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DummySearchIndexFieldDefinition Class Reference

Dummy implementation of SearchIndexFieldDefinition for testing purposes. More...

Inherits SearchIndexFieldDefinition.

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Public Member Functions

 getMapping (SearchEngine $engine)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SearchIndexFieldDefinition
 __construct ( $name, $type)
 checkFlag ( $flag)
 Check if flag is set.
 getEngineHints (SearchEngine $engine)
 A list of search engine hints for this field.Hints are usually specific to a search engine implementation and allow to fine control how the search engine will handle this particular field.For example some search engine permits some optimizations at index time by ignoring an update if the updated value does not change by more than X% on a numeric value.
array an array of hints generally indexed by hint name. The type of values is search engine specific

 getIndexType ()
 getName ()
 Get field name.
 getSubfields ()
 merge (SearchIndexField $that)
 Merge two field definitions if possible.
 setFlag ( $flag, $unset=false)
 Set global flag for this field.
 setMergeCallback ( $callback)
 Set field-specific merge strategy.
 setSubfields (array $subfields)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SearchIndexField
 Generic field flags.
 This field does not need highlight handling.
const FLAG_NO_INDEX = 8
 Do not index this field, just store it.
const FLAG_SCORING = 2
 This field contains secondary information, which is already present in other fields, but can be used for scoring.
const INDEX_TYPE_BOOL = 'bool'
const INDEX_TYPE_DATETIME = 'datetime'
const INDEX_TYPE_INTEGER = 'integer'
const INDEX_TYPE_KEYWORD = 'keyword'
 KEYWORD fields are indexed without any processing, so are appropriate for e.g.
const INDEX_TYPE_NESTED = 'nested'
const INDEX_TYPE_NUMBER = 'number'
const INDEX_TYPE_SHORT_TEXT = 'short_text'
 SHORT_TEXT is meant to be used with short text made of mostly ascii technical information.
const INDEX_TYPE_TEXT = 'text'
 TEXT fields are suitable for natural language and may be subject to analysis such as stemming.
- Protected Attributes inherited from SearchIndexFieldDefinition
int $flags = 0
 Bit flags for the field.
string $name
 Name of the field.
SearchIndexFieldDefinition[] $subfields = []
string $type
 Type of the field, one of the constants above.

Detailed Description

Dummy implementation of SearchIndexFieldDefinition for testing purposes.


Definition at line 8 of file DummySearchIndexFieldDefinition.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMapping()

DummySearchIndexFieldDefinition::getMapping ( SearchEngine $engine)

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