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MonoBookTemplate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 cactions ()
 Prints the content actions (cactions) bar. More...
 customBox ( $bar, $cont)
 execute ()
 Template filter callback for MonoBook skin. More...
 languageBox ()
 searchBox ()
 toolbox ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 getFooterIcons ( $option=null)
 Returns an array of footer icons filtered down by options relevant to how the skin wishes to display them. More...
 getFooterLinks ( $option=null)
 Returns an array of footerlinks trimmed down to only those footer links that are valid. More...
 getIndicators ()
 Get the suggested HTML for page status indicators: icons (or short text snippets) usually displayed in the top-right corner of the page, outside of the main content. More...
 getMsg ( $name)
 Get a Message object with its context set. More...
 getPersonalTools ()
 Create an array of personal tools items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate. More...
 getSidebar ( $options=[])
 getToolbox ()
 Create an array of common toolbox items from the data in the quicktemplate stored by SkinTemplate. More...
 getTrail ()
 Get the basic end-page trail including bottomscripts, reporttime, and debug stuff. More...
 makeLink ( $key, $item, $options=[])
 Makes a link, usually used by makeListItem to generate a link for an item in a list used in navigation lists, portlets, portals, sidebars, etc... More...
 makeListItem ( $key, $item, $options=[])
 Generates a list item for a navigation, portlet, portal, sidebar... More...
 makeSearchButton ( $mode, $attrs=[])
 makeSearchInput ( $attrs=[])
 msg ( $str)
 msgHtml ( $str)
 msgWiki ( $str)
 An ugly, ugly hack. More...
 printTrail ()
 Output getTrail. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuickTemplate
 __construct (Config $config=null)
 extend ( $name, $value)
 extends the value of data with name $name with the value $value More...
 get ( $name, $default=null)
 Gets the template data requested. More...
 getHTML ()
 Fetch the output of a QuickTemplate and return it. More...
 getSkin ()
 Get the Skin object related to this object. More...
 haveData ( $str)
 haveMsg ( $str)
 html ( $str)
 set ( $name, $value)
 Sets the value $value to $name. More...
 setRef ( $name, &$value)
 setTranslator (&$t)
 text ( $str)

Public Attributes

$this msg('personaltools') $this html('userlangattributes') $personalTools = $this->getPersonalTools()
 $validFooterIcons = $this->getFooterIcons( 'icononly' )
 $validFooterLinks = $this->getFooterLinks( 'flat' )
if(count( $validFooterIcons)+count( $validFooterLinks) > 0) else
if(array_key_exists( 'uls', $personalTools)) if(! $this->getSkin() ->getUser() ->isLoggedIn() &&User::groupHasPermission(' *', 'edit') foreach )($personalTools as $key=> $item)
foreach( $validFooterIcons as $blockName=> $footerIcons) foreach( $footerIcons as $icon) if(count( $validFooterLinks) > 0) $this html ( $aLink)
$this text ( 'searchtitle')

Protected Member Functions

 renderPortals ( $sidebar)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseTemplate
 getAfterPortlet ( $name)
 Allows extensions to hook into known portlets and add stuff to them. More...
 getClear ()
 Get a div with the core visualClear class, for clearing floats. More...
 getFooter ( $iconStyle='icononly', $linkStyle='flat')
 Renderer for getFooterIcons and getFooterLinks. More...
 renderAfterPortlet ( $name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from QuickTemplate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cactions()

MonoBookTemplate::cactions ( )

Prints the content actions (cactions) bar.

Shared between MonoBook and Modern

Definition at line 287 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

References as, data, div, BaseTemplate\makeListItem(), BaseTemplate\msg(), php, and BaseTemplate\renderAfterPortlet().

Referenced by execute(), and ModernTemplate\execute().

◆ customBox()

MonoBookTemplate::customBox (   $bar,
array | string$cont

Definition at line 361 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

References array(), as, div, BaseTemplate\makeListItem(), Html\openElement(), php, BaseTemplate\renderAfterPortlet(), Linker\titleAttrib(), and wfMessage().

Referenced by renderPortals().

◆ execute()

MonoBookTemplate::execute ( )

Template filter callback for MonoBook skin.

Takes an associative array of data set from a SkinTemplate-based class, and a wrapper for MediaWiki's localization database, and outputs a formatted page.

Reimplemented from QuickTemplate.

Reimplemented in ModernTemplate.

Definition at line 38 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

References a, cactions(), content, data, div, BaseTemplate\getIndicators(), href, html, BaseTemplate\msg(), php, and Hooks\run().

◆ languageBox()

MonoBookTemplate::languageBox ( )

◆ renderPortals()

MonoBookTemplate::renderPortals (   $sidebar)

Definition at line 214 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

References $content, as, customBox(), languageBox(), searchBox(), string, and toolbox().

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute().

◆ searchBox()

MonoBookTemplate::searchBox ( )

Definition at line 245 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

References captcha-old\action, div, form, BaseTemplate\msg(), and php.

Referenced by renderPortals().

◆ toolbox()

Member Data Documentation

◆ $personalTools

$this msg ( 'personaltools' ) $this html ( 'userlangattributes' ) MonoBookTemplate::$personalTools = $this->getPersonalTools()

Definition at line 119 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

◆ $validFooterIcons

MonoBookTemplate::$validFooterIcons = $this->getFooterIcons( 'icononly' )

Definition at line 159 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

◆ $validFooterLinks

MonoBookTemplate::$validFooterLinks = $this->getFooterLinks( 'flat' )

Definition at line 160 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

◆ else

if (count($validFooterIcons)+count($validFooterLinks) > 0) MonoBookTemplate::else
Initial value:
$footerEnd = ''

Definition at line 167 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

◆ foreach

if (array_key_exists('uls', $personalTools)) if (! $this->getSkin() ->getUser() ->isLoggedIn() &&User::groupHasPermission(' *', 'edit') MonoBookTemplate::foreach) ( $personalTools as $key=> $item)

Definition at line 134 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

◆ html

foreach ($validFooterIcons as $blockName=> $footerIcons) foreach ($footerIcons as $icon) if (count($validFooterLinks) > 0) $this MonoBookTemplate::html($aLink)

Definition at line 190 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

Referenced by execute(), ModernTemplate\execute(), and languageBox().

◆ text

$this MonoBookTemplate::text('searchtitle')

Definition at line 252 of file MonoBookTemplate.php.

Referenced by ModernTemplate\execute().

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