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ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule Class Reference

Module for user authorization tokens. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getGroup ()
 getScript (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 supportsURLLoading ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderModule
 enableModuleContentVersion ()
 Whether to generate version hash based on module content. More...
 getConfig ()
 getDefinitionSummary (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the definition summary for this module. More...
 getDependencies (ResourceLoaderContext $context=null)
 Get a list of modules this module depends on. More...
 getDeprecationInformation (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get JS representing deprecation information for the current module if available. More...
 getFlip (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 getGroup ()
 Get the group this module is in. More...
 getHeaders (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get headers to send as part of a module web response. More...
 getMessages ()
 Get the messages needed for this module. More...
 getModuleContent (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get an array of this module's resources. More...
 getName ()
 Get this module's name. More...
 getOrigin ()
 Get this module's origin. More...
 getScript (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get all JS for this module for a given language and skin. More...
 getScriptURLsForDebug (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the URL or URLs to load for this module's JS in debug mode. More...
 getSkipFunction ()
 Get the skip function. More...
 getSource ()
 Get the source of this module. More...
 getStyles (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get all CSS for this module for a given skin. More...
 getStyleURLsForDebug (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the URL or URLs to load for this module's CSS in debug mode. More...
 getTargets ()
 Get target(s) for the module, eg ['desktop'] or ['desktop', 'mobile']. More...
 getTemplates ()
 Takes named templates by the module and returns an array mapping. More...
 getType ()
 Get the module's load type. More...
 getVersionHash (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get a string identifying the current version of this module in a given context. More...
 isKnownEmpty (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Check whether this module is known to be empty. More...
 setConfig (Config $config)
 setFileDependencies (ResourceLoaderContext $context, $files)
 Set in-object cache for file dependencies. More...
 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)
 setMessageBlob ( $blob, $lang)
 Set in-object cache for message blobs. More...
 setName ( $name)
 Set this module's name. More...
 shouldEmbedModule (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Check whether this module should be embeded rather than linked. More...
 supportsURLLoading ()
 Whether this module supports URL loading. More...

Protected Member Functions

 contextUserTokens (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Fetch the tokens for the current user. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderModule
 buildContent (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Bundle all resources attached to this module into an array. More...
 getFileDependencies (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the files this module depends on indirectly for a given skin. More...
 getLessVars (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get module-specific LESS variables, if any. More...
 getLogger ()
 getMessageBlob (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get the hash of the message blob. More...
 getPreloadLinks (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get a list of resources that web browsers may preload. More...
 saveFileDependencies (ResourceLoaderContext $context, array $localFileRefs)
 Set the files this module depends on indirectly for a given skin. More...
 validateScriptFile ( $fileName, $contents)
 Validate a given script file; if valid returns the original source. More...

Protected Attributes

 $targets = [ 'desktop', 'mobile' ]
- Protected Attributes inherited from ResourceLoaderModule
Config $config
array $contents = []
 Map of (context hash => cached module content) More...
string bool $deprecated = false
 Deprecation string or true if deprecated; false otherwise. More...
array $fileDeps = []
 Map of (variant => indirect file dependencies) More...
LoggerInterface $logger
array $msgBlobs = []
 Map of (language => in-object cache for message blob) More...
string null $name = null
 Module name. More...
int $origin = self::ORIGIN_CORE_SITEWIDE
 Script and style modules form a hierarchy of trustworthiness, with core modules like skins and jQuery as most trustworthy, and user scripts as least trustworthy. More...
string [] $targets = [ 'desktop' ]
 What client platforms the module targets (e.g. More...
array $versionHash = []
 Map of (context hash => cached module version hash) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderModule
static expandRelativePaths (array $filePaths)
 Expand directories relative to $IP. More...
static getRelativePaths (array $filePaths)
 Make file paths relative to MediaWiki directory. More...
static getVary (ResourceLoaderContext $context)
 Get vary string. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ResourceLoaderModule
static javaScriptParser ()
static safeFileHash ( $filePath)
 Compute a non-cryptographic string hash of a file's contents. More...
static safeFilemtime ( $filePath)
 Safe version of filemtime(), which doesn't throw a PHP warning if the file doesn't exist. More...

Detailed Description

Module for user authorization tokens.

Definition at line 27 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ contextUserTokens()

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::contextUserTokens ( ResourceLoaderContext  $context)

Fetch the tokens for the current user.

array List of tokens keyed by token type

Definition at line 39 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

References ResourceLoaderContext\getUserObj().

Referenced by getScript().

◆ getGroup()

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::getGroup ( )

Definition at line 71 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

◆ getScript()

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::getScript ( ResourceLoaderContext  $context)
string JavaScript code

Definition at line 53 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

References contextUserTokens(), and ResourceLoaderContext\encodeJson().

◆ supportsURLLoading()

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::supportsURLLoading ( )

Definition at line 64 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $origin

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::$origin = self::ORIGIN_CORE_INDIVIDUAL

Definition at line 29 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

◆ $targets

ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule::$targets = [ 'desktop', 'mobile' ]

Definition at line 31 of file ResourceLoaderUserTokensModule.php.

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