MediaWiki  REL1_31
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1 <?php
30 abstract class MediaHandler {
31  const TRANSFORM_LATER = 1;
32  const METADATA_GOOD = true;
33  const METADATA_BAD = false;
34  const METADATA_COMPATIBLE = 2; // for old but backwards compatible.
38  const MAX_ERR_LOG_SIZE = 65535;
46  static function getHandler( $type ) {
47  return MediaWikiServices::getInstance()
48  ->getMediaHandlerFactory()->getHandler( $type );
49  }
55  abstract public function getParamMap();
65  abstract public function validateParam( $name, $value );
73  abstract public function makeParamString( $params );
81  abstract public function parseParamString( $str );
90  abstract function normaliseParams( $image, &$params );
112  abstract function getImageSize( $image, $path );
122  function getMetadata( $image, $path ) {
123  return '';
124  }
141  static function getMetadataVersion() {
142  $version = [ '2' ]; // core metadata version
143  Hooks::run( 'GetMetadataVersion', [ &$version ] );
145  return implode( ';', $version );
146  }
158  function convertMetadataVersion( $metadata, $version = 1 ) {
159  if ( !is_array( $metadata ) ) {
160  // unserialize to keep return parameter consistent.
161  Wikimedia\suppressWarnings();
162  $ret = unserialize( $metadata );
163  Wikimedia\restoreWarnings();
165  return $ret;
166  }
168  return $metadata;
169  }
178  function getMetadataType( $image ) {
179  return false;
180  }
198  function isMetadataValid( $image, $metadata ) {
199  return self::METADATA_GOOD;
200  }
234  public function getCommonMetaArray( File $file ) {
235  return false;
236  }
250  function getScriptedTransform( $image, $script, $params ) {
251  return false;
252  }
264  final function getTransform( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params ) {
265  return $this->doTransform( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params, self::TRANSFORM_LATER );
266  }
280  abstract function doTransform( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params, $flags = 0 );
290  function getThumbType( $ext, $mime, $params = null ) {
291  $magic = MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getMimeAnalyzer();
292  if ( !$ext || $magic->isMatchingExtension( $ext, $mime ) === false ) {
293  // The extension is not valid for this MIME type and we do
294  // recognize the MIME type
295  $extensions = $magic->getExtensionsForType( $mime );
296  if ( $extensions ) {
297  return [ strtok( $extensions, ' ' ), $mime ];
298  }
299  }
301  // The extension is correct (true) or the MIME type is unknown to
302  // MediaWiki (null)
303  return [ $ext, $mime ];
304  }
311  public function getStreamHeaders( $metadata ) {
312  wfDeprecated( __METHOD__, '1.30' );
313  return $this->getContentHeaders( $metadata );
314  }
322  public function canRender( $file ) {
323  return true;
324  }
333  public function mustRender( $file ) {
334  return false;
335  }
343  public function isMultiPage( $file ) {
344  return false;
345  }
353  function pageCount( File $file ) {
354  return false;
355  }
363  function isVectorized( $file ) {
364  return false;
365  }
375  function isAnimatedImage( $file ) {
376  return false;
377  }
386  function canAnimateThumbnail( $file ) {
387  return true;
388  }
394  function isEnabled() {
395  return true;
396  }
414  function getPageDimensions( File $image, $page ) {
415  $gis = $this->getImageSize( $image, $image->getLocalRefPath() );
416  if ( $gis ) {
417  return [
418  'width' => $gis[0],
419  'height' => $gis[1]
420  ];
421  } else {
422  return false;
423  }
424  }
434  function getPageText( File $image, $page ) {
435  return false;
436  }
443  public function getEntireText( File $file ) {
444  $numPages = $file->pageCount();
445  if ( !$numPages ) {
446  // Not a multipage document
447  return $this->getPageText( $file, 1 );
448  }
449  $document = '';
450  for ( $i = 1; $i <= $numPages; $i++ ) {
451  $curPage = $this->getPageText( $file, $i );
452  if ( is_string( $curPage ) ) {
453  $document .= $curPage . "\n";
454  }
455  }
456  if ( $document !== '' ) {
457  return $document;
458  }
459  return false;
460  }
490  function formatMetadata( $image, $context = false ) {
491  return false;
492  }
