MediaWiki REL1_35
Deprecated List
Member $wgAjaxExportList
(officially) since 1.27; use the API instead
Member $wgAllowImageMoving
since 1.35, use group permission settings instead. (eg $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['movefile'] = false; to revoke the ability from sysops)
Member $wgAllowImageTag
since 1.35; register an extension tag named
Member $wgAllowRequiringEmailForResets
This feature is under development, don't assume this flag's existence or function outside of MediaWiki.
Member $wgAutoloadAttemptLowercase
since 1.35
Member $wgContLang
since 1.32, use the ContentLanguage service directly
Member $wgDummyLanguageCodes
since 1.29
Member $wgEnableOpenSearchSuggest
since 1.35 No longer used
Member $wgEnableRestAPI
Since 1.35, defaults to true and is ignored by MediaWiki core itself. No longer functions as a setting. Will be removed in 1.36.
Member $wgEnableSpecialMute
Member $wgGalleryOptions
since 1.28
  • showBytes: Show the filesize in bytes in categories
  • showDimensions: Show the dimensions (width x height) in categories
  • mode: Gallery mode
Member $wgIncludeLegacyJavaScript
since 1.26: Always declare dependencies.
Member $wgLogoHD
since 1.35. Developers should retrieve this logo (and other variants) using the static function ResourceLoaderSkinModule::getAvailableLogos. $wgLogos should be used instead.
Member $wgMaximalPasswordLength
since 1.26, use $wgPasswordPolicy's MaximalPasswordLength.
Member $wgMemc
since 1.35, use the LocalServerObjectCache service instead
Member $wgMinimalPasswordLength
since 1.26, use $wgPasswordPolicy's MinimalPasswordLength.
Member $wgMultiContentRevisionSchemaMigrationStage
Since 1.35, the only accepted value is is SCHEMA_COMPAT_NEW. No longer functions as a setting. Will be removed in 1.36. An appropriate combination of SCHEMA_COMPAT_XXX flags.
Member $wgOpenSearchTemplate
since 1.25 Use $wgOpenSearchTemplates['application/x-suggestions+json'] instead
Member $wgParser
since 1.32, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getParser() instead
Member $wgParserConf
since 1.35. This has been effectively a constant for a long time. Configuring the ParserFactory service is the modern way to tweak the default parser.
Member $wgParserTestFiles
since 1.30
Member $wgSharedDB
since 1.21 In new code, use the $wiki parameter to LBFactory::getMainLB() to access remote databases. Using LBFactory::getMainLB() allows the shared database to reside on separate servers to the wiki's own database, with suitable configuration of $wgLBFactoryConf.
Member $wgShowDBErrorBacktrace
and nonfunctional since 1.32: set $wgShowExceptionDetails instead.
Member $wgShowSQLErrors
and nonfunctional since 1.32: set $wgShowExceptionDetails and/or $wgShowHostnames instead.
Member $wgSquidPurgeUseHostHeader
since 1.33, will always be true in a future release.
Member $wgTrackingCategories
since 1.25 Extensions should now register tracking categories using the new extension registration system.
Member $wgUseAjax
(officially) since MediaWiki 1.31 and ignored since 1.32
Member $wgUseTwoButtonsSearchForm
since 1.35. Individual skin may optionally continue supporting it as a local skin config variable.
Member $wgVersion
since 1.35; use the MW_VERSION constant instead
Member Action::$page
since 1.35, use getArticle() ?? getWikiPage(). Must be removed.
Member ApiBase::explodeMultiValue ( $value, $limit)
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::explodeMultiValue() instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_ALL
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_ALL instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_ALLOW_DUPLICATES instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_DEPRECATED instead
since 1.35, use EnumDef::PARAM_DEPRECATED_VALUES instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_DFLT
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_DEFAULT instead
since 1.35, use NamespaceDef::PARAM_EXTRA_NAMESPACES instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_ISMULTI instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_ISMULTI_LIMIT1 instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_ISMULTI_LIMIT2 instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_MAX
since 1.35, use IntegerDef::PARAM_MAX instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_MAX2
since 1.35, use IntegerDef::PARAM_MAX2 instead
since 1.35, use StringDef::PARAM_MAX_BYTES instead
since 1.35, use StringDef::PARAM_MAX_CHARS instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_MIN
since 1.35, use IntegerDef::PARAM_MIN instead
since 1.35
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_REQUIRED instead
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_SENSITIVE instead
since 1.35, use SubmoduleDef::PARAM_SUBMODULE_MAP instead
since 1.35, use SubmoduleDef::PARAM_SUBMODULE_PARAM_PREFIX instead
Member ApiBase::PARAM_TYPE
since 1.35, use ParamValidator::PARAM_TYPE instead
since 1.35
Member ApiBase::parseMultiValue ( $valueName, $value, $allowMultiple, $allowedValues, $allSpecifier=null, $limit1=null, $limit2=null)
since 1.35, no replacement
Member ApiBase::validateLimit ( $name, &$value, $min, $max, $botMax=null, $enforceLimits=false)
since 1.35, use $this->getMain()->getParamValidator()->validateValue() instead.
Member ApiBase::validateTimestamp ( $value, $encParamName)
since 1.35, use $this->getMain()->getParamValidator()->validateValue() instead.
Class ApiErrorFormatter_BackCompat

Only for backwards compatibility, do not use

Member ApiQueryBase::prefixedTitlePartToKey ( $titlePart, $defaultNamespace=NS_MAIN)
sine 1.35, use parsePrefixedTitlePart() instead.
Member ApiQueryBase::showHiddenUsersAddBlockInfo ( $showBlockInfo)
since 1.34, use ApiQueryBlockInfoTrait instead
Class ApiQueryDeletedrevs
since 1.25
Member ApiQueryInfo::getBlockToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getDeleteToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getEditToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getEmailToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getImportToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getMoveToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getOptionsToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getProtectToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getUnblockToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::getWatchToken ( $pageid, $title)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryInfo::resetTokenCache ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRecentChanges::getPatrolToken ( $pageid, $title, $rc=null)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRecentChanges::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRevisions::getRollbackToken ( $pageid, $title, $rev)
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryRevisions::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryUsers::getTokenFunctions ()
since 1.24
Member ApiQueryUsers::getUserrightsToken ( $user)
since 1.24
Member ApiStashEdit::parseAndStash (WikiPage $page, Content $content, User $user, $summary)
Since 1.34
Class ApiTokens

