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1 <?php
3 namespace MediaWiki\Storage\Hook;
9 use WikiPage;
58  public function onBeforeRevertedTagUpdate(
59  $wikiPage,
60  $user,
61  $summary,
62  $flags,
63  $revisionRecord,
64  $editResult,
65  &$approved
66  ): void;
67 }
Value object for a comment stored by CommentStore.
Page revision base class.
Object for storing information about the effects of an edit.
Definition: EditResult.php:35
Base representation for an editable wiki page.
Definition: WikiPage.php:75
This is a hook handler interface, see docs/
onBeforeRevertedTagUpdate( $wikiPage, $user, $summary, $flags, $revisionRecord, $editResult, &$approved)
This hook is called before scheduling a RevertedTagUpdateJob.
Interface for objects representing user identity.