504  function formatMetadataHelper( $metadataArray, $context = false ) {
505  $result = [
506  'visible' => [],
507  'collapsed' => []
508  ];
510  $formatted = FormatMetadata::getFormattedData( $metadataArray, $context );
511  // Sort fields into visible and collapsed
512  $visibleFields = $this->visibleMetadataFields();
513  foreach ( $formatted as $name => $value ) {
514  $tag = strtolower( $name );
516  in_array( $tag, $visibleFields ) ? 'visible' : 'collapsed',
517  'exif',
518  $tag,
519  $value
520  );
521  }
523  return $result;
524  }
532  protected function visibleMetadataFields() {
534  }
559  protected static function addMeta( &$array, $visibility, $type, $id, $value, $param = false ) {
560  $msg = wfMessage( "$type-$id", $param );
561  if ( $msg->exists() ) {
562  $name = $msg->text();
563  } else {
564  // This is for future compatibility when using instant commons.
565  // So as to not display as ugly a name if a new metadata
566  // property is defined that we don't know about
567  // (not a major issue since such a property would be collapsed
568  // by default).
569  wfDebug( __METHOD__ . ' Unknown metadata name: ' . $id . "\n" );
570  $name = wfEscapeWikiText( $id );
571  }
572  $array[$visibility][] = [
573  'id' => "$type-$id",
574  'name' => $name,
575  'value' => $value
576  ];
577  }
585  function getShortDesc( $file ) {
586  return self::getGeneralShortDesc( $file );
587  }
595  function getLongDesc( $file ) {
596  return self::getGeneralLongDesc( $file );
597  }
605  static function getGeneralShortDesc( $file ) {
606  global $wgLang;
608  return htmlspecialchars( $wgLang->formatSize( $file->getSize() ) );
609  }
617  static function getGeneralLongDesc( $file ) {
618  return wfMessage( 'file-info' )->sizeParams( $file->getSize() )
619  ->params( '<span class="mime-type">' . $file->getMimeType() . '</span>' )->parse();
620  }
630  public static function fitBoxWidth( $boxWidth, $boxHeight, $maxHeight ) {
631  $idealWidth = $boxWidth * $maxHeight / $boxHeight;
632  $roundedUp = ceil( $idealWidth );
633  if ( round( $roundedUp * $boxHeight / $boxWidth ) > $maxHeight ) {
634  return floor( $idealWidth );
635  } else {
636  return $roundedUp;
637  }
638  }
646  function getDimensionsString( $file ) {
647  return '';
648  }
660  function parserTransformHook( $parser, $file ) {
661  }
673  function verifyUpload( $fileName ) {
674  return Status::newGood();
675  }
685  function removeBadFile( $dstPath, $retval = 0 ) {
686  if ( file_exists( $dstPath ) ) {
687  $thumbstat = stat( $dstPath );
688  if ( $thumbstat['size'] == 0 || $retval != 0 ) {
689  $result = unlink( $dstPath );
691  if ( $result ) {
692  wfDebugLog( 'thumbnail',
693  sprintf( 'Removing bad %d-byte thumbnail "%s". unlink() succeeded',
694  $thumbstat['size'], $dstPath ) );
695  } else {
696  wfDebugLog( 'thumbnail',
697  sprintf( 'Removing bad %d-byte thumbnail "%s". unlink() failed',
698  $thumbstat['size'], $dstPath ) );
699  }
701  return true;
702  }
703  }
705  return false;
706  }
721  public function filterThumbnailPurgeList( &$files, $options ) {
722  // Do nothing
723  }
730  public function canRotate() {
731  return false;
732  }
748  public function getRotation( $file ) {
749  return 0;
750  }
763  protected function logErrorForExternalProcess( $retval, $err, $cmd ) {
764  # Keep error output limited (T59985)
765  $errMessage = trim( substr( $err, 0, self::MAX_ERR_LOG_SIZE ) );
767  wfDebugLog( 'thumbnail',
768  sprintf( 'thumbnail failed on %s: error %d "%s" from "%s"',
769  wfHostname(), $retval, $errMessage, $cmd ) );
770  }
779  public function getAvailableLanguages( File $file ) {
780  return [];
781  }
795  public function getDefaultRenderLanguage( File $file ) {
796  return null;
797  }
809  public function getLength( $file ) {
810  return 0.0;
811  }
818  public function isExpensiveToThumbnail( $file ) {
819  return false;
820  }
828  public function supportsBucketing() {
829  return false;
830  }
838  public function sanitizeParamsForBucketing( $params ) {
839  return $params;
840  }
867  public function getWarningConfig( $file ) {
868  return null;
869  }
878  public static function getPageRangesByDimensions( $pagesByDimensions ) {
879  $pageRangesByDimensions = [];