since 1.24

Member Article::$mContentLoaded
since 1.32. Whether content has been loaded should not be relevant to code outside this class.
Member Article::$mContentObject
since 1.32
Member Article::$mContext
since 1.35, must be private, use getContext
Member Article::$mParserOutput
since 1.32
Member Article::$mRevIdFetched
since 1.32, use getRevIdFetched() instead.
Member Article::__get ( $fname)
since 1.35, use Article::getPage() instead
Member Article::__set ( $fname, $fvalue)
since 1.35, use Article::getPage() instead
Member Article::checkFlags ( $flags)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::exists() instead, or simply omit the EDIT_UPDATE and EDIT_NEW flags. To protect against race conditions, use PageUpdater::grabParentRevision.
Member Article::checkTouched ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::checkTouched instead
Member Article::clearPreparedEdit ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::clearPreparedEdit instead
Member Article::commitRollback ( $fromP, $summary, $bot, &$resultDetails, User $guser=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::doDeleteArticle ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', $immediate=false)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::doDeleteArticleReal instead
Member Article::doDeleteArticleReal ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', User $user=null, $tags=[], $immediate=false)
since 1.35
Member Article::doDeleteUpdates ( $id, Content $content=null, $revision=null, User $user=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::doDeleteUpdates instead
Member Article::doEditUpdates (Revision $revision, User $user, array $options=[])
since 1.35, use PageUpdater::doUpdates instead.
Member Article::doPurge ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::doPurge instead
Member Article::doRollback ( $fromP, $summary, $token, $bot, &$resultDetails, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::doUpdateRestrictions (array $limit, array $expiry, &$cascade, $reason, User $user)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::doUpdateRestrictions instead
Member Article::doViewUpdates (User $user, $oldid=0)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::doViewUpdates instead
Member Article::exists ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::exists instead
Member Article::fetchContentObject ()
since 1.32, use fetchRevisionRecord() instead.
Member Article::followRedirect ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::followRedirect instead
Member Article::generateReason (&$hasHistory)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getAutoDeleteReason instead
Member Article::getAutoDeleteReason (&$hasHistory)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getAutoDeleteReason instead
Member Article::getCategories ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getCategories instead
Member Article::getComment ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getContentHandler ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getContentHandler instead
Member Article::getContentModel ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getContentModel instead
Member Article::getContentObject ()
since 1.32, use fetchRevisionRecord() instead.
Member Article::getContributors ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getContributors instead
Member Article::getCreator ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getDeletionUpdates (Content $content=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getDeletionUpdates instead
Member Article::getHiddenCategories ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getHiddenCategories instead
Member Article::getId ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getId instead
Member Article::getLatest ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getLatest instead
Member Article::getLinksTimestamp ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getLinksTimestamp instead
Member Article::getMinorEdit ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getMinorEdit instead
Member Article::getOldestRevision ()
since 1.35, use RevisionStore::getFirstRevision
Member Article::getRedirectTarget ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getRedirectTarget instead
Member Article::getRedirectURL ( $rt)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getRedirectURL instead
Member Article::getRevision ()
since 1.35
Member Article::getRevisionFetched ()
since 1.35
Member Article::getTimestamp ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getTimestamp instead
Member Article::getTouched ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getTouched instead
Member Article::getUndoContent (Revision $undo, Revision $undoafter=null)
since 1.35
Member Article::getUser ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getUser instead
Member Article::getUserText ( $audience=RevisionRecord::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::getUserText instead
Member Article::hasViewableContent ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::hasViewableContent instead
Member Article::insertOn ( $dbw, $pageId=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::insertOn instead
Member Article::insertProtectNullRevision ( $revCommentMsg, array $limit, array $expiry, $cascade, $reason, $user=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::insertNullProtectionRevision instead
Member Article::insertRedirect ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::insertRedirect instead
Member Article::insertRedirectEntry (Title $rt, $oldLatest=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::insertRedirectEntry instead
Member Article::isCountable ( $editInfo=false)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::isCountable instead
Member Article::isRedirect ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::isRedirect instead
Member Article::loadFromRow ( $data, $from)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::loadFromRow instead
Member Article::loadPageData ( $from='fromdb')
since 1.35, use WikiPage::loadPageData instead
Member Article::lockAndGetLatest ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::lockAndGetLatest instead
Member Article::makeParserOptions ( $context)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::makeParserOptions instead
Member Article::pageDataFromId ( $dbr, $id, $options=[])
since 1.35, use WikiPage::pageDataFromId instead
Member Article::pageDataFromTitle ( $dbr, $title, $options=[])
since 1.35, use WikiPage::pageDataFromTitle instead
Member Article::prepareContentForEdit (Content $content, $revision=null, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $useCache=true)
since 1.35 with PreparedEdit. use
Member Article::protectDescription (array $limit, array $expiry)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::protectDescription instead
Member Article::protectDescriptionLog (array $limit, array $expiry)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::protectDescriptionLog instead
Member Article::replaceSectionAtRev ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $baseRevId=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::replaceSectionAtRev instead
Member Article::replaceSectionContent ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $edittime=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::replaceSectionAtRev instead
Member Article::setTimestamp ( $ts)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::setTimestamp instead
Member Article::shouldCheckParserCache (ParserOptions $parserOptions, $oldId)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::shouldCheckParserCache instead
Member Article::supportsSections ()
since 1.35, use WikiPage::supportsSections instead
Member Article::triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate (ParserOutput $parserOutput)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::triggerOpportunisticLinksUpdate instead
Member Article::updateCategoryCounts (array $added, array $deleted, $id=0)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::updateCategoryCounts instead
Member Article::updateIfNewerOn ( $dbw, $revision)
since 1.35
Member Article::updateRedirectOn ( $dbw, $redirectTitle, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::updateRedirectOn instead
Member Article::updateRestrictions ( $limit=[], $reason='', &$cascade=0, $expiry=[])
since 1.35, use WikiPage::updateRestrictions
Member Article::updateRevisionOn ( $dbw, $revision, $lastRevision=null, $lastRevIsRedirect=null)
since 1.35, use WikiPage::updateRevisionOn instead
Member Article::viewRedirect ( $target, $appendSubtitle=true, $forceKnown=false)
since 1.30
Class Autopromote
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager instead.
Member Autopromote::getAutopromoteGroups (User $user)
since 1.35. Use UserGroupManager::getUserAutopromoteGroups.
Member Autopromote::getAutopromoteOnceGroups (User $user, $event)
since 1.35. Use UserGroupManager::getUserAutopromoteOnceGroups.
Member BaseSearchResultSet::free ()
noop since 1.34
Member BaseSearchResultSet::next ()
since 1.32; Use self::extractResults() or foreach
Member BaseSearchResultSet::rewind ()
since 1.32; Use self::extractResults() or foreach
Member BaseSearchResultSet::termMatches ()
since 1.34 (use SqlSearchResult)
Member BaseTemplate::getAfterPortlet ( $name)
since 1.35 use Skin::getAfterPortlet directly
Member BaseTemplate::getFooterIcons ( $option=null)
1.35 read footer icons from template data requested via $this->get('footericons')
Member BaseTemplate::getPersonalTools ()
since 1.35 use Skin::getPersonalToolsForMakeListItem
Member BaseTemplate::getToolbox ()
since 1.35. To add items to the toolbox, use SidebarBeforeOutput hook. To get the toolbox only use $this->data['sidebar']['TOOLBOX'], if you are extending this class.
Member BaseTemplate::makeLink ( $key, $item, $options=[])
since 1.35 use Skin::makeLink
Member BaseTemplate::makeListItem ( $key, $item, $options=[])
since 1.35 use Skin::makeListItem
Member BaseTemplate::makeSearchButton ( $mode, $attrs=[])
since 1.35 use Skin::makeSearchButton
Member BaseTemplate::makeSearchInput ( $attrs=[])
since 1.35 use Skin::makeSearchInput
Member BaseTemplate::renderAfterPortlet ( $name)
since 1.35 use Skin::getAfterPortlet directly
Class CategoryFinder
since 1.31
Member CategoryPage::getCategoryViewerClass ()
since 1.35
Member CategoryPage::setCategoryViewerClass ( $class)
since 1.35
Member CdnCacheUpdate::newFromTitles ( $titles, $urls=[])
Since 1.35 Use HtmlCacheUpdater instead
Member ChangesList::getTimestamp ( $rc)
use revDateLink instead.
Member ChangeTags::truncateTagDescription ( $tag, $length, IContextSource $context)
since 1.35
Member CommentStore::getStore ()
in 1.31 Use DI to inject a CommentStore instance into your class.
Member ConfigFactory::getDefaultInstance ()
since 1.27, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getConfigFactory() instead.
Member Content::getDeletionUpdates (WikiPage $page, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
since 1.32, call and override ContentHandler::getDeletionUpdates instead.
Member Content::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getText() for TextContent instances. For other content models, use specialized getters.
Member Content::getSecondaryDataUpdates (Title $title, Content $old=null, $recursive=true, ParserOutput $parserOutput=null)
since 1.32, call and override ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates instead.
Member ContentHandler::cleanupHandlersCache ()
since 1.35 Please, use ContentHandlerFactory. Cleanup is not needed
Member ContentHandler::getAllContentFormats ()
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getAllContentFormats
Member ContentHandler::getContentModels ()
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentModels
Member ContentHandler::getDefaultModelFor (Title $title)
since 1.33, use SlotRoleHandler::getDefaultModel() together with SlotRoleRegistry::getRoleHandler().
Member ContentHandler::getForContent (Content $content)
since 1.35, instead use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler( $content->getModel() ).
Member ContentHandler::getForModelID ( $modelId)
since 1.35, use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler
Member ContentHandler::getForTitle (Title $title)
since 1.35, instead use ContentHandlerFactory::getContentHandler( $title->getContentModel() ).
Member ContentHandler::getSlotDiffRendererInternal (IContextSource $context)
use getSlotDiffRendererWithOptions instead
Member ContextSource::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Member ContribsPager::tryToCreateValidRevision ( $row, $title=null)
since 1.35
Member DatabaseUpdater::ifNoActorTable ( $func,... $params)
since 1.35, use ifTableNotExists() instead
Member DataUpdate::runUpdates (array $updates)
Since 1.28 Use DeferredUpdates::execute()
Member DateFormatter::getInstance (Language $lang=null)
since 1.33 use MediaWikiServices::getDateFormatterFactory()
since 1.35.3, Use DB_PRIMARY instead
Member DBAccessBase::releaseConnection (IDatabase $db)
Since 1.34
Class DeferredStringifier
since 1.31, use Message::listParam() instead
Member DerivativeContext::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Member DifferenceEngine::$mNewContent
since 1.32, content slots are now handled by the corresponding SlotDiffRenderer. This property is set to the content of the main slot, but not actually used for the main diff.
Member DifferenceEngine::$mOldContent
since 1.32, content slots are now handled by the corresponding SlotDiffRenderer. This property is set to the content of the main slot, but not actually used for the main diff.
Member DifferenceEngine::generateContentDiffBody (Content $old, Content $new)
since 1.32, use a SlotDiffRenderer instead.
Member DifferenceEngine::generateTextDiffBody ( $otext, $ntext)
since 1.32, use a TextSlotDiffRenderer instead.
Member DifferenceEngine::getDiffBodyCacheKey ()
since 1.31, use getDiffBodyCacheKeyParams() instead
Member DifferenceEngine::setContent (Content $oldContent, Content $newContent)
since 1.32, use setRevisions or ContentHandler::getSlotDiffRenderer.
Member DifferenceEngine::textDiff ( $otext, $ntext)
since 1.32, use a TextSlotDiffRenderer instead.
Class DifferenceEngineSlotDiffRenderer

