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1 <?php
20 namespace Wikimedia\Rdbms;
45  public function getPrimaryDatabase( $domain = false ): IDatabase;
57  public function getReplicaDatabase( $domain = false, $group = null ): IReadableDatabase;
75  public function commitAndWaitForReplication( $fname, $ticket, array $opts = [] );
86  public function getEmptyTransactionTicket( $fname );
87 }
Provide primary and replica IDatabase connections.
getEmptyTransactionTicket( $fname)
Get a token asserting that no write transactions are active on tracked connections.
commitAndWaitForReplication( $fname, $ticket, array $opts=[])
Commit primary DB transactions and wait for replication (if $ticket indicates it is safe).
getPrimaryDatabase( $domain=false)
Get connection to the primary database.
getReplicaDatabase( $domain=false, $group=null)
Get connection to a replica database.
Basic database interface for live and lazy-loaded relation database handles.
Definition: IDatabase.php:36
A database connection without write operations.