MediaWiki  1.28.1
parser Directory Reference
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file  BlockLevelPass.php [code]
 This is the part of the wikitext parser which handles automatic paragraphs and conversion of start-of-line prefixes to HTML lists.
file  CacheTime.php [code]
 Parser cache specific expiry check.
file  CoreParserFunctions.php [code]
 Parser functions provided by MediaWiki core.
file  CoreTagHooks.php [code]
 Tag hooks provided by MediaWiki core.
file  DateFormatter.php [code]
 Date formatter.
file  LinkHolderArray.php [code]
 Holder of replacement pairs for wiki links.
file  MWTidy.php [code]
 HTML validation and correction.
file  Parser.php [code]
 PHP parser that converts wiki markup to HTML.
file  ParserCache.php [code]
 Cache for outputs of the PHP parser.
file  ParserDiffTest.php [code]
 Fake parser that output the difference of two different parsers.
file  ParserOptions.php [code]
 Options for the PHP parser.
file  ParserOutput.php [code]
 Output of the PHP parser.
file  Preprocessor.php [code]
 Interfaces for preprocessors.
file  Preprocessor_DOM.php [code]
 Preprocessor using PHP's dom extension.
file  Preprocessor_Hash.php [code]
 Preprocessor using PHP arrays.
file  StripState.php [code]
 Holder for stripped items when parsing wiki markup.