Member EditPage::$mArticle
for public usage since 1.30 use EditPage::getArticle()
Member EditPage::$mBaseRevision
since 1.35
Member EditPage::$mTitle
for public usage since 1.30 use EditPage::getTitle()
Member EditPage::getBaseRevision ()
since 1.35, use getExpectedParentRevision
Member EditPage::matchSpamRegex ( $text)
since 1.35, use the new SpamChecker service
Member EditPage::matchSummarySpamRegex ( $text)
since 1.35, use the new SpamChecker service
Member EnqueueJob::newFromJobsByWiki (array $jobsByWiki)
Since 1.33; use newFromJobsByDomain()
Class ExternalStore
1.34 Use ExternalStoreFactory directly instead
Member ExternalStore::batchFetchFromURLs (array $urls)
Member ExternalStore::fetchFromURL ( $url, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::getStoreObject ( $proto, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insert ( $url, $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insertToDefault ( $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStore::insertToForeignDefault ( $data, $wiki)
1.34 Use insertToDefault() with 'wiki' set
Member ExternalStore::insertWithFallback (array $tryStores, $data, array $params=[])
Member ExternalStoreDB::getSlave ( $cluster)
since 1.34
Member File::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile instead
Member File::recordUpload ( $oldver, $desc, $license='', $copyStatus='', $source='', $watch=false, $timestamp=false, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member FileBackend::getWikiId ()
Since 1.34 Use getDomainId()
Member FileBackendGroup::destroySingleton ()
since 1.35, test framework should reset services between tests instead
Member FileBackendGroup::singleton ()
since 1.35, inject the service instead
Member FileJournal::factory (array $config, $backend)
since 1.35, only FileBackendGroup should need to create FileJournals
Member ForeignDBFile::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile instead
Member ForeignDBFile::recordUpload ( $oldver, $desc, $license='', $copyStatus='', $source='', $watch=false, $timestamp=false, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member GenderCache::singleton ()
in 1.28 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Page Hooks

should be added to the interface.

to the interface doc comment. The interface doc comment is a better place for

than the method doc comment, because this causes the interface to be deprecated for implementation. Deprecating the method only causes calling to be deprecated, not handling.

Member Hooks::clear ( $name)
since 1.35. Instead of using Hooks::register() and Hooks::clear(), use HookContainer::scopedRegister() instead to register a temporary hook
Member Hooks::getHandlers ( $name)
since 1.35
Member Hooks::isRegistered ( $name)
since 1.35. use HookContainer::isRegistered() instead
Member Hooks::register ( $name, $callback)
since 1.35. use HookContainer::register() instead
Member Hooks::run ( $event, array $args=[], $deprecatedVersion=null)
since 1.35 Use HookContainer::run() instead
Member Hooks::runWithoutAbort ( $event, array $args=[], $deprecatedVersion=null)
since 1.35 Use HookContainer::run() with 'abortable' option instead
Class HTMLCacheUpdate
Since 1.34; Enqueue jobs from HTMLCacheUpdateJob::newForBacklinks instead
Class Http

since 1.34

Member Http::$httpEngine
since 1.34, just use the default engine
Member Http::createMultiClient (array $options=[])
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getHttpRequestFactory()->createMultiClient()
Member Http::get ( $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::get()
Member Http::getProxy ()
since 1.34, use $wgHTTPProxy directly
Member Http::isValidURI ( $uri)
since 1.34, use MWHttpRequest::isValidURI
Member Http::post ( $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::post()
Member Http::request ( $method, $url, array $options=[], $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::request()
Member Http::userAgent ()
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory::getUserAgent()
Member IContextSource::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Interface IExpiringStore
Member ImagePage::getImageLimitsFromOption ( $user, $optionName)
Since 1.35 Use static function MediaFileTrait::getImageLimitsFromOption
Member ImportableUploadRevisionImporter::downloadSource (ImportableUploadRevision $wikiRevision)
DO NOT CALL ME. This method was introduced when factoring (Importable)UploadRevisionImporter out of WikiRevision. It only has 1 use by the deprecated downloadSource method in WikiRevision. Do not use this in new code, it will be made private soon.
Class IP
since 1.35
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_ADDRESS_STRING instead
Member JobQueue::getWiki ()
Member JobRunner::setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
since 1.35. Rely on the logger passed in the constructor.
Member Language::$dateFormatStrings
since 1.35, must be private
Member Language::$durationIntervals
since 1.35, use the DURATION_INTERVALS constant
Member Language::$mExtendedSpecialPageAliases
since 1.35, must be protected
Member Language::$mHebrewCalendarMonthGenMsgs
Member Language::$mHebrewCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the HEBREW_CALENDAR_MONTHS_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mHijriCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the HIJRI_CALENDAR_MONTH_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mIranianCalendarMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the IRANIAN_CALENDAR_MONTHS_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mLangObjCache
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory
Member Language::$mMagicExtensions
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache with custom language config
Member Language::$mMonthAbbrevMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_ABBREVIATED_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mMonthGenMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_GENITIVE_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mMonthMsgs
since 1.35, use the MONTH_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mWeekdayAbbrevMsgs
since 1.35, use the WEEKDAY_ABBREVIATED_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$mWeekdayMsgs
since 1.35, use the WEEKDAY_MESSAGES constant
Member Language::$transformData
since 1.35, must be private
Member Language::ALL
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::ALL
Member Language::AS_AUTONYMS
since 1.34, LanguageNameUtils::AUTONYMS
Member Language::autoConvert ( $text, $variant=false)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::autoConvert
Member Language::autoConvertToAllVariants ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::autoConvertToAllVariants
Member Language::classFromCode ( $code, $fallback=true)
since 1.35, this is an internal method and should not need to be used elsewhere
Member Language::clearCaches ()
since 1.35. Instead, reset all services and set Language::$mLangObjCache = [].
Member Language::convert ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convert
Member Language::convertCategoryKey ( $key)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertCategoryKey instead
Member Language::convertHtml ( $text)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertHtml instead
Member Language::convertNamespace ( $ns, $variant=null)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertNamespace instead
Member Language::convertTitle ( $title)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::convertTitle
Member Language::factory ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory
Member Language::fetchLanguageName ( $code, $inLanguage=LanguageNameUtils::AUTONYMS, $include=LanguageNameUtils::ALL)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::getLanguageName
Member Language::fetchLanguageNames ( $inLanguage=LanguageNameUtils::AUTONYMS, $include='mw')
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::getLanguageNames
Member Language::findVariantLink (&$link, &$nt, $ignoreOtherCond=false)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::findVariantLink instead
Member Language::getConverter ()
since 1.35 Use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getLanguageConverterFactory() ->getLanguageConverter( $language ) instead
Member Language::getConvRuleTitle ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getConvRuleTitle instead
Member Language::getDefaultVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getDefaultVariant instead
Member Language::getExtraHashOptions ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getExtraHashOptions instead
Member Language::getFallbackFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getFirst
Member Language::getFallbacksFor ( $code, $mode=LanguageFallback::MESSAGES)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getAll
Member Language::getFallbacksIncludingSiteLanguage ( $code)
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::getAllIncludingSiteLanguage
Member Language::getFileName ( $prefix, $code, $suffix='.php')
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getJsonMessagesFileName ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getLocalisationCache ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member Language::getMessageFor ( $key, $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getMessageKeysFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getMessagesFileName ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::getMessagesFor ( $code)
since 1.35, use LocalisationCache directly
Member Language::getParentLanguage ()
since 1.35, use LanguageFactory::getParentLanguage
Member Language::getPreferredVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getPreferredVariant instead
Member Language::getURLVariant ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getURLVariant instead
Member Language::getVariants ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::getVariants instead
Member Language::hasVariant ( $variant)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::hasVariant instead
Member Language::hasVariants ()
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::hasVariants instead
Member Language::isKnownLanguageTag ( $tag)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isSupportedLanguage ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isValidBuiltInCode ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
Member Language::isValidCode ( $code)
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::MESSAGES
Member Language::numLink (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query, $link, $tooltipMsg, $class)
since 1.35, used with viewPrevNext only
since 1.35, use LanguageFallback::STRICT
Member Language::SUPPORTED
since 1.34, use LanguageNameUtils::SUPPORTED
Member Language::updateConversionTable (LinkTarget $linkTarget)
since 1.35 use LanguageConverter::updateConversionTable instead
Member Language::viewPrevNext (Title $title, $offset, $limit, array $query=[], $atend=false)
since 1.34, use PrevNextNavigationRenderer::buildPrevNextNavigation() instead.
Member Licenses::getLicenses ()
since 1.31 Use getLines() instead
Member LinkBatch::__construct (iterable $arr=[], ?LinkCache $linkCache=null, ?TitleFormatter $titleFormatter=null, ?Language $contentLanguage=null, ?GenderCache $genderCache=null, ?ILoadBalancer $loadBalancer=null)
1.35 Use makeLinkBatch of the LinkBatchFactory service instead
Member LinkCache::forUpdate ( $update=null)
Since 1.34
Member LinkCache::singleton ()
since 1.28, use MediaWikiServices instead
Member Linker::link ( $target, $html=null, $customAttribs=[], $query=[], $options=[])
since 1.28, use MediaWiki\Linker\LinkRenderer instead
Member Linker::linkKnown ( $target, $html=null, $customAttribs=[], $query=[], $options=[ 'known'])
since 1.28, use MediaWiki\Linker\LinkRenderer instead
Member Linker::normaliseSpecialPage (LinkTarget $target)
since 1.35, use LinkRenderer::normalizeTarget()
Member LinksUpdate::getRevision ()
since 1.35, use getRevisionRecord
Member LinksUpdate::setRevision (Revision $revision)
since 1.35, use setRevisionRecord
Member LocalFile::delete ( $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteFile
Member LocalFile::deleteOld ( $archiveName, $reason, $suppress=false, $user=null)
since 1.35, use deleteOldFile
Member LocalFile::recordUpload ( $oldver, $desc, $license='', $copyStatus='', $source='', $watch=false, $timestamp=false, User $user=null)
since 1.35
Member LocalFile::recordUpload2 ( $oldver, $comment, $pageText, $props=false, $timestamp=false, $user=null, $tags=[], $createNullRevision=true, $revert=false)
since 1.35
Member LockManagerGroup::destroySingletons ()
since 1.34, use resetServiceForTesting() on LockManagerGroupFactory
Member LockManagerGroup::getAny ()
since 1.35, seemingly unused, just call get() and catch any exception instead
Member LockManagerGroup::getDefault ()
since 1.35, seemingly unused, just call get() and catch any exception instead
Member LockManagerGroup::singleton ( $domain=false)
since 1.34, use LockManagerGroupFactory
Member LogEventsList::$mDefaultQuery
since 1.34, no longer used.
Member ManualLogEntry::setTags ( $tags)
since 1.33 Please use addTags() instead
Class McrRestoreAction
since 1.32
Class McrUndoAction
since 1.32
Member MediaTransformOutput::streamFile ( $headers=[])
since 1.26, use streamFileWithStatus
Member MediaWiki::triggerJobs ()
Since 1.34
Interface MediaWiki\Api\Hook\APIQueryInfoTokensHook

