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 CommentStoreThe Comment store in MediaWiki is responsible for storing edit summaries, log action comments and other such short strings (referred to as "comments")
 ExternalStorageObject storage outside the main database, see also ExternalStore Architecture
 File RepositoryThis module handles how MediaWiki interacts with filesystems
 File abstractionRepresents files in a repository
 HooksHooks allow custom code to be executed when an event occurs; this module includes all hooks provided by MediaWiki Core; for more information, see
 ResourceLoader Hooks
 InstallerThe Installer helps admins create or upgrade their wiki
 InternationalisationSee for more information
 File backendFile backend is used to interact with file storage systems, such as the local file system, NFS, or cloud storage systems
 Lock management
 DatabaseThis group deals with database interface functions and query specifics/optimisations
 MediaMedia handlers and other classes relating to Multimedia support, with the exception of FileRepo and FileBackend, which have their own groups
 ExtensionRegistryFor higher level documentation, see
 ResourceLoaderFor higher level documentation, see
 ResourceLoader Hooks
 Users watchlist handling
 Upload related
 Entry pointsThese primary scripts live in the root directory
 Maintenance archives