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1 <?php
24 namespace Wikimedia\Rdbms;
26 use BagOStuff;
27 use Psr\Log\LoggerAwareInterface;
28 use WANObjectCache;
35 interface ILoadMonitor extends LoggerAwareInterface {
44  public function __construct(
45  ILoadBalancer $lb, BagOStuff $sCache, WANObjectCache $wCache, array $options = []
46  );
54  public function scaleLoads( array &$weightByServer, $domain );
65  public function getLagTimes( array $serverIndexes, $domain );
66 }
Class representing a cache/ephemeral data store.
Definition: BagOStuff.php:87
Multi-datacenter aware caching interface.
Database cluster connection, tracking, load balancing, and transaction manager interface.
An interface for database load monitoring.
__construct(ILoadBalancer $lb, BagOStuff $sCache, WANObjectCache $wCache, array $options=[])
Construct a new LoadMonitor with a given LoadBalancer parent.
scaleLoads(array &$weightByServer, $domain)
Perform load ratio adjustment before deciding which server to use.
getLagTimes(array $serverIndexes, $domain)
Get an estimate of replication lag (in seconds) for each server.