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1 <?php
3 namespace MediaWiki\Hook;
5 use File;
34  public function onGetExtendedMetadata( &$combinedMeta, $file, $context,
35  $single, &$maxCacheTime
36  );
37 }
Implements some public methods and some protected utility functions which are required by multiple ch...
Definition: File.php:67
Interface for objects which can provide a MediaWiki context on request.
This is a hook handler interface, see docs/
onGetExtendedMetadata(&$combinedMeta, $file, $context, $single, &$maxCacheTime)
Use this hook to get extended file metadata for the API.
if(PHP_SAPI !='cli-server') if(!isset( $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])) $file
Item class for a filearchive table row.
Definition: router.php:42