since 1.24 Use ApiQueryTokensRegisterTypes instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Api\Hook\APIQueryRecentChangesTokensHook

since 1.24 Use ApiQueryTokensRegisterTypes instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Api\Hook\APIQueryRevisionsTokensHook

since 1.24 Use ApiQueryTokensRegisterTypes instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Api\Hook\APIQueryUsersTokensHook

since 1.24 Use ApiQueryTokensRegisterTypes instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Api\Hook\ApiTokensGetTokenTypesHook

since 1.24 Use ApiQueryTokensRegisterTypes instead.

Member MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager::forcePrimaryAuthenticationProviders (array $providers, $why)
For backwards compatibility only
Member MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager::singleton ()
since 1.35 use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getAuthManager() instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mExpiry
since 1.34. Use getExpiry and setExpiry instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mHideName
since 1.34. Use getHideName and setHideName instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mReason
since 1.34. Use getReasonComment and setReason instead. Internally, use $reason.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::$mTimestamp
since 1.34. Use getTimestamp and setTimestamp instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getBlocker ()
since 1.35. Use getBy/getByName instead
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getBlockErrorParams (IContextSource $context)
since 1.35 Use BlockErrorFormatter::getMessage instead, and extract the params from the Message object using Message::getParams.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getPermissionsError (IContextSource $context)
since 1.35 Use BlockErrorFormatter::getMessage instead, and build the array using Message::getKey and Message::getParams.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::getReason ()
since 1.35. Use getReasonComment instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::prevents ( $action, $x=null)
since 1.33, use appliesToRight to determine block behaviour, and specific methods to get/set properties
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::setBlocker ( $user)
since 1.35. Moved to DatabaseBlock
Member MediaWiki\Block\AbstractBlock::shouldTrackWithCookie ( $isAnon)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::$mAuto
since 1.34. Use getType to check whether a block is autoblocking.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::$mParentBlockId
since 1.34. Use getParentBlockId instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::chooseBlock (array $blocks, array $ipChain)
since 1.35 No longer needed in core, since the introduction of CompositeBlock (T206163)
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::clearCookie (WebResponse $response)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::clearBlockCookie instead
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::deleteIfExpired ()
since 1.35 No longer needed in core
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::fromMaster ( $x=null)
since 1.35 No longer needed in core
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getCookieValue ()
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getIdFromCookieValue ( $cookieValue)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::getUserBlock instead
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::getReason ()
since 1.35. Use getReasonComment instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::setCookie (WebResponse $response)
since 1.34 Set a cookie via BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead.
Member MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlock::shouldTrackWithCookie ( $isAnon)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead of calling this directly.
Interface MediaWiki\Content\Hook\SecondaryDataUpdatesHook

since 1.32 Use RevisionDataUpdates or override ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates instead.

Member MediaWiki\Content\Hook\SecondaryDataUpdatesHook::onSecondaryDataUpdates ( $title, $oldContent, $recursive, $parserOutput, &$updates)
since 1.32 Use RevisionDataUpdates or override ContentHandler::getSecondaryDataUpdates instead.
Interface MediaWiki\Diff\Hook\DiffRevisionToolsHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Diff\Hook\DiffViewHeaderHook

since 1.35, use DifferenceEngineViewHeader

Class MediaWiki\Edit\PreparedEdit
since 1.32, use DerivedPageDataUpdater instead.
Member MediaWiki\Edit\PreparedEdit::__get ( $name)
since 1.33
Member MediaWiki\EditPage\IEditObject::AS_CANNOT_USE_CUSTOM_MODEL
since 1.35, meaningless since $wgContentHandlerUseDB has been removed.
Interface MediaWiki\Hook\AddNewAccountHook

since 1.27. Use LocalUserCreated instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\BaseTemplateAfterPortletHook

since 1.35 Use SkinAfterPortlet instead

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\BaseTemplateToolboxHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\BeforeHttpsRedirectHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\BeforeParserrenderImageGalleryHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\CanIPUseHTTPSHook

since 1.35

Member MediaWiki\Hook\CanIPUseHTTPSHook::onCanIPUseHTTPS ( $ip, &$canDo)
since 1.35 This feature will be removed. All clients should use HTTPS.
Interface MediaWiki\Hook\HistoryRevisionToolsHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\InternalParseBeforeSanitizeHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\MagicWordwgVariableIDsHook

since 1.35, use GetMagicVariableIDsHook instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\ParserBeforeTidyHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\ParserFetchTemplateHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\ParserGetVariableValueVarCacheHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\ParserSectionCreateHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SkinTemplateBuildNavUrlsNav_urlsAfterPermalinkHook

since 1.35. Use SidebarBeforeOutput hook

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExecHook
since 1.35. See for migration notes.
Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SkinTemplatePreventOtherActiveTabsHook

