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SpamBlacklistLogFormatter Class Reference
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Protected Member Functions

 getMessageParameters ()
 Formats parameters intented for action message from array of all parameters. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LogFormatter
 __construct (LogEntry $entry)
 canView ( $field)
 Check if a log item can be displayed. More...
 extractParameters ()
 Extracts the optional extra parameters for use in action messages. More...
 formatParameterValue ( $type, $value)
 Formats parameters values dependent to their type. More...
 formatParameterValueForApi ( $name, $type, $value)
 Format a single parameter value for API output. More...
 getActionMessage ()
 Returns a sentence describing the log action. More...
 getMessageKey ()
 Returns a key to be used for formatting the action sentence. More...
 getParametersForApi ()
 Get the array of parameters, converted from legacy format if necessary. More...
 getRestrictedElement ( $message)
 Helper method for displaying restricted element. More...
 makePageLink (Title $title=null, $parameters=[], $html=null)
 Helper to make a link to the page, taking the plaintext value in consideration. More...
 makeUserLink (User $user, $toolFlags=0)
 msg ( $key)
 Shortcut for wfMessage which honors local context. More...
 styleRestricedElement ( $content)
 Helper method for styling restricted element. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from LogFormatter
 formatParametersForApi ()
 Format parameters for API output. More...
 getActionLinks ()
 Returns extra links that comes after the action text, like "revert", etc. More...
 getActionText ()
 Gets the log action, including username. More...
 getComment ()
 Gets the user provided comment. More...
 getIRCActionComment ()
 Even uglier hack to maintain backwards compatibility with IRC bots (T36508). More...
 getIRCActionText ()
 Even uglier hack to maintain backwards compatibility with IRC bots (T36508). More...
 getLinkRenderer ()
 getMessageParametersForTesting ()
 getPerformerElement ()
 Provides the name of the user who performed the log action. More...
 getPlainActionText ()
 Ugly hack to produce plaintext version of the message. More...
 getPreloadTitles ()
 setAudience ( $audience)
 Set the visibility restrictions for displaying content. More...
 setContext (IContextSource $context)
 Replace the default context. More...
 setLinkRenderer (LinkRenderer $linkRenderer)
 setShowUserToolLinks ( $value)
 If set to true, will produce user tool links after the user name. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from LogFormatter
static newFromEntry (LogEntry $entry)
 Constructs a new formatter suitable for given entry. More...
static newFromRow ( $row)
 Handy shortcut for constructing a formatter directly from database row. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from LogFormatter
IContextSource $context
 Context for logging. More...
const FOR_PUBLIC = 1
const FOR_THIS_USER = 2
- Protected Attributes inherited from LogFormatter
int $audience = self::FOR_PUBLIC
 Constant for handling log_deleted. More...
LogEntryBase $entry
string $irctext = false
bool $linkFlood = false
 Whether to output user tool links. More...
array $parsedParameters
string $plaintext = false
 Set to true if we are constructing a message text that is going to be included in page history or send to IRC feed. More...

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessageParameters()

SpamBlacklistLogFormatter::getMessageParameters ( )

Formats parameters intented for action message from array of all parameters.

There are three hardcoded parameters (array is zero-indexed, this list not):

  • 1: user name with premade link
  • 2: usable for gender magic function
  • 3: target page with premade link

Reimplemented from LogFormatter.

Definition at line 5 of file SpamBlacklistLogFormatter.php.

References $params.

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