MediaWiki REL1_39


file  SearchDatabase.php
 Database search engine.
file  SearchEngine.php
 Basic search engine.
file  SearchEngineDummy.php
 Dummy search engine.
file  SearchHighlighter.php
 Basic search engine highlighting.
file  SearchMySQL.php
 MySQL search engine.
file  SearchPostgres.php
 PostgreSQL search engine.
file  SearchResult.php
 Search engine result.
file  SearchResultSet.php
 Search result sets.
file  SearchSqlite.php
 SQLite search backend, based upon SearchMysql.
file  SearchUpdate.php
 Search index updater.
file  SqlSearchResult.php
 Search engine result issued from SearchData search engines.


class  BaseSearchResultSet
 BaseSearchResultSet is the base class that must be extended by SearchEngine search result set implementations. More...
interface  ISearchResultSet
 A set of SearchEngine results. More...
class  PrefixSearch
 Handles searching prefixes of titles and finding any page names that match. More...
class  SearchDatabase
 Base search engine base class for database-backed searches. More...
class  SearchEngine
 Contain a class for special pages. More...
class  SearchEngineDummy
 Dummy class to be used when non-supported Database engine is present. More...
class  SearchExactMatchRescorer
 An utility class to rescore search results by looking for an exact match in the db and add the page found to the first position. More...
class  SearchHighlighter
 Highlight bits of wikitext. More...
class  SearchMySQL
 Search engine hook for MySQL. More...
class  SearchPostgres
 Search engine hook base class for Postgres. More...
class  SearchResult
 NOTE: this class is being refactored into an abstract base class. More...
class  SearchResultSet
class  SearchSqlite
 Search engine hook for SQLite. More...
class  SearchUpdate
 Database independent search index updater. More...
class  SqlSearchResultSet
 This class is used for different SQL-based search engines shipped with MediaWiki. More...
class  StringPrefixSearch
 Performs prefix search, returning strings. More...
class  TitlePrefixSearch
 Performs prefix search, returning Title objects. More...


trait SearchResultSetTrait
 Trait useful for SearchResultSet implementations.

Detailed Description

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◆ SearchResultSetTrait

trait SearchResultSetTrait
Initial value:
private array[] $extraData = []

Trait useful for SearchResultSet implementations.

It holds the functions that are rarely needed to be overridden.

This trait can be used directly by extensions providing a SearchEngine.

Definition at line 12 of file SearchResultSetTrait.php.