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MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin Class Reference

Backwards-compatibility wrapper for AuthManager via $wgAuth. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 addUser ( $user, $password, $email='', $realname='')
 allowPasswordChange ()
 allowPropChange ( $prop='')
 allowSetLocalPassword ()
 authenticate ( $username, $password)
 autoCreate ()
 canCreateAccounts ()
 domainList ()
 getCanonicalName ( $username)
 getDomain ()
 getUserInstance (User &$user)
 initUser (&$user, $autocreate=false)
 modifyUITemplate (&$template, &$type)
 setDomain ( $domain)
 setPassword ( $user, $password)
 strict ()
 strictUserAuth ( $username)
 updateExternalDB ( $user)
 updateExternalDBGroups ( $user, $addgroups, $delgroups=[])
 updateUser (&$user)
 userExists ( $name)
 validDomain ( $domain)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthPlugin
 addUser ( $user, $password, $email='', $realname='')
 Add a user to the external authentication database. More...
 allowPasswordChange ()
 Can users change their passwords? More...
 allowPropChange ( $prop='')
 Allow a property change? Properties are the same as preferences and use the same keys. More...
 allowSetLocalPassword ()
 Should MediaWiki store passwords in its local database? More...
 authenticate ( $username, $password)
 Check if a username+password pair is a valid login. More...
 autoCreate ()
 Return true if the wiki should create a new local account automatically when asked to login a user who doesn't exist locally but does in the external auth database. More...
 canCreateAccounts ()
 Check to see if external accounts can be created. More...
 domainList ()
 Get a list of domains (in HTMLForm options format) used. More...
 getCanonicalName ( $username)
 If you want to munge the case of an account name before the final check, now is your chance. More...
 getDomain ()
 Get the user's domain. More...
 getUserInstance (User &$user)
 Get an instance of a User object. More...
 initUser (&$user, $autocreate=false)
 When creating a user account, optionally fill in preferences and such. More...
 modifyUITemplate (&$template, &$type)
 Modify options in the login template. More...
 setDomain ( $domain)
 Set the domain this plugin is supposed to use when authenticating. More...
 setPassword ( $user, $password)
 Set the given password in the authentication database. More...
 strict ()
 Return true to prevent logins that don't authenticate here from being checked against the local database's password fields. More...
 strictUserAuth ( $username)
 Check if a user should authenticate locally if the global authentication fails. More...
 updateExternalDB ( $user)
 Update user information in the external authentication database. More...
 updateExternalDBGroups ( $user, $addgroups, $delgroups=[])
 Update user groups in the external authentication database. More...
 updateUser (&$user)
 When a user logs in, optionally fill in preferences and such. More...
 userExists ( $username)
 Check whether there exists a user account with the given name. More...
 validDomain ( $domain)
 Check to see if the specific domain is a valid domain. More...

Protected Attributes

string null $domain = null
LoggerInterface $logger = null
- Protected Attributes inherited from AuthPlugin
string $domain

Detailed Description

Backwards-compatibility wrapper for AuthManager via $wgAuth.

since 1.27

Definition at line 31 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::__construct ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addUser()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::addUser (   $user,
  $email = '',
  $realname = '' 

Definition at line 161 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ allowPasswordChange()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::allowPasswordChange ( )

◆ allowPropChange()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::allowPropChange (   $prop = '')

Definition at line 99 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager\singleton().

◆ allowSetLocalPassword()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::allowSetLocalPassword ( )

Definition at line 114 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ authenticate()

◆ autoCreate()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::autoCreate ( )

Definition at line 95 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ canCreateAccounts()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::canCreateAccounts ( )

Definition at line 157 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager\singleton().

◆ domainList()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::domainList ( )

◆ getCanonicalName()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::getCanonicalName (   $username)

Definition at line 185 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References $username.

◆ getDomain()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::getDomain ( )

Definition at line 81 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ getUserInstance()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::getUserInstance ( User $user)

Definition at line 190 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ initUser()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::initUser ( $user,
  $autocreate = false 

Definition at line 181 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References $user, and Hooks\run().

◆ modifyUITemplate()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::modifyUITemplate ( $template,

Definition at line 73 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ setDomain()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::setDomain (   $domain)

◆ setPassword()

◆ strict()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::strict ( )

Definition at line 171 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ strictUserAuth()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::strictUserAuth (   $username)

Definition at line 176 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ updateExternalDB()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::updateExternalDB (   $user)

Definition at line 145 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References $user.

◆ updateExternalDBGroups()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::updateExternalDBGroups (   $user,
  $delgroups = [] 

Definition at line 151 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

◆ updateUser()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::updateUser ( $user)

Definition at line 90 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References $user, and Hooks\run().

◆ userExists()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::userExists (   $name)

Definition at line 42 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

References $name, and MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManager\singleton().

◆ validDomain()

MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::validDomain (   $domain)

Member Data Documentation

◆ $domain

◆ $logger

LoggerInterface MediaWiki\Auth\AuthManagerAuthPlugin::$logger = null

Definition at line 36 of file AuthManagerAuthPlugin.php.

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