881  foreach ( $pagesByDimensions as $dimensions => $pageList ) {
882  $ranges = [];
883  $firstPage = $pageList[0];
884  $lastPage = $firstPage - 1;
886  foreach ( $pageList as $page ) {
887  if ( $page > $lastPage + 1 ) {
888  if ( $firstPage != $lastPage ) {
889  $ranges[] = "$firstPage-$lastPage";
890  } else {
891  $ranges[] = "$firstPage";
892  }
894  $firstPage = $page;
895  }
897  $lastPage = $page;
898  }
900  if ( $firstPage != $lastPage ) {
901  $ranges[] = "$firstPage-$lastPage";
902  } else {
903  $ranges[] = "$firstPage";
904  }
906  $pageRangesByDimensions[ $dimensions ] = $ranges;
907  }
909  $dimensionsString = [];
910  foreach ( $pageRangesByDimensions as $dimensions => $pageRanges ) {
911  $dimensionsString[] = "$dimensions:" . implode( ',', $pageRanges );
912  }
914  return implode( '/', $dimensionsString );
915  }
923  public function getContentHeaders( $metadata ) {
924  return [ 'X-Content-Dimensions' => '' ]; // T175689
925  }
926 }
removeBadFile( $dstPath, $retval=0)
Check for zero-sized thumbnails.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:685
mustRender( $file)
True if handled types cannot be displayed directly in a browser but can be rendered.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:333
formatMetadata( $image, $context=false)
Get an array structure that looks like this:
Definition: MediaHandler.php:490
getWarningConfig( $file)
Gets configuration for the file warning message.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:867
getCommonMetaArray(File $file)
Get an array of standard (FormatMetadata type) metadata values.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:234
normaliseParams( $image, &$params)
Changes the parameter array as necessary, ready for transformation.
Apache License January AND DISTRIBUTION Definitions License shall mean the terms and conditions for use
Definition: APACHE-LICENSE-2.0.txt:10
verifyUpload( $fileName)
File validation hook called on upload.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:673
pageCount(File $file)
Page count for a multi-page document, false if unsupported or unknown.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:353
static getFormattedData( $tags, $context=false)
Numbers given by Exif user agents are often magical, that is they should be replaced by a detailed ex...
Definition: FormatMetadata.php:82
either a unescaped string or a HtmlArmor object after in associative array form externallinks including delete and has completed for all link tables whether this was an auto creation default is conds Array Extra conditions for the No matching items in log is displayed if loglist is empty msgKey Array If you want a nice box with a set this to the key of the message First element is the message additional optional elements are parameters for the key that are processed with wfMessage() -> params() ->parseAsBlock() - offset Set to overwrite offset parameter in $wgRequest set to '' to unset offset - wrap String Wrap the message in html(usually something like "&lt
Definition: MediaHandler.php:31
static getMetadataVersion()
Get metadata version.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:141
filterThumbnailPurgeList(&$files, $options)
Remove files from the purge list.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:721
getEntireText(File $file)
Get the text of the entire document.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:443
getShortDesc( $file)
Short description.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:585
null means default in associative array with keys and values unescaped Should be merged with default with a value of false meaning to suppress the attribute in associative array with keys and values unescaped noclasses & $ret
Definition: hooks.txt:2005
Max length of error logged by logErrorForExternalProcess()
Definition: MediaHandler.php:38
getThumbType( $ext, $mime, $params=null)
Get the thumbnail extension and MIME type for a given source MIME type.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:290
True if the handler can rotate the media.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:730
unserialize( $serialized)
Definition: ApiMessage.php:192
Definition: styleTest.css.php:40
Fetch server name for use in error reporting etc.
