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WANCacheReapUpdate Class Reference

Class for fixing stale WANObjectCache keys using a purge event source. More...

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (IDatabase $db, LoggerInterface $logger)
 doUpdate ()
 Perform the actual work. More...
 getEventAffectedKeys (WANObjectCache $cache, LinkTarget $t)
 Gets a list of important cache keys associated with a title. More...
 getTitleChangeEvents ( $start, $id, $end, $limit)

Private Attributes

IDatabase $db
LoggerInterface $logger

Detailed Description

Class for fixing stale WANObjectCache keys using a purge event source.

This is useful for expiring keys that missed fire-and-forget purges. This uses the recentchanges table as a reliable stream to make certain keys reach consistency as soon as the underlying replica database catches up. These means that critical keys will not escape getting purged simply due to brief hiccups in the network, which are more prone to happen across datacenters.

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Definition at line 26 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

WANCacheReapUpdate::__construct ( IDatabase  $db,
LoggerInterface  $logger 

Definition at line 36 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

References $db, and $logger.

Member Function Documentation

◆ doUpdate()

WANCacheReapUpdate::doUpdate ( )

Perform the actual work.

Implements DeferrableUpdate.

Definition at line 41 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

References ObjectCache\getLocalClusterInstance().

◆ getEventAffectedKeys()

WANCacheReapUpdate::getEventAffectedKeys ( WANObjectCache  $cache,
LinkTarget  $t 

Gets a list of important cache keys associated with a title.

See also

Definition at line 105 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

References $cache, $keys, $t, User\newFromName(), NS_FILE, and NS_USER.

◆ getTitleChangeEvents()

WANCacheReapUpdate::getTitleChangeEvents (   $start,

Member Data Documentation

◆ $db

IDatabase WANCacheReapUpdate::$db

Definition at line 28 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

Referenced by __construct(), and getTitleChangeEvents().

◆ $logger

LoggerInterface WANCacheReapUpdate::$logger

Definition at line 30 of file WANCacheReapUpdate.php.

Referenced by __construct().

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