since 1.35 Use SkinTemplateNavigation__Universal instead

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SkinTemplateTabActionHook

since 1.35 Use SkinTemplateNavigation__Universal instead

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SkinTemplateToolboxEndHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\SpecialMuteSubmitHook

since 1.35, used only for instrumentation on Special:Mute

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\TitleMoveCompleteHook

since 1.35, use the PageMoveComplete hook instead

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\TitleMoveCompletingHook

since 1.35, use the PageMoveCompleting hook instead

Interface MediaWiki\Hook\UndeleteShowRevisionHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\Linker\Hook\LinkBeginHook

since 1.28 Use HtmlPageLinkRendererBegin instead

Interface MediaWiki\Linker\Hook\LinkEndHook

since 1.28 Use HtmlPageLinkRendererEnd hook instead

Class MediaWiki\Logger\Monolog\LegacyFormatter
since 1.32
Interface MediaWiki\Page\Hook\ArticleRevisionUndeletedHook

since 1.35. Use RevisionUndeleted instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Page\Hook\ArticleRollbackCompleteHook

since 1.35. Use RollbackComplete instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Page\Hook\NewRevisionFromEditCompleteHook

since 1.35, use the RevisionFromEditComplete hook instead

Interface MediaWiki\Page\Hook\WikiPageDeletionUpdatesHook

since 1.32 Use PageDeletionDataUpdates or override ContentHandler::getDeletionDataUpdates instead

Interface MediaWiki\ResourceLoader\Hook\ResourceLoaderTestModulesHook

since 1.33; use the QUnitTestModule static extension registration attribute instead.

Interface MediaWiki\Revision\Hook\RevisionInsertCompleteHook

since 1.31 Use RevisionRecordInserted hook instead

Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionFactory::newMutableRevisionFromArray (array $fields, $queryFlags=self::READ_NORMAL, Title $title=null)
since 1.31. Use a MutableRevisionRecord instead.
Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore::listRevisionSizes (IDatabase $db, array $revIds)
since 1.35 use RevisionStore::getRevisionSizes instead.
Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromPageId (IDatabase $db, $pageid, $id=0)
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getRevisionByPageId instead.
Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTimestamp (IDatabase $db, $title, $timestamp)
since 1.35
Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTitle (IDatabase $db, $title, $id=0)
since 1.35
Member MediaWiki\Revision\RevisionStore::userWasLastToEdit (IDatabase $db, $pageId, $userId, $since)
since 1.31; Can possibly be removed, since the self-conflict suppression logic in EditPage that uses this seems conceptually dubious. Revision::userWasLastToEdit has been deprecated since 1.24.
Interface MediaWiki\Search\Hook\PrefixSearchBackendHook

since 1.27 Override SearchEngine::completionSearchBackend instead

Class MediaWiki\Search\SearchWidgets\SimpleSearchResultSetWidget
since 1.31. Use InterwikiSearchResultSetWidget
Class MediaWiki\Search\SearchWidgets\SimpleSearchResultWidget
since 1.31. Use other result widgets.
Interface MediaWiki\Session\Hook\UserSetCookiesHook

since 1.27 If you're trying to replace core session cookie handling, you want to create a subclass of MediaWiki\Session\CookieSessionProvider instead. Otherwise, you can no longer count on user data being saved to cookies versus some other mechanism.

Member MediaWiki\Storage\DerivedPageDataUpdater::getPreparedEdit ()
This only exists for B/C, use the getters on DerivedPageDataUpdater directly!
Interface MediaWiki\Storage\Hook\ArticleEditUpdatesDeleteFromRecentchangesHook

since 1.35 Use RecentChange_save or similar instead

Interface MediaWiki\Storage\Hook\ArticleEditUpdatesHook

since 1.35 Use RevisionDataUpdates instead

Interface MediaWiki\Storage\Hook\PageContentInsertCompleteHook

since 1.35, use PageSaveComplete

Interface MediaWiki\Storage\Hook\PageContentSaveCompleteHook

since 1.35, use PageSaveComplete

Interface MediaWiki\Storage\Hook\PageContentSaveHook

since 1.35 Use MultiContentSave instead

Member MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore::getLegacyEncodingConversionLang ()
since 1.34 No longer needed
Member MediaWiki\Storage\SqlBlobStore::getTextIdFromAddress ( $address)
since 1.31, so don't assume that all blob addresses refer to a row in the text table. This method should become private once the relevant refactoring in WikiPage is complete.
Interface MediaWiki\User\Hook\UserRequiresHTTPSHook