Definition: GlobalFunctions.php:1420
The index of the header message $result[1]=The index of the body text message $result[2 through n]=Parameters passed to body text message. Please note the header message cannot receive/use parameters. 'ImgAuthModifyHeaders':Executed just before a file is streamed to a user via img_auth.php, allowing headers to be modified beforehand. $title:LinkTarget object & $headers:HTTP headers(name=> value, names are case insensitive). Two headers get special handling:If-Modified-Since(value must be a valid HTTP date) and Range(must be of the form "bytes=(\d*-\d*)") will be honored when streaming the file. 'ImportHandleLogItemXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a log item. Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $logInfo:Array of information 'ImportHandlePageXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a page. Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object & $pageInfo:Array of information 'ImportHandleRevisionXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a page revision. Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $pageInfo:Array of page information $revisionInfo:Array of revision information 'ImportHandleToplevelXMLTag':When parsing a top level XML tag. Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object 'ImportHandleUnknownUser':When a user doesn 't exist locally, this hook is called to give extensions an opportunity to auto-create it. If the auto-creation is successful, return false. $name:User name 'ImportHandleUploadXMLTag':When parsing a XML tag in a file upload. Return false to stop further processing of the tag $reader:XMLReader object $revisionInfo:Array of information 'ImportLogInterwikiLink':Hook to change the interwiki link used in log entries and edit summaries for transwiki imports. & $fullInterwikiPrefix:Interwiki prefix, may contain colons. & $pageTitle:String that contains page title. 'ImportSources':Called when reading from the $wgImportSources configuration variable. Can be used to lazy-load the import sources list. & $importSources:The value of $wgImportSources. Modify as necessary. See the comment in DefaultSettings.php for the detail of how to structure this array. 'InfoAction':When building information to display on the action=info page. $context:IContextSource object & $pageInfo:Array of information 'InitializeArticleMaybeRedirect':MediaWiki check to see if title is a redirect. & $title:Title object for the current page & $request:WebRequest & $ignoreRedirect:boolean to skip redirect check & $target:Title/string of redirect target & $article:Article object 'InternalParseBeforeLinks':during Parser 's internalParse method before links but after nowiki/noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude and other processings. & $parser:Parser object & $text:string containing partially parsed text & $stripState:Parser 's internal StripState object 'InternalParseBeforeSanitize':during Parser 's internalParse method just before the parser removes unwanted/dangerous HTML tags and after nowiki/noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude and other processings. Ideal for syntax-extensions after template/parser function execution which respect nowiki and HTML-comments. & $parser:Parser object & $text:string containing partially parsed text & $stripState:Parser 's internal StripState object 'InterwikiLoadPrefix':When resolving if a given prefix is an interwiki or not. Return true without providing an interwiki to continue interwiki search. $prefix:interwiki prefix we are looking for. & $iwData:output array describing the interwiki with keys iw_url, iw_local, iw_trans and optionally iw_api and iw_wikiid. 'InvalidateEmailComplete':Called after a user 's email has been invalidated successfully. $user:user(object) whose email is being invalidated 'IRCLineURL':When constructing the URL to use in an IRC notification. Callee may modify $url and $query, URL will be constructed as $url . $query & $url:URL to index.php & $query:Query string $rc:RecentChange object that triggered url generation 'IsFileCacheable':Override the result of Article::isFileCacheable()(if true) & $article:article(object) being checked 'IsTrustedProxy':Override the result of IP::isTrustedProxy() & $ip:IP being check & $result:Change this value to override the result of IP::isTrustedProxy() 'IsUploadAllowedFromUrl':Override the result of UploadFromUrl::isAllowedUrl() $url:URL used to upload from & $allowed:Boolean indicating if uploading is allowed for given URL 'isValidEmailAddr':Override the result of Sanitizer::validateEmail(), for instance to return false if the domain name doesn 't match your organization. $addr:The e-mail address entered by the user & $result:Set this and return false to override the internal checks 'isValidPassword':Override the result of User::isValidPassword() $password:The password entered by the user & $result:Set this and return false to override the internal checks $user:User the password is being validated for 'Language::getMessagesFileName':$code:The language code or the language we 're looking for a messages file for & $file:The messages file path, you can override this to change the location. 