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Public Member Functions

 generateBucketsIfNeededProvider ()
 getThumbnailBucketProvider ()
 getThumbnailSourceProvider ()
 providerCanAnimate ()
 testCanAnimateThumbIfAppropriate ( $filename, $expected)
 testGenerateBucketsIfNeeded ( $data)
 generateBucketsIfNeededProvider File::generateBucketsIfNeeded More...
 testGetThumbnailBucket ( $data)
 getThumbnailBucketProvider File::getThumbnailBucket More...
 testGetThumbnailSource ( $data)
 getThumbnailSourceProvider File::getThumbnailSource More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MediaWikiMediaTestCase
 createsThumbnails ()
 Will the test create thumbnails (and thus do we need to set aside a temporary directory for them?) More...
 dataFile ( $name, $type=false)
 Utility function: Get a new file object for a file on disk but not actually in db. More...
 getFilePath ()
 The result of this method will set the file path to use, as well as the protected member $filePath. More...
 getRepoOptions ()
 setUp ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from MediaWikiMediaTestCase
FSFileBackend $backend
string $filePath
FileRepo $repo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3 of file FileTest.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ generateBucketsIfNeededProvider()

FileTest::generateBucketsIfNeededProvider ( )

Definition at line 308 of file FileTest.php.

References null.

◆ getThumbnailBucketProvider()

FileTest::getThumbnailBucketProvider ( )

Definition at line 56 of file FileTest.php.

References null.

◆ getThumbnailSourceProvider()

FileTest::getThumbnailSourceProvider ( )

Definition at line 199 of file FileTest.php.

References null.

◆ providerCanAnimate()

FileTest::providerCanAnimate ( )

Definition at line 17 of file FileTest.php.

References false, and true.

◆ testCanAnimateThumbIfAppropriate()

FileTest::testCanAnimateThumbIfAppropriate (   $filename,
bool$expectedproviderCanAnimate File::canAnimateThumbIfAppropriate

Definition at line 11 of file FileTest.php.

References $file, and MediaWikiMediaTestCase\dataFile().

◆ testGenerateBucketsIfNeeded()

FileTest::testGenerateBucketsIfNeeded (   $data)

generateBucketsIfNeededProvider File::generateBucketsIfNeeded

Definition at line 248 of file FileTest.php.

References class, and wfWikiID().

◆ testGetThumbnailBucket()

FileTest::testGetThumbnailBucket (   $data)

getThumbnailBucketProvider File::getThumbnailBucket

Definition at line 37 of file FileTest.php.

References class.

◆ testGetThumbnailSource()

FileTest::testGetThumbnailSource (   $data)

getThumbnailSourceProvider File::getThumbnailSource

Definition at line 139 of file FileTest.php.

References class, and wfWikiID().

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