since 1.35

Interface MediaWiki\User\Hook\UserRetrieveNewTalksHook

since 1.35

Member Message::$format
Member Message::getFormat ()
since 1.29 formatting is not stateful
Member MessageCache::singleton ()
in 1.34 inject an instance of this class instead of using global state
Member MessageContent::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getMessage() instead.
Member MWHttpRequest::factory ( $url, array $options=null, $caller=__METHOD__)
since 1.34, use HttpRequestFactory instead
Class MWNamespace
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo instead
Member MWTidy::isEnabled ()
since 1.35; tidy is always enabled
Member MWTidy::singleton ()
since 1.35; use MWTidy::tidy()
Member MWTimestamp::getHumanTimestamp (MWTimestamp $relativeTo=null, User $user=null, Language $lang=null)
since 1.26 Use Language::getHumanTimestamp directly
Member NamespaceInfo::getRestrictionLevels ( $index, User $user=null)
since 1.34 User PermissionManager::getNamespaceRestrictionLevels instead.
Member ObjectCache::detectLocalServerCache ()
since 1.35 Use MediaWikiServices::getLocalServerObjectCache() or ObjectCache::makeLocalServerCache() instead.
Member OutputPage::getCSPNonce ()
Since 1.35 use getCSP()->getNonce() instead
Interface Page
since 1.35, Use WikiPage or Article instead
Member PageArchive::getArchivedRevision ( $revId)
since 1.35, use getArchivedRevisionRecord instead
Member PageArchive::getPreviousRevision ( $timestamp)
since 1.35, use getPreviousRevisionRecord
Member PageArchive::getRevision ( $timestamp)
since 1.32 (soft), 1.35 (hard) Use getArchivedRevisionRecord() instead if a revision id is available
Member PageArchive::undelete ( $timestamps, $comment='', $fileVersions=[], $unsuppress=false, User $user=null, $tags=null)
since 1.35, use ::undeleteAsUser
Member Parser::$mConf
since 1.34, there should be no need to use this
Member Parser::$mDoubleUnderscores
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mExpensiveFunctionCount
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mFirstCall
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mFunctionHooks
since 1.35; use Parser::getFunctionHooks()
Member Parser::$mGeneratedPPNodeCount
since 1.35, Preprocessor_DOM was removed and this counter is no longer incremented by anything.
Member Parser::$mHighestExpansionDepth
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mIncludeSizes
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mInputSize
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mLinkID
since 1.35; use Parser::nextLinkID() / ::setLinkID()
Member Parser::$mMarkerIndex
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mOptions
since 1.35, use Parser::getOptions()
Member Parser::$mOutput
since 1.35; use Parser::getOutput()
Member Parser::$mPPNodeCount
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mPreprocessor
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mRevisionId
since 1.35, use Parser::getRevisionId()
Member Parser::$mRevisionObject
since 1.35, use Parser::getRevisionObject()
Member Parser::$mRevisionSize
since 1.35, use Parser::getRevisionSize()
Member Parser::$mRevisionTimestamp
since 1.35, use Parser::getRevisionTimestamp()
Member Parser::$mRevisionUser
since 1.35, use Parser::getRevisionUser()
Member Parser::$mShowToc
since 1.35
Member Parser::$mStripState
since 1.35, use Parser::getStripState()
Member Parser::$mTagHooks
since 1.35; use Parser::getTags()
Member Parser::$mTitle
since 1.35, use Parser::getTitle()
Member Parser::$mUser
since 1.35, use Parser::getUser()
Member Parser::$ot
since 1.35
Member Parser::attributeStripCallback (&$text, $frame=false)
since 1.35, internal callback should not have been public
Member Parser::enableOOUI ()
since 1.35, use $parser->getOutput()->enableOOUI() instead.
Member Parser::fetchCurrentRevisionOfTitle (Title $title)
since 1.35, use fetchCurrentRevisionRecordOfTitle instead
Member Parser::fetchTemplate (Title $title)
since 1.35, use Parser::fetchTemplateAndTitle(...)[0]
Member Parser::firstCallInit ()
since 1.35, this initialization is done in the constructor and manual calls to ::firstCallInit() have no effect.
Member Parser::getRevisionObject ()
since 1.35, use getRevisionRecordObject
Member Parser::Options ( $x=null)
since 1.35, use getOptions() / setOptions()
Member Parser::OutputType ( $x=null)
since 1.35, use getOutputType()/setOutputType()
Member Parser::replaceLinkHolders (&$text, $options=0)
since 1.34; should not be used outside parser class.
Member Parser::setFunctionTagHook ( $tag, callable $callback, $flags)
since 1.35
Member Parser::statelessFetchRevision (Title $title, $parser=false)
since 1.35, use statelessFetchRevisionRecord
Member Parser::Title (Title $x=null)
since 1.35, use getTitle() / setTitle()
Member ParserCache::singleton ()
since 1.30, use MediaWikiServices instead
Member ParserOptions::getCurrentRevisionCallback ()
since 1.35, use getCurrentRevisionRecordCallback
Member ParserOptions::getTidy ()
since 1.35; tidy is always enabled
Member ParserOptions::setAllowExternalImages ( $x)
since 1.35; per-parser configuration of image handling via parser options is deprecated. Use site configuration.
Member ParserOptions::setAllowExternalImagesFrom ( $x)
since 1.35; per-parser configuration of image handling via parser options is deprecated. Use site configuration.
Member ParserOptions::setCurrentRevisionCallback ( $x)
since 1.35, use setCurrentRevisionRecordCallback
Member ParserOptions::setEnableImageWhitelist ( $x)
since 1.35; per-parser configuration of image handling via parser options is deprecated. Use site configuration.
Member ParserOptions::setOptionLegacy ( $name, $value)
since 1.30
Member ParserOptions::setTidy ( $x)
since 1.35; tidy is always enabled so this has no effect
Member PasswordFactory::init (Config $config)
since 1.32 Initialize settings using the constructor
Class PrefixSearch
Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::defaultPrefixSearch or SearchEngine::completionSearch
Class ProcessCacheLRU
Since 1.32 Use MapCacheLRU instead
Member Profiler::getTemplated ()
since 1.34 Use getAllowOutput() instead.
Member Profiler::setTemplated ( $t)
since 1.34 Use setAllowOutput() instead.
Class RCFeedEngine
since 1.29 Use FormattedRCFeed instead
Member RE_IP_ADD
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_ADD instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_BYTE instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IP_RANGE instead
Member RE_IPV6_ADD
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_ADD instead
Member RE_IPV6_GAP
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_GAP instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_RANGE instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_V4_PREFIX instead
since 1.35 use Wikimedia\IPUtils::RE_IPV6_WORD instead
Member RecentChange::getEngine ( $uri, $params=[])
since 1.29 Use RCFeed::factory() instead
Member RecentChange::markPatrolled ( $change, $auto=false, $tags=null)
since 1.35, use doMarkPatrolled directly
Member RepoGroup::destroySingleton ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiTestCase::overrideMwServices() or similar. This will cause bugs if you don't reset all other services that depend on this one at the same time.
Member RepoGroup::setSingleton ( $instance)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiTestCase::setService, this can mess up state of other tests
Member RepoGroup::singleton ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getRepoGroup
Member RequestContext::getStats ()
since 1.27 use a StatsdDataFactory from MediaWikiServices (preferably injected)
Class ResetUserTokens
since 1.27, use $wgAuthenticationTokenVersion instead.
Member ResourceLoaderContext::getConfig ()
since 1.34 Use ResourceLoaderModule::getConfig instead inside module methods. Use ResourceLoader::getConfig elsewhere.
Member ResourceLoaderContext::getLogger ()
since 1.34 Use ResourceLoaderModule::getLogger instead inside module methods. Use ResourceLoader::getLogger elsewhere.
Member ResourceLoaderFileModule::compileLessFile ( $fileName, ResourceLoaderContext $context)
since 1.35 Use compileLessString() instead
Class Revision
since 1.31, use RevisionRecord, RevisionStore, and BlobStore instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::base36Sha1 ( $text)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::compressRevisionText (&$text)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::countByPageId ( $db, $id)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::countByTitle ( $db, $title)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::decompressRevisionText ( $text, $flags)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getArchiveQueryInfo ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionStore::getArchiveQueryInfo() instead.
Member Revision::getComment ( $audience=self::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getContent ( $audience=self::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getContentFormat ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getContentHandler ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getContentModel ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getId ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getNext ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionLookup::getNextRevision instead
Member Revision::getPage ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getParentId ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getParentLengths ( $db, array $revIds)
in 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionSizes instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35.
Member Revision::getPrevious ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getQueryInfo ( $options=[])
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionStore::getQueryInfo() instead.
Member Revision::getRecentChange ( $flags=0)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getRevisionRecord ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getRevisionText ( $row, $prefix='old_', $wiki=false)
since 1.32, use RevisionStore::newRevisionFromRow instead.
Member Revision::getSerializedData ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use BlobStore::getBlob instead.
Member Revision::getSha1 ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getSize ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getTextId ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use RevisionRecord()->getSlot()->getContentAddress() to get that actual address that can be used with BlobStore::getBlob(); or use RevisionRecord::hasSameContent() to check if two revisions have the same content.
Member Revision::getTimestamp ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getTimestampFromId ( $title, $id, $flags=0)
since 1.35
Member Revision::getTitle ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getUser ( $audience=self::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getUserText ( $audience=self::FOR_PUBLIC, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::getVisibility ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::insertOn ( $dbw)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::isCurrent ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::isDeleted ( $field)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::isMinor ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::isUnpatrolled ()
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::loadFromPageId ( $db, $pageid, $id=0)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByPageId() instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::loadFromTimestamp ( $db, $title, $timestamp)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByTimestamp() or RevisionStore::loadRevisionFromTimestamp() instead. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::loadFromTitle ( $db, $title, $id=0)
since 1.31, use RevisionStore::getRevisionByTitle() instead. Hard deprecated in 1.35
Member Revision::newFromArchiveRow ( $row, $overrides=[])
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::newFromId ( $id, $flags=0)
since 1.31 together with the class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newFromPageId ( $pageId, $revId=0, $flags=0)
since 1.31 together with the class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newFromRow ( $row)
since 1.31 together with the Revision class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newFromTitle (LinkTarget $linkTarget, $id=0, $flags=0)
since 1.31 together with the class. Hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newKnownCurrent (IDatabase $db, $pageIdOrTitle, $revId=0)
since 1.31 and hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::newNullRevision ( $dbw, $pageId, $summary, $minor, $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::setId ( $id)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::setTitle ( $title)
since 1.31, this is now a noop. Pass the Title to the constructor instead. hard deprecated since 1.35
Member Revision::setUserIdAndName ( $id, $name)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard), please reuse old Revision object
Member Revision::userCan ( $field, User $user=null)
since 1.31 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Revision::userWasLastToEdit ( $db, $pageId, $userId, $since)
since 1.24 (soft), 1.35 (hard)
Member Sanitizer::escapeId ( $id, $options=[])
since 1.30, use one of this class' escapeIdFor*() functions
Member SearchEngine::$searchTerms
since 1.34
Member SearchEngine::getTextFromContent (Title $t, Content $c=null)
since 1.34 use Content::getTextForSearchIndex directly
Member SearchEngine::replacePrefixes ( $query)
since 1.32; should be handled internally by the search engine
Member SearchEngine::textAlreadyUpdatedForIndex ()
since 1.34 no longer needed since getTextFromContent is being deprecated
Member SearchEngine::userHighlightPrefs ()
in 1.34 use the SearchHighlighter constants directly
Member Skin::generateDebugHTML ()
since 1.35. Call MWDebug::getHTMLDebugLog() directly.
Member Skin::getDynamicStylesheetQuery ()
since 1.32 Use action=raw&ctype=text/css directly.
Member Skin::getRevisionId ()
since 1.34, use OutputPage::getRevisionId instead
Member Skin::isRevisionCurrent ()
since 1.34, use OutputPage::isRevisionCurrent instead
Member Skin::makeI18nUrl ( $name, $urlaction='')
since 1.35, no longer used
Member Skin::makeNSUrl ( $name, $urlaction='', $namespace=NS_MAIN)
since 1.35, no longer used
Member Skin::setupSkinUserCss (OutputPage $out)
since 1.32 Use getDefaultModules() instead.
Member SkinTemplate::getNameSpaceKey ()
since 1.35, use Title::getNamespaceKey() instead
Member SkinTemplate::getPersonalToolsList ()
since 1.35, use SkinTemplate::makePersonalToolsList()
Member SkinTemplate::makeArticleUrlDetails ( $name, $urlaction='')
since 1.35, no longer used
Member SpecialMute::isTargetBlacklisted ( $userOption)
since 1.35, use isTargetMuted
Member SpecialPage::listed ( $x=null)
since 1.35 Set via subclassing UnlistedSpecialPage, get via isListed()
Member SpecialPage::setListed ( $listed)
since 1.35
Class SpecialPageFactory
since 1.32, use the SpecialPageFactory service instead
Class SpecialResetTokens
since 1.26
Member SpecialVersion::getExtAuthorsFileName ( $extDir)
since 1.35 Use MediaWiki\ExtensionInfo::getAuthorsFileName()
Member SpecialVersion::getExtLicenseFileName ( $extDir)
since 1.35 Use MediaWiki\ExtensionInfo::getLicenseFileNames()
Member SqlSearchResultSet::termMatches ()
since 1.34
Class SquidPurgeClient
Since 1.35 Use MultiHttpClient
Class SquidPurgeClientPool
Since 1.35 Use MultiHttpClient
Member Status::getErrorsArray ()
since 1.25
Member Status::getWarningsArray ()
since 1.25
Member StreamFile::parseRange ( $range, $size)
since 1.34, use HTTPFileStreamer::parseRange() instead
Member StreamFile::send404Message ( $fname, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use HTTPFileStreamer::send404Message() instead
Member StreamFile::STREAM_ALLOW_OB
since 1.34
Member StreamFile::STREAM_HEADLESS
since 1.34
Class StringPrefixSearch

Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::prefixSearchSubpages or SearchEngine::completionSearch

Class SVGMetadataExtractor
since 1.34
Member SVGMetadataExtractor::getMetadata ( $filename)
since 1.34, use SVGReader->getMetadata() directly
Member TablePager::getBody ()
since 1.24, use getBodyOutput() or getFullOutput() instead
Member TempFSFile::factory ( $prefix, $extension='', $tmpDirectory=null)
since 1.34, use TempFSFileFactory directly
Member TextContent::getNativeData ()
since 1.33 use getText() instead.
Member Title::countAuthorsBetween ( $old, $new, $limit, $options=[])
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::countAuthorsBetween instead.
Member Title::countRevisionsBetween ( $old, $new, $max=null)
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::countRevisionsBetween instead.
since 1.34, use Title::READ_LATEST instead.
Member Title::getAuthorsBetween ( $old, $new, $limit, $options=[])
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getAuthorsBetween instead.
Member Title::getCdnUrls ()
1.35 Use HtmlCacheUpdater
Member Title::getEarliestRevTime ( $flags=0)
since 1.35. Use RevisionLookup::getFirstRevision instead.
Member Title::getFirstRevision ( $flags=0)
since 1.35. Use RevisionLookup::getFirstRevision instead.
Member Title::getNextRevisionID ( $revId, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use RevisionLookup::getNextRevision
Member Title::getNotificationTimestamp ( $user=null)
since 1.35
Member Title::getOtherPage ()
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo::getAssociatedPage
Member Title::getPreviousRevisionID ( $revId, $flags=0)
since 1.34, use RevisionLookup::getPreviousRevision
Member Title::getSubjectPage ()
since 1.34, use NamespaceInfo::getSubjectPage
Member Title::getTalkPage ()
since 1.34, use getTalkPageIfDefined() or NamespaceInfo::getTalkPage() with NamespaceInfo::canHaveTalkPage(). Note that the new method will throw if asked for the talk page of a section-only link, or of an interwiki link.
Member Title::getUserPermissionsErrors ( $action, $user, $rigor=PermissionManager::RIGOR_SECURE, $ignoreErrors=[])
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->getPermissionErrors()
Member Title::isNamespaceProtected (User $user)
since 1.34 Don't use this function in new code.
Member Title::newFromTitleValue (TitleValue $titleValue, $forceClone='')
since 1.34, use newFromLinkTarget or castFromLinkTarget
Member Title::purgeSquid ()
1.35 Use HtmlCacheUpdater
Member Title::quickUserCan ( $action, $user=null)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->quickUserCan(..) instead
Member Title::userCan ( $action, $user=null, $rigor=PermissionManager::RIGOR_SECURE)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->userCan(..) instead
Class TitlePrefixSearch

Since 1.27, Use SearchEngine::defaultPrefixSearch or SearchEngine::completionSearch