'LanguageGetMagic':DEPRECATED! Use $magicWords in a file listed in $wgExtensionMessagesFiles instead. Use this to define synonyms of magic words depending of the language & $magicExtensions:associative array of magic words synonyms $lang:language code(string) 'LanguageGetNamespaces':Provide custom ordering for namespaces or remove namespaces. Do not use this hook to add namespaces. Use CanonicalNamespaces for that. & $namespaces:Array of namespaces indexed by their numbers 'LanguageGetSpecialPageAliases':DEPRECATED! Use $specialPageAliases in a file listed in $wgExtensionMessagesFiles instead. Use to define aliases of special pages names depending of the language & $specialPageAliases:associative array of magic words synonyms $lang:language code(string) 'LanguageGetTranslatedLanguageNames':Provide translated language names. & $names:array of language code=> language name $code:language of the preferred translations 'LanguageLinks':Manipulate a page 's language links. This is called in various places to allow extensions to define the effective language links for a page. $title:The page 's Title. & $links:Array with elements of the form "language:title" in the order that they will be output. & $linkFlags:Associative array mapping prefixed links to arrays of flags. Currently unused, but planned to provide support for marking individual language links in the UI, e.g. for featured articles. 'LanguageSelector':Hook to change the language selector available on a page. $out:The output page. $cssClassName:CSS class name of the language selector. 'LinkBegin':DEPRECATED! Use HtmlPageLinkRendererBegin instead. Used when generating internal and interwiki links in Linker::link(), before processing starts. Return false to skip default processing and return $ret. See documentation for Linker::link() for details on the expected meanings of parameters. $skin:the Skin object $target:the Title that the link is pointing to & $html:the contents that the< a > tag should have(raw HTML) $result
Definition: hooks.txt:1993
getLongDesc( $file)
Long description.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:595
wfDebugLog( $logGroup, $text, $dest='all', array $context=[])
Send a line to a supplementary debug log file, if configured, or main debug log if not.
Definition: GlobalFunctions.php:1087
Returns whether or not this handler supports the chained generation of thumbnails according to bucket...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:828
getMetadataType( $image)
Get a string describing the type of metadata, for display purposes.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:178
injection txt This is an overview of how MediaWiki makes use of dependency injection The design described here grew from the discussion of RFC T384 The term dependency this means that anything an object needs to operate should be injected from the the object itself should only know narrow no concrete implementation of the logic it relies on The requirement to inject everything typically results in an architecture that based on two main types of and essentially stateless service objects that use other service objects to operate on the value objects As of the beginning MediaWiki is only starting to use the DI approach Much of the code still relies on global state or direct resulting in a highly cyclical dependency which acts as the top level factory for services in MediaWiki which can be used to gain access to default instances of various services MediaWikiServices however also allows new services to be defined and default services to be redefined Services are defined or redefined by providing a callback the instantiator that will return a new instance of the service When it will create an instance of MediaWikiServices and populate it with the services defined in the files listed by thereby bootstrapping the DI framework Per $wgServiceWiringFiles lists includes ServiceWiring php
Definition: injection.txt:37
getAvailableLanguages(File $file)
Get list of languages file can be viewed in.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:779
makeParamString( $params)
Merge a parameter array into a string appropriate for inclusion in filenames.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:34
Implements some public methods and some protected utility functions which are required by multiple ch...
