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1 <?php
3 namespace MediaWiki\Hook;
6 use UploadBase;
7 use User;
37  public function onUploadVerifyUpload( UploadBase $upload, User $user, ?array $props, $comment,
38  $pageText, &$error
39  );
40 }
UploadBase and subclasses are the backend of MediaWiki's file uploads.
Definition: UploadBase.php:51
The User object encapsulates all of the user-specific settings (user_id, name, rights,...
Definition: User.php:71
This is a hook handler interface, see docs/
onUploadVerifyUpload(UploadBase $upload, User $user, ?array $props, $comment, $pageText, &$error)
Use this hook to perform upload verification, based on both file properties like MIME type (same as U...