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1 <?php
3 namespace MediaWiki\Hook;
5 use Article;
6 use Title;
7 use WebRequest;
29  public function onInitializeArticleMaybeRedirect( $title, $request,
30  &$ignoreRedirect, &$target, &$article
31  );
32 }
Legacy class representing an editable page and handling UI for some page actions.
Definition: Article.php:47
Represents a title within MediaWiki.
Definition: Title.php:48
The WebRequest class encapsulates getting at data passed in the URL or via a POSTed form stripping il...
Definition: WebRequest.php:43
This is a hook handler interface, see docs/
onInitializeArticleMaybeRedirect( $title, $request, &$ignoreRedirect, &$target, &$article)
Use this hook to check whether a title is a redirect.