Definition: File.php:51
isExpensiveToThumbnail( $file)
True if creating thumbnails from the file is large or otherwise resource-intensive.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:818
static getPageRangesByDimensions( $pagesByDimensions)
Converts a dimensions array about a potentially multipage document from an exhaustive list of ordered...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:878
wfDeprecated( $function, $version=false, $component=false, $callerOffset=2)
Throws a warning that $function is deprecated.
Definition: GlobalFunctions.php:1123
Returns the number of pages of a multipage document, or false for documents which aren't multipage do...
Definition: File.php:1989
do that in ParserLimitReportFormat instead $parser
Definition: hooks.txt:2603
canAnimateThumbnail( $file)
If the material is animated, we can animate the thumbnail.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:386
getPageText(File $image, $page)
Generic getter for text layer.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:434
static addMeta(&$array, $visibility, $type, $id, $value, $param=false)
This is used to generate an array element for each metadata value That array is then used to generate...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:559
this class mediates it Skin Encapsulates a look and feel for the wiki All of the functions that render HTML and make choices about how to render it are here and are called from various other places when and is meant to be subclassed with other skins that may override some of its functions The User object contains a reference to a and so rather than having a global skin object we just rely on the global User and get the skin with $wgUser and also has some character encoding functions and other locale stuff The current user interface language is instantiated as $wgLang
Definition: design.txt:56
when a variable name is used in a it is silently declared as a new masking the global
Definition: design.txt:95
getPageDimensions(File $image, $page)
Get an associative array of page dimensions Currently "width" and "height" are understood,...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:414
wfDebug( $text, $dest='all', array $context=[])
Sends a line to the debug log if enabled or, optionally, to a comment in output.
Definition: GlobalFunctions.php:994
getImageSize( $image, $path)
Get an image size array like that returned by getimagesize(), or false if it can't be determined.
False if the handler is disabled for all files.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:394
null means default in associative array with keys and values unescaped Should be merged with default with a value of false meaning to suppress the attribute in associative array with keys and values unescaped & $options
Definition: hooks.txt:2001
getDimensionsString( $file)
Shown in file history box on image description page.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:646
if( $ext=='php'|| $ext=='php5') $mime
Definition: router.php:59
getMetadata( $image, $path)
Get handler-specific metadata which will be saved in the img_metadata field.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:122
convertMetadataVersion( $metadata, $version=1)
Convert metadata version.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:158
static getGeneralShortDesc( $file)
Used instead of getShortDesc if there is no handler registered for file.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:605
static getInstance()
Returns the global default instance of the top level service locator.
Definition: MediaWikiServices.php:109
Definition: styleTest.css.php:45
static newGood( $value=null)
Factory function for good results.
Definition: StatusValue.php:81
getTransform( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params)
Get a MediaTransformOutput object representing the transformed output.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:264
wfEscapeWikiText( $text)
Escapes the given text so that it may be output using addWikiText() without any linking,...
Definition: GlobalFunctions.php:1643
getStreamHeaders( $metadata)
Definition: MediaHandler.php:311
doTransform( $image, $dstPath, $dstUrl, $params, $flags=0)
Get a MediaTransformOutput object representing the transformed output.
