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1 <?php
30 class CollationCkb extends IcuCollation {
34  public function __construct( LanguageFactory $languageFactory ) {
35  // This will set $locale and collators, which affect the actual sorting order
36  parent::__construct( $languageFactory, 'fa' );
37  // Override the 'fa' language set by parent constructor, which affects #getFirstLetterData()
38  $this->digitTransformLanguage = $languageFactory->getLanguage( 'ckb' );
39  }
40 }
Workaround for the lack of support of Sorani Kurdish / Central Kurdish language ('ckb') in ICU.
__construct(LanguageFactory $languageFactory)
Internationalisation code See for more...
getLanguage( $code)
Get a cached or new language object for a given language code with normalization of the language code...