Member TitleValue::$dbkey
in 1.31. This class is immutable. Use the getter for access.
Member TitleValue::$fragment
in 1.31. This class is immutable. Use the getter for access.
Member TitleValue::$interwiki
in 1.31. This class is immutable. Use the getter for access.
Member TitleValue::$namespace
in 1.31. This class is immutable. Use the getter for access.
Class UIDGenerator
Since 1.35; use GlobalIdGenerator instead
Member UploadBase::stashFile (User $user=null)
since 1.28 Use tryStashFile() instead
Member UploadFromChunks::stashFile (User $user=null)
since 1.28 Use tryStashFile() instead
Member User::$mBlock
since 1.35. Instead, use User::getBlock to get the block; or the GetUserBlock hook to set or unset a block.
Member User::$mBlockedby
since 1.35. Instead, use User::getBlock to get the block, then AbstractBlock::getByName to get the blocker's name; or use the GetUserBlock hook to set or unset a block. -1 when the block is unset
Member User::$mHideName
since 1.35. Instead, use User::getBlock to get the block, then AbstractBlock::getHideName to determine whether the block hides the user; or use the GetUserBlock hook to hide or unhide a user.
Member User::addAutopromoteOnceGroups ( $event)
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::addUserToAutopromoteOnceGroups
Member User::addGroup ( $group, $expiry=null)
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::addUserToGroup instead
Member User::addNewUserLogEntry ( $action=false, $reason='')
since 1.27, AuthManager handles logging
Member User::blockedFor ()
since 1.35 Use AbstractBlock::getReasonComment instead
Member User::clearAllNotifications ()
since 1.35
Member User::clearNotification (&$title, $oldid=0)
since 1.35
Member User::getAllGroups ()
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::listAllGroups instead
Member User::getAllRights ()
since 1.34, use PermissionManager::getAllPermissions() instead
Member User::getAutomaticGroups ( $recache=false)
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::getUserImplicitGroups instead.
Member User::getBoolOption ( $oname)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getBoolOption instead
Member User::getCanonicalName ( $name, $validate='valid')
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::getDefaultOption ( $opt)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getDefaultOption instead.
Member User::getDefaultOptions ()
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getDefaultOptions instead.
Member User::getEffectiveGroups ( $recache=false)
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::getUserEffectiveGroups instead
Member User::getFormerGroups ()
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::getUserFormerGroups instead.
Member User::getGroupMemberships ()
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::getUserGroupMemberships instead
Member User::getGroupPermissions ( $groups)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getGroupPermissions() instead
Member User::getGroups ()
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::getUserGroups instead.
Member User::getGroupsWithPermission ( $role)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getGroupsWithPermission() instead
Member User::getImplicitGroups ()
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::listAllImplicitGroups() instead
Member User::getIntOption ( $oname, $defaultOverride=0)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getIntOption instead
Member User::getNewMessageLinks ()
since 1.35
Member User::getNewMessageRevisionId ()
since 1.35
Member User::getNewtalk ()
since 1.35 Use TalkPageNotificationManager::userHasNewMessages instead
Member User::getOption ( $oname, $defaultOverride=null, $ignoreHidden=false)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getOption instead
Member User::getOptionKinds (IContextSource $context, $options=null)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsManager::getOptionKinds instead
Member User::getOptions ( $flags=0)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::getOptions instead
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsLookup::EXCLUDE_DEFAULTS
Member User::getRights ()
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->getUserPermissions(..) instead
Member User::getTokenFromOption ( $oname)
since 1.26 Applications should use the OAuth extension
Member User::groupHasPermission ( $group, $role)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager() ->groupHasPermission(..) instead
Member User::inDnsBlacklist ( $ip, $bases)
since 1.34 Check via BlockManager::isDnsBlacklisted instead.
Member User::isAllowed ( $action='')
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasRight(...) instead
Member User::isAllowedAll (... $permissions)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasAllRights(...) instead
Member User::isAllowedAny (... $permissions)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance() ->getPermissionManager()->userHasAnyRights(...) instead
Member User::isBlocked ( $fromReplica=true)
since 1.34, use User::getBlock() or PermissionManager::isBlockedFrom() or PermissionManager::userCan() instead.
Member User::isBlockedFrom ( $title, $fromReplica=false)
since 1.33, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getPermissionManager()->isBlockedFrom(..)
Member User::isCreatableName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::isDnsBlacklisted ( $ip, $checkWhitelist=false)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::isDnsBlacklisted.
Member User::isEveryoneAllowed ( $right)
since 1.34, use PermissionManager::isEveryoneAllowed() instead
Member User::isIP ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service Note that UserNameUtils::isIP does not accept IPv6 ranges, while this method does
Member User::isIPRange ()
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service or IPUtils directly
Member User::isLocallyBlockedProxy ( $ip)
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::getUserBlock instead.
Member User::isLoggedIn ()
since 1.36 (backported in 1.35.2); use isRegistered() directly
Member User::isUsableName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::isValidUserName ( $name)
since 1.35, use the UserNameUtils service
Member User::listOptionKinds ()
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsManager::listOptionKinds instead
Member User::removeGroup ( $group)
since 1.35 Use UserGroupManager::removeUserFromGroup instead.
Member User::resetOptions ( $resetKinds=[ 'registered', 'registered-multiselect', 'registered-checkmatrix', 'unused'], IContextSource $context=null)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsManager::resetOptions instead.
Member User::setNewtalk ( $val, $curRev=null)
since 1.35 Use TalkPageNotificationManager::setUserHasNewMessages or TalkPageNotificationManager::removeUserHasNewMessages
Member User::setOption ( $oname, $val)
since 1.35 Use UserOptionsManager::setOption instead
Member User::trackBlockWithCookie ()
since 1.34 Use BlockManager::trackBlockWithCookie instead
Member UserGroupMembership::delete (IDatabase $dbw=null)
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::removeUserFromGroup instead
Member UserGroupMembership::getMembership ( $userId, $group, IDatabase $db=null)
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::getUserGroupMemberships instead
Member UserGroupMembership::getMembershipsForUser ( $userId, IDatabase $db=null)
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::getUserGroupMemberships instead
Member UserGroupMembership::initFromRow ( $row)
since 1.35
Member UserGroupMembership::insert ( $allowUpdate=false, IDatabase $dbw=null)
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::addUserToGroup instead
Member UserGroupMembership::newFromRow ( $row)
since 1.35, use UserGroupMembership constructor instead
Member UserGroupMembership::purgeExpired ()
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::purgeExpired instead
Member UserGroupMembership::selectFields ()
since 1.35, use UserGroupManager::getQueryInfo instead
Member WatchedItem::getUser ()
since 1.34, use getUserIdentity()
Member WebRequest::checkUrlExtension ( $extWhitelist=[])
since 1.35
Member WebRequest::getLimitOffset ( $deflimit=50, $optionname='rclimit')
since 1.35, use ::getLimitOffsetForUser instead
Member wfDiff ( $before, $after, $params='-u')
since 1.25, use DiffEngine/UnifiedDiffFormatter directly
Member wfEscapeShellArg (... $args)
since 1.30 use MediaWiki\Shell\Shell::escape()
Member wfFindFile ( $title, $options=[])
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member wfForeignMemcKey ( $db, $prefix,... $args)
Since 1.35 Call makeGlobalKey on a BagOStuff instance
Member wfGetCache ( $cacheType)
since 1.32, use ObjectCache::getInstance() instead
Member wfGetLB ( $wiki=false)
since 1.27, use MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getDBLoadBalancer() or MediaWikiServices::getInstance()->getDBLoadBalancerFactory() instead.
Member wfGetMainCache ()
since 1.32, use ObjectCache::getLocalClusterInstance() instead
Member wfGetRusage ()
since 1.35
Member wfGetScriptUrl ()
since 1.35. Use wfScript() to obtain an entry point URL.
Member wfIsBadImage ( $name, $contextTitle=false)
since 1.34, use the BadFileLookup service directly instead
Member wfLocalFile ( $title)
since 1.34, use MediaWikiServices
Member wfMemcKey (... $args)
since 1.30 Call makeKey on a BagOStuff instance
Member wfShellExec ( $cmd, &$retval=null, $environ=[], $limits=[], $options=[])
since 1.30 use class MediaWiki\Shell\Shell
Member wfShellExecWithStderr ( $cmd, &$retval=null, $environ=[], $limits=[])
since 1.30 use class MediaWiki\Shell\Shell
Member wfShellWikiCmd ( $script, array $parameters=[], array $options=[])
since 1.31, use Shell::makeScriptCommand()
Member wfWaitForSlaves ( $ifWritesSince=null, $wiki=false, $cluster=false, $timeout=null)
since 1.27 Use LBFactory::waitForReplication
Member wfWikiID ()
since 1.35 Use WikiMap::getCurrentWikiId()
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::aggregateValue ( $valuedata, $valuename='value')
Since 1.33
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::nextSequenceValue ( $seqName)
since 1.30, no longer needed
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::onTransactionIdle (callable $callback, $fname=__METHOD__)
Since 1.32
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\IDatabase::selectDB ( $db)
Since 1.32 Use selectDomain() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\ILoadBalancer::DB_MASTER
since 1.35.3, Use DB_PRIMARY instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::haveIndex ( $i)
Since 1.34
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::isNonZeroLoad ( $i)
Since 1.34
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::openConnection ( $i, $domain=false, $flags=0)
Since 1.34 Use getConnection() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::safeGetLag (IDatabase $conn)
Since 1.34 Use IDatabase::getLag() instead
Member Wikimedia\Rdbms\LoadBalancer::safeWaitForMasterPos (IDatabase $conn, $pos=false, $timeout=null)
Since 1.34 Use waitForMasterPos() instead
Class Wikimedia\Rdbms\NextSequenceValue
since 1.30, only exists for backwards compatibility
Member WikiPage::checkFlags ( $flags)
since 1.32, use exists() instead, or simply omit the EDIT_UPDATE and EDIT_NEW flags. To protect against race conditions, use PageUpdater::grabParentRevision.
Member WikiPage::doDeleteArticle ( $reason, $suppress=false, $u1=null, $u2=null, &$error='', User $user=null, $immediate=false)
since 1.35
Member WikiPage::doEditContent (Content $content, $summary, $flags=0, $originalRevId=false, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $tags=[], $undidRevId=0)
since 1.32, use PageUpdater::saveRevision instead. Note that the new method expects callers to take care of checking EDIT_MINOR against the minoredit right, and to apply the autopatrol right as appropriate.
Member WikiPage::doEditUpdates ( $revisionRecord, User $user, array $options=[])
since 1.32 (soft), use DerivedPageDataUpdater::doUpdates instead.
Member WikiPage::getOldestRevision ()
since 1.35 Use RevisionStore::getFirstRevision for the corresponding title instead.
Member WikiPage::getRevision ()
since 1.35
Member WikiPage::getUndoContent (Revision $undo, Revision $undoafter)
since 1.35, use ContentHandler::getUndoContent instead
Member WikiPage::hasDifferencesOutsideMainSlot ( $a, $b)
Use only as a stop-gap before refactoring to support MCR.
Member WikiPage::insertProtectNullRevision ( $revCommentMsg, array $limit, array $expiry, $cascade, $reason, $user=null)
since 1.35, use insertNullProtectionRevision instead
Member WikiPage::prepareContentForEdit (Content $content, $revision=null, User $user=null, $serialFormat=null, $useCache=true)
since 1.32, use getDerivedDataUpdater instead.
Member WikiPage::replaceSectionContent ( $sectionId, Content $sectionContent, $sectionTitle='', $edittime=null)
since 1.24, use replaceSectionAtRev instead
Member WikiPage::updateIfNewerOn ( $dbw, $revision)
since 1.24 (soft), 1.35 (hard), use updateRevisionOn instead
Member WikiRevision::$config
since 1.31, along with self::downloadSource()
Member WikiRevision::$content
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::$fileIsTemp
1.29 use Wikirevision::isTempSrc() First written to in 43d5d3b682cc1733ad01a837d11af4a402d57e6a Actually introduced in 52cd34acf590e5be946b7885ffdc13a157c1c6cf
Member WikiRevision::$format
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::$model
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::$text
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::downloadSource ()
in 1.31. No replacement
Member WikiRevision::getContentHandler ()
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::getFormat ()
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::getModel ()
since 1.35, use getContent
Member WikiRevision::importOldRevision ()
in 1.31. Use OldRevisionImporter::import
Member WikiRevision::importUpload ()
in 1.31. Use UploadRevisionImporter::import
Member WikiRevision::setFormat ( $format)
since 1.35, use setContent instead.
Member WikiRevision::setModel ( $model)
since 1.35, use setContent instead.
Member WikiRevision::setText ( $text)
since 1.35, use setContent instead.