Allows to change the fields on the form that will be generated $name
Definition: hooks.txt:302
Get a list of metadata items which should be displayed when the metadata table is collapsed.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:532
this hook is for auditing only or null if authentication failed before getting that far or null if we can t even determine that probably a stub it is not rendered in wiki pages or galleries in category pages allow injecting custom HTML after the section Any uses of the hook need to handle escaping see BaseTemplate::getToolbox and BaseTemplate::makeListItem for details on the format of individual items inside of this array or by returning and letting standard HTTP rendering take place modifiable or by returning false and taking over the output modifiable modifiable after all normalizations have been except for the $wgMaxImageArea check $image
Definition: hooks.txt:895
Get an associative array mapping magic word IDs to parameter names.
getContentHeaders( $metadata)
Get useful response headers for GET/HEAD requests for a file with the given metadata.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:923
logErrorForExternalProcess( $retval, $err, $cmd)
Log an error that occurred in an external process.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:763
formatMetadataHelper( $metadataArray, $context=false)
sorts the visible/invisible field.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:504
Definition: NoLocalSettings.php:25
static getHandler( $type)
Get a MediaHandler for a given MIME type from the instance cache.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:46
This document is intended to provide useful advice for parties seeking to redistribute MediaWiki to end users It s targeted particularly at maintainers for Linux since it s been observed that distribution packages of MediaWiki often break We ve consistently had to recommend that users seeking support use official tarballs instead of their distribution s and this often solves whatever problem the user is having It would be nice if this could such as
Definition: distributors.txt:22
parserTransformHook( $parser, $file)
Modify the parser object post-transform.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:660
sanitizeParamsForBucketing( $params)
Returns a normalised params array for which parameters have been cleaned up for bucketing purposes.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:838
isAnimatedImage( $file)
The material is an image, and is animated.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:375
parseParamString( $str)
Parse a param string made with makeParamString back into an array.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:33
canRender( $file)
True if the handled types can be transformed.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:322
isVectorized( $file)
The material is vectorized and thus scaling is lossless.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:363
getScriptedTransform( $image, $script, $params)
Get a MediaTransformOutput object representing an alternate of the transformed output which will call...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:250
static getGeneralLongDesc( $file)
Used instead of getLongDesc if there is no handler registered for file.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:617
static fitBoxWidth( $boxWidth, $boxHeight, $maxHeight)
Calculate the largest thumbnail width for a given original file size such that the thumbnail's height...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:630
injection txt This is an overview of how MediaWiki makes use of dependency injection The design described here grew from the discussion of RFC T384 The term dependency this means that anything an object needs to operate should be injected from the the object itself should only know narrow no concrete implementation of the logic it relies on The requirement to inject everything typically results in an architecture that based on two main types of and essentially stateless service objects that use other service objects to operate on the value objects As of the beginning MediaWiki is only starting to use the DI approach Much of the code still relies on global state or direct resulting in a highly cyclical dependency MediaWikiServices
Definition: injection.txt:25
validateParam( $name, $value)
Validate a thumbnail parameter at parse time.
static getVisibleFields()
Get a list of fields that are visible by default.
Definition: FormatMetadata.php:1579
static run( $event, array $args=[], $deprecatedVersion=null)
Call hook functions defined in Hooks::register and $wgHooks.
Definition: Hooks.php:203
Definition: router.php:55
isMetadataValid( $image, $metadata)
Check if the metadata string is valid for this handler.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:198
please add to it if you re going to add events to the MediaWiki code where normally authentication against an external auth plugin would be creating a account incomplete not yet checked for validity & $retval
Definition: hooks.txt:266
do that in ParserLimitReportFormat instead use this to modify the parameters of the image all existing parser cache entries will be invalid To avoid you ll need to handle that somehow(e.g. with the RejectParserCacheValue hook) because MediaWiki won 't do it for you. & $defaults also a ContextSource after deleting those rows but within the same transaction you ll probably need to make sure the header is varied on and they can depend only on the ResourceLoaderContext $context
Definition: hooks.txt:2811
isMultiPage( $file)
True if the type has multi-page capabilities.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:343
getRotation( $file)
On supporting image formats, try to read out the low-level orientation of the file and return the ang...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:748
Base media handler class.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:30
getLength( $file)
If its an audio file, return the length of the file.
Definition: MediaHandler.php:809
Definition: MediaHandler.php:32
getDefaultRenderLanguage(File $file)
On file types that support renderings in multiple languages, which language is used by default if uns...
Definition: MediaHandler.php:795
Definition: testCompression.php:48