the memory usage for each language file.
file [code]
 Handle messages in the language files.
file  listVariants.php [code]
 Lists all language variants.
file  StatOutputs.php [code]
 Statistic output classes.
file  transstat.php [code]
 Statistics about the localisation.