MediaWiki REL1_39
Entry points
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file  api.php
 The web entry point for all Action API queries, handled by ApiMain and ApiBase subclasses.
file  img_auth.php
 The web entry point for serving non-public images to logged-in users.
file  index.php
 The main web entry point for web browser navigations, usually via an Action or SpecialPage subclass.
file  load.php
 The web entry point for ResourceLoader, which serves static CSS/JavaScript via MediaWiki\ResourceLoader\Module Module subclasses.
file  opensearch_desc.php
 The web entry point for generating an OpenSearch description document.
file  thumb.php
 The web entry point for retrieving media thumbnails, created by a MediaHandler subclass or proxy request if FileRepo::getThumbProxyUrl is configured.
file  thumb_handler.php
 The web entry point to be used as 404 handler behind a web server rewrite rule for media thumbnails, internally handled via thumb.php.

Detailed Description

These primary scripts live in the root directory. They are the ones used by web requests to interact with the wiki. Other PHP files in the repository do not need to be